10 Things in Thailand to buy for under 50 Baht

10 Things in Thailand you can buy for under 50 baht.

1. A bulk pack of Oreo’s. 49 baht for 12 packs

2. A ticket to a league one football game, 40-50 baht

3. Ping pong balls to throw at go go girls on the dancefloor, 20 baht per ball

4. BTS and MRT metro system , 12-52 baht

5. Fried rice with Chinese sausage 40 baht, 50 baht for big size.

6. 660ml Chang Beer from Tesco, 49 baht

7. 5 baht sushi, (would not recommend eating)

8. A taxi cab for around 5km

9. Ice-cream from MacDonald’s, 9 baht

10. Mango shake, 30 baht

That’s all for now folks.

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