KV Mansion On Nut

KV Mansion is located in On Nut and is very close to the BTS station, about 300 meters walk. I viewed this apartment complex about a year ago and I was very keen to move in, at the time they were fully booked. After taking a look again last week they seem to have more rooms free and are quite flexible with deals.

Rent fees at KV Mansion

The longer you stay the better discount you get, a 1 month stay KV mansion is 15,000 baht per month, that includes furniture (not bed sheets). They charge an extra 1,200 baht for bedsheets per month which is quite frankly a rip off. Tesco is less than 500 meters away where you can buy your own beset for around 1,000 baht.(I am not sure if this is still the case with KV and their bedsheets).

I asked them about a 4 month stay and I was quoted 12,000 baht. 6 Month stays are at 10,000 baht and a year I believe 9,000 baht for the studio rooms. The condo has no swimming pool or gym, but does have a small coffee shop and salon where you can chill outside. Directly opposite KV mansion is a 7/11 . The Soi itself is pretty dead and there’s not a lot going on, however, Sukhumvit is less than 200 meters away and you’re right next to the BTS so getting anywhere is pretty easy. On Nut Market is also a stones throw away.

KV mansion offers high speed internet, TV and a fridge but you must pay extra if you wish to stay longer than one month and use them. I forgot the prices now but for each it’s around 300-500 baht per month. I never tested the Internet so I do not know how fast it is. All rooms come with aircon and a en-suite.

My thoughts

I like KV mansion and I think it’s worth checking out for anyone who wants to live in On nut. I also reviewed PP mansion which is another apartment in On Nut but I think KV is much better. There are a ton of apartments to see in On Nut and right next to KV mansion is another condo which is pretty cool for a cheaper price, I forgot the name of it now though.

Pictures and videos of KV mansion

KV mansion
KV Mansion 1

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