Funky Villa Nightclub

Funky Villa is a place where me and my ‘crew’ usually start off our nights. The girls are hot, the alcohol is cheap and the girls are hot. We usually get a 1 liter bottle of Vodka which is now 1,200 baht (used to be 1,000 baht), ice and some mixers for around 1,600 baht for 6 people. Pretty good if you ask me. The club is generally 98% Thai with a farang population of around 2%.

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Funky Villa is located at Thong Lo Soi 10, inside Arena 10 and a hip spot in the Bangkok nightlife.


funky villa

Why you never see farang inside Funky Villa

I think there is three reasons for this, they are:

  1. Most tourists have no idea about Funky Villa and stick to Koh San Road or places like Route 66, Levels and the like. Funky Villa is in Thong Lo, which is considered the expat area.
  2. Guys can’t get the girls. Funky Villa is a great little club but not the best pick up spot for farangs living in Thailand. Thai girls inside are friendly enough but there’s a certain stigma attached to any Thai girl who talks or flirts with a western, or at least it appears that way. I’m not saying it’s impossible to pick up Thai chicks here, but it’s pretty difficult.
  3. The music sucks. Why do Thai clubs have live Thai bands playing music inside their clubs? Funky Villa has a DJ dropping some decent sets intermixed with a shitty Thai band that makes me want to cut my eyes off with a blunt knife.

Entry fee and prices

Entry for farangs is free Monday to Friday and Sunday. Saturday seems to be the only night where you have to pay on the door, 300 baht ticket which you can use to buy drinks. You can also get a group of 5 people in for free if you buy a bottle. Bottles start from 1,200 baht upwards, I think whiskey is around 1,900 baht. Beers are like 150 baht and mixers start from 60 baht.

Overall the value in Funky Villa is top notch, much better than most clubs. The reason is because it’s a Thai club, when Thais go out the man is expected to pay (uwotm8?), while the girls drink for free. I guess this is the reason places like Funky Villa and Nung Len have cheaper prices compared to other clubs in Bangkok that cater to farangs.


What I enjoy most about Funky Villa is the outdoor space. Plenty of seating to get a large group of friends around a table to shoot the shit. Inside they have 3 rooms, the main room with a stage, then two smaller rooms which act more like a bar than a club. There’s a small dance floor near the stage that’s not used for dancing but people standing drinking.The layout if pretty good albeit it a bit small.

Meet-Thai-girlsOverall, I really enjoy Funky Villa, the staff are quite friendly, the service is decent and it’s a great way to start off the night drinking. I like to leave Funky Villa around 10pm and go elsewhere as I hate the Thai band, but for warming up with a cheap bottle with hot Thai girls around you, you’ll have trouble finding a better venue for free. For more information on picking up Thai girls in clubs, check out How to Find a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok clubs.

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