Pay for Play or Use Game in Bangkok?

The majority of people who read my blog fall under one of these two categories.

Pay for play: These are men who pay women for sexual services.

Game: Although I personally hate the term ‘game’, game or gaming is when you try to pick up Thai girls naturally.

Please not that each time that I typed the word ‘game’ in this article, I puked on the floor.

There’s also a third category of people, these are the normal people who just go on with their boring lives doing their boring shit. I guess I just described myself, but I needed to address that before Internet white knights start sending me crap.

So back to the question, which one is better? At first glance most would say game, mainly due to the taboo of paying for sex and ego issues all men have. Also, paying for sex makes you a terrible human being. But despising people you work with on a daily basis behind their back, wearing clothes made by 6 year old children or mass-murdering animals while having them live in inhumane conditions is totally fine and an acceptable trait to have.

I figure I would try and break it down and see which one is in better. Here’s how I got on.

Pros of pay for play

Convenience – The biggest advantage of pay for play is of course, convenience. For as little as 1,000 baht (if you know where to go), you can get a girl for the whole night without too much trouble. However, most guys will typically pay around 2,000-3,000 baht ($60-$100) for the whole night or for 2hours at a reputable massage joint. Paying money saves playing the stupid games girls play or listening to their shit, because who has time for that? Nobody.

See my sex in Thailand pricing articles for more information on how much it costs.

Good option for guys with girlfriends – When you get sick of eating chicken everyday, try beef. Pay for play is the perfect option for married men or guys with girlfriends. It’s simple, discreet and their wife/girlfriend will never know about it.

No strings attached – Paying for sex usually comes with no strings attached. You do the deed, pull up your pants and leave (or she does). Some girls will try and play the long con but if you don’t give them your number or Line ID, it ends there.

Choice of options – From blowjobs, handjobs , soapy massages, nuru massages and much more, whatever you want, you can get for under $70, that’s pretty impressive. 24/7 too. Even if you’re a fucked up kunt who loves a bit of piss and shit during sex, or you just want a happy ending after a soothing massage, there’s a place somewhere in Bangkok to sort you out.

Cons of pay for play

CostNot a major factor to most men who come to Thailand, but never the less, it costs money.

STD risk – Although if you play it safe the risks are relatively low, we’d be ignorant to say that paying for sex does not come without its risk.

Safety – Massages with shop fronts for the most part tend to be 100% safe, but picking up a freelancer inside a nightclub, who knows what can happen. More often than not everything will be fine, but there’s still a chance of shit getting real or you being robbed in the morning.

Pro-tip: Lock everything up before you leave your hotel or apartment if you’re thinking about picking up a freelancer.

Stigma – Not all, but some people are really shy about paying for sex and the stigma that goes along with it.

Pay for Play, Pay for Play or Use Game in Bangkok?

Possible trafficking – I think it’s safe to say the majority of bar girls in Bangkok work by choice and not because they are forced. However, there are some girls who are forced into it, which is not a good thing. I guess by paying for it you would be contributing to the problem, as if nobody paid there wouldn’t be a market. But as I mentioned at the start of the article, we could use several other examples that we do on a daily basis which is just as bad if not worse.

Before anyone gets mad and writes a comment below, I am not supporting sex trafficking, I am against it, I’m just calling it like it is.

Pay for Play, Pay for Play or Use Game in Bangkok?

Pros of gaming

FreeWhen you use ‘game’ to pick up Thai girls you do not pay them money but rather use your charm and looks. This costs nothing (in theory).

Ego – We are men and there’s nothing bigger than our egos. Seducing a girl using game makes us feel good and like we’ve ‘conquered’ something.

Potential girlfriend – Picking up a regular Bangkok girl who actually likes you for you, increases the likelihood of you finding a a good Thai girlfriend. Not only that, but finding girls who actually like you is a great way to learn the Thai culture, get shown the sites and possibly break into Thai circles. Yes you can find a girlfriend from pay for play, but I doubt that will end very well.

Pay for Play, Pay for Play or Use Game in Bangkok?

Fun – For some people it’s fun and exciting, the idea of the ‘chase’ is a wonderful thing and sometimes more fun than the end result.

Cons of gaming

Cost – Although I mentioned that with game you don’t pay for sex, you still need to fork out money on at least a date (usually). Let’s say one date costs you 1,000 baht all in and another 100 baht on travel. That’s 1,100 baht and there’s still no guarantee of getting laid at the end of the day.

Then there’s time. Messaging them on Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid for days, commuting via mobile, listening to their crap and all that. If you want to game a girl, Thai friendly is prob the best and fastest way.

Inconvenience – To some, it’s a huge inconvenience. The idea of a date just seems fake to me as you can’t really be yourself, well I can’t as they would be running for the hills. Most of us have to put some fake persona on and be Mr Perfect to win favour. Obviously this fades away after a few dates as the barriers get broken down, but still, the idea of a‘first date’ is just two people being fake hoping the other person likes their own fake self.

I guess it’s only considered an inconvenience if your end goal is to get laid, not if you’re looking for a potential girlfriend. Then you could call it an investment (laughs).

Service – When you’re not paying you can’t expect anything, so if you have blue blues, arranging a date doesn’t necessarily mean you will get laid at the end of it. Or if you have a weird fetish, your lovely teerak may not want to perform for you.

So which is better, pay for play or game?

Neither I guess. It really depends on what type of person you’re. I have friends who purely game, others who only use P4P, while some don’t really give a shit and use both options.

I can see value in both sides, many guys who use P4P as an option say they can’t be bothered playing the stupid games Thai girls play, nor do they have time to listen to their shit. Let’s be honest, who really wants to listen to any women rant about her problems? Ain’t nobody got time for dat, ain’t nobody. Guys who use P4P usually only want one thing, sex and to possibly cure loneliness for a short period of time.
Pay for Play, Pay for Play or Use Game in Bangkok?

Guys who game may want more than just sex, perhaps they want a girlfriend, or are looking for the ‘one’ (laughs). If that’s the case for you, then using game is obviously the superior choice. Game is also the safer way to do things as the likelihood of being a victim of theft or getting an STD decreases.

Anyone living in Bangkok on a budget, tweaking your game to eat at cheap venues and finding a girl who understands you’re not rich can work out cheaper in the long run.


I guess the conclusion for everyone should be to do whatever the fuck they want, and not listen to a spotty arsed wanker who runs a shitty little blog. But after re-reading what I wrote above, I really think it just comes down to personal preference. If your end goal is to get laid, P4P is the easiest way to do that, if your goal is to find a nice Thai girlfriend, then game is the best method.

Each person is unique and has their own set of issues, ego, morals, philosophical views, objectives and ideas that can greatly swing them one way or the other, or make the best of both worlds.

What do you prefer? Pay for play or game? Leave a comment below, I’m interested to know. I had to end the article here as my sick bucket next to me will overflow if I say game one more time…oh wait, shit!


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