Ascella Apartment Bangkok Review

I came across Ascella a few months ago but had been to lazy to do a write up. It is a brand new serviced apartment located just one minute from Thong Lo BTS. This condo is on Sukhumvit 38 where you get the famous food market but just far enough that you can’t here the noise.

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The outside looks dull but the inside of the place is much better.

, Ascella Apartment Bangkok Review

Ascella Apartment Rooms

All rooms are are super new with new fittings but does have a bit of a cheap feel to it. The mattresses were a letdown as they were the hard type you see all over Thailand, you could feel the springs. They have put a thin bed pad above the mattress though to make it more comfy but I think for rooms that start are 23,000 baht you should get a decent mattress.

The rooms don’t have a stove but they do offer you an external hotpot which you can use to boil or fry food.

All rooms are fully furnished and the 1 bedroom comes with a sofa, small dining table and some other funky stuff to make the room look nice.

Obviously all rooms have air-con and a pretty good en suite.

, Ascella Apartment Bangkok Review

, Ascella Apartment Bangkok Review

, Ascella Apartment Bangkok Review

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Ascella rooms start at 24,000 baht which is rather expensive for a studio but given everything is fully furnished and you don’t need to get your own linen, WiFi and cable that’s pretty good.

They do charge you for electricity which I feel is a bit of a kick in the nuts for short time rentals given how expensive the place is. Unless you buy a fan your electric bill is going to be at least 1,200 baht a month if you hardly have it on, closer to 2,000 – 3,000 if you need it on all night before you to sleep.

, Ascella Apartment Bangkok Review

Would I stay here?

For sure you can find much better places in Bangkok in terms of value if you look on Airbnb, but if money is not too much of an option Ascella apartment is not a bad choice.

If you are just looking for a short 1 month stay then I would say this is decent as you only pay 3,000 deposit, but for longer stays I feel it’s a bit too expensive in all honesty.

Have you guys stayed or seen Ascella apartment? Let me know what you think.


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