5 Tips Newbies Visiting Thailand Need To Know

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately and this is a contribution article by a guy who visited and lived in Thailand.

I absolutely love Thailand.

I visit the Land of Smiles more often than my home country and whenever I am there I spend time with my incredibly beautiful and smart Thai girlfriend. As soon as I land at Suvarnabhumi airport my face turns into a big smile and every time I have to leave the country I feel like I am leaving home.

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Even though I consider Thailand as my personal paradise, I am not as blind as many other foreigners who believe that it is a country with no problems and no worries. In case you really believe that, you should try to come to Thailand without any money and see if you still think that you won’t have any problems and worries.

There are a lot of things going on in this country that the average foreigner shouldn’t know about. I met quite a few Thai people who live by the rule that it is better when foreigners don’t know everything about their country.


Let’s have a look at a few things that the cute and innocent looking Bangkok girl you meet at Siam Paragon won’t necessarily tell you.

1. Not Every Smile is Real

Thailand is the land of smiles. You land at the airport and the first thing you see are beautiful girls at the exchange stands who welcome you with a big smile. I am originally from Germany and when I visited Thailand for the first time I was blown away by all the people who smiled at me.

Coming from a country in which nobody can lift the corners of their mouths without getting a cramp, this was a big culture shock.

I was fascinated at how nice and happy everybody was. I really thought that I landed in heaven, until I realized that most smiles were anything but honest.

Smiling and being friendly is simply a cultural rule in Thailand and it has nothing to do with the actual mood of the person. I know that my girlfriend will hate me for saying that, but a lot of Thais smile at you because they want something from you and most of the time it’s your money.

2. Most Poor Girls Have Several “Rich” Boyfriends

I am really lucky with my girlfriend. She is a high society girl whose parents have way more money than me and she prefers a minimalistic over a materialistic lifestyle. I can confidently say that girls like her are rare, no matter if you are in Thailand or in any other country of the world.

Even though I won the jackpot with her, I know that not all girls are like that. The majority of Thai girls you’ll meet on popular online Thai dating sites or that you’ll approach on the streets of Bangkok are poor girls who don’t earn a lot of money. If those girls are then very materialistic they need other sources of income to finance their desired lifestyle.

What’s the easiest way to do that? Meeting a foreigner who is rich by local standards and asking him for a bit of money every now and then. It is really sad that some guys are stupid enough to send her money, while they are 9000 miles away.

The uncomfortable truth is that most poor girls have several boyfriends aka sponsors who are blind enough to see that they are getting used as a walking ATM. If you are together with a girl who earns less than 15,000 baht per months and she walks around with the latest iPhone you should put one and one together.

3. The Thai Boyfriend Rules

Another thing that most Thai girls won’t tell you when they are on a date with you is that they would treat a Thai boyfriend differently than you. The reason why she doesn’t want to reveal all the things that she wouldn’t be allowed to do if she would be dating a Thai guy, is because she doesn’t want to destroy her chance to end up in a relationship that offers a lot of freedom.

I still remember the irritated face of my girlfriend when I asked her how she would treat me if I were Thai. She absolutely loves to stroke my hair. With a Thai boyfriend this would be problematic, because the head is known as the sacred part of the body and touching it can be a taboo.

When we joke around she sometimes points her finger at me. A Thai boyfriend could interpret this as an insult.

The best advice I can give you is to allow your girlfriend to treat you according to Western dating standards. She will be a lot happier when you give her the chance to experience a kind of freedom in her relationship that a Thai boyfriend might not give her.

4. Farangs Have to Pay an Extra Price

When I visited Thailand for the first time I was very lucky that I had friends who lived there for over ten years. Before they let me go to any market or shop they gave me a brief overview of all the prices that Thais have to pay.

In case they wouldn’t have taught me everything about the Thai price system and its extra charge for foreigners, I would have paid at least twice as much for every meal and every taxi ride. In case you don’t know the prices you can leave a lot of money in a country that is so cheap.

I just imagine if Germany would implement extra charges for foreigners. Within seconds every news channel on earth would call us racists while they would show pictures of the Third Reich. In Thailand it is completely normal. Even for Bangkok sex massages we pay more.

5. If a Girl Hunts You, She has Ulterior Motives

If you meet a Thai women who smiles a bit to signalize that she is interested in you, chances are high that she is just a regular girl who wants to get to know you. If you, however, meet a girl who looks at you in the most seductive way possible and who starts to touch you as soon as you say “hi”, chances are high that you met a foreigner hunter.

A foreigner hunter is a girl who throws herself at foreigners with the gloves off. As soon as such a girl spots a foreigner, she does everything she can to get his attention and to wrap him around her finger.

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Be careful when you meet such a girl, because she nearly always has ulterior motives that are closely related to your credit card.

Now you know the five things that the next Thai girl you go on a date with won’t reveal to you. Make sure that you meet the right girls, pay the right prices and don’t assume that every smile is real.

What do you guys think about the guy’s comment? Do you agree with everything he’s saying?

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