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As I’m slowing starting to shy away from going out to clubs in Bangkok, I’m always looking for more activities to do that don’t include drinking alcohol.

A few weeks ago an advert landed on my Facebook feed about Bounce Thailand (

It looked cool and the price was pretty darn cheap to what I’d pay for the same thing in England so I decided to give it a visit.

What is BounceInc Thailand?

BounceInc is a huge trampoline playground where you can play dodge-ball, basketball, practice jumps, flips or just run around on a trampoline for hours on end:

They also have a climbing section where you can climb various types of walls or race against friends. All the equipment is provided for you at no extra charge.

How it works

When you get to BounceInc you’ll be asked whether you want to use the trampoline section, the clip and climb or both. It costs 390b to use either or 780 baht to use both. For this price you will get 1 hour at each station with your time starting on the hour.

For example, if you get there are 2:15pm, you will not be allowed to use either section until 3pm.

You’re also given a pair of socks for the trampoline section to ensure you aren’t slipping and sliding.

Is it any good?

I wasn’t really expecting too much from BounceInc before I arrived and thought that it may be more suitable for young children than full grown adults…but it was ****ing awesome.

If you’re even a remotely active person, it’s impossible not to have fun here. There’s English speaking staff at every station who give you tips on how to jump, flip, dunk and ensure you don’t injury yourself.

There’s padding pretty much everywhere but if you’re going too fast you can certainly injury yourself if you don’t know how to fall correctly.

BounceInc Thailand

The clip and climb section has around 10 different walls you can climb, each has its own level of difficultly, so whether you’re a newb or advanced climber there’s something for everyone.

BounceInc is not a place you want to come alone, half the fun is going with a date or a group of friends. The dodge ball court can hold 8 people and there’s 3 basketball rings (different heights) to have some fun games.

If you’re bored and want a change from the usual stuff, BounceInc is pretty darn fun.

How to get there

BounceInc Thailand is located in The Street Ratacha Shopping Complex and the closest MRT is Thailand Culture Centre. It’s about a 2 minute walk from there.

You can find more by visiting their website here:

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