Single Man’s Trap When Moving to Thailand

Thailand is a great place to live as a single (or married) guy. You can get gash by the hour from going out to Bangkok clubs or using dating sites like Thai Friendly.

However, over the years I’ve seen an incredible amount of friends and friends of friends that get sucked into the world of Thai girls and never recover.

If you’re thinking about moving here, you should read this article, and if you’ve lived here a while, you may already be in the trap.

Why we move to Thailand

Most of us who move to Bangkok permanently give up jobs and many ties back home to start fresh.

Many who read my site have the following ethos:

, Single Man’s Trap When Moving to Thailand

The goal of coming to Bangkok for so many guys is to setup an online business and or self-improvement while enjoying everything Thailand has to offer.

I’ve known people who have come here and done exactly that, but I’ve also met dozens of people who failed miserably and ended up broke.

Many of them fall into the single man’s trap.

What is the Single Man’s Trap?

The single man’s trap is when you disregard your focus on building your own mini empire and instead focus on girls.

Before you call me a phaggot, hear me out.

There’s nothing wrong with meeting Thai girls on a regular basis if you’re getting shit done, and your life is moving in the right direction (more cash flow, huge gainz, learning new skills or meeting the right people to improve yourself).

I got mad respect for the playaz who do this and meet girls daily, but there’s just as many if not more who take the opposite route.

Instead of focusing on self-improvement, they spend hours upon hours on dating sites, day gaming at malls and clubs trying to pick up chicks.

Day after day after day.

Their focus isn’t self-improvement and their money dries up as they keep paying for dates and dinners with girls they won’t ever see again three weeks from now.

People who do this don’t really care about the girl they are dating, it’s an addiction that’s much more powerful than they know.

You may have fallen into the single man’s trap if you’ve done the following:

  • You spend more than 2 hours per day talking to Thai girls online
  • You receive a mini endorphin rush when your phone makes a sound that a girl has messaged or been matched with you
  • You check your Line and dating messages as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed
  • You’re excited to check your dating account messages after not checking for 4-5 hours
  • You flake on meeting your boys to meet a chick
  • You have 5 or more girls you talk to on a daily basis on Line/Whatsapp
  • You have no interest in what these girls say but talk to them hoping to sleep with them later
  • In the last 7 days you’ve spent more time in total talking to girls online than your real life friends
  • When you’re hanging with friends in a real life gathering you’re messaging girls constantly

When you get into this state, you’re merely chasing the dragon looking for your next hit, it becomes a grind with no real satisfaction or positive outcome.

Chasing Thai girls becomes more important than improving your own life situation and it literally consumes you.

This is happening to a lot of people right now.

Two types of guys who move to Thailand

There are two types of guys who come to Thailand and plan to live here in-definitely:

, Single Man’s Trap When Moving to Thailand

The red line is the people who come to Thailand with the focus of self-improvement.

At the start they slide into the losing section but that is normal, they just landed in Bangkok and they are within their right to go full retard for the first week, month or even year depending on how much money they have.

But then they get their shit together and start hitting their life goals while meeting girls. This should be the goal for all of my readers.

The green group is who you want to avoid.

These are people who came to Thailand with an idea of achieving some goal but get side-tracked by Thai girls. For months (sometimes even years) they focus too much on attaining girls and enough on their life goals.

The next thing they know they are broke.

If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s it’s very dangerous to fall into the green group as you may never recover from it, and your overall quality of life can be damaged forever.

What do you think?

Have you ever fallen into this trap? I think most guys moving to Thailand do but the smart ones are able to recover (as shown in graph) and can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Next week I’ll talk about the other half of the battle, betas who find a girl too quickly and move in together in a toxic relationship.


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