There are Two Types of People Living in Thailand…

..Those who know they are fucked, and those who are in denial about being fucked.

So the other day I rolled a phat splif and watched Oasis: Supersonic the documentary on Amazon Prime. Oasis is my all time favorite band. (I’m currently in the UK too).

During the documentary, Liam Gallagher (the lead singer) said something along the lines of:

“To be creative you need to have a dark side where creativity sprouts from.”

And then it hit me, I have a dark side.

It’s the fucked up side of me which enables me to write this blog.

It’s the very reason a small portion of readers foam at the mouth when I write a new blog post, it’s because they have experienced the same things I talk about, and they too have this darkness that sits deep in their stomach and this blog is a way to relate.

If I wrote mundane shit like the other 500 travels blogs you probably wouldn’t care what I have to say.

This is the reason so many bloggers fail, they never to tap into their creativity chest where their demons also happen to lie.

You can apply this to anything in life, the people who are the best of the best also have a darkness (Micheal Jackson, George Best,  Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Cobain etc). (I’m not comparing myself to any of these people either, I am a stain of shit left on a baby’s nappy compared to these people).

But I would say this is the very reason why my blog is more popular than others, while they keep their dark side locked up in a box away from the world, I embrace it and use that to create and grow other businesses I have.

I move forward.

It’s a Yin and Yang process, going full retard to one end of the spectrum then allows me to access the other side where I take risks like quitting my job at 22 to move to Thailand with no plan.

To start this blog.

To write books.

To travel the world.

To see and to have done things you’ve would not even believe.

To come up with marketing campaigns for businesses (that’s my gig when I’m not writing here).

I make my income by being creative. I don’t work for a business doing the same tasks over and over again.

I am a creator of art (content), be it for this blog or my clients.

My buddy at is another example of someone who gives no fucks and lets everyone see his darkness, and I think that’s the reason why his blog is doing amazingly well in such a short space of time.

His blog has the best content I’ve seen in this niche by a mile, when you read some of his entries it’s hard not to call him a creative story teller.

You’re probably fucked too

If you’ve stumbled on my blog for the first time I’ll give you a pass, but if you’ve read my blog more than once, you also a whole box of mess.

Without question everyone expat I have interacted with in Bangkok (well over a thousand expats within 5 years), almost all of them are messed up in some way, but many keep it locked deep down.

When I say messed up, I don’t mean they are fucking dudes behind dumpsters without a condom or smoking crack everyday, I just mean they have an ab-normal trait that they are trying to hide.

Maybe they have a ladyboy fetish, they are socially awkward, they hate women because of past relationships, they love dirty massages, they are bi-sexual, they don’t have any real friends, they are lonely, they are lost in life, mommy or daddy issues etc.


The flaw that created the darkness can be anything.

Making the move to Thailand is a big life play, it’s not something your everyday Joe does, there has to be a fire inside you burning that pushes you to the edge and makes you change your living environment.

I wrote an article years ago which touched on expats being a little bit loopy which received over 50 comments.

At first I thought that if you live in Thailand for a prolonged period of time it just does that to your brain, but now I think we all come here with this dark hidden box locked and Thailand is the catalyst that cracks the son bitch open.

The only difference between me and the people who don’t think they are crazy is that I’ve accepted this side of me and leverage it for good.

If you’ve ever met me in real life, my first impression is what you see on this blog.

I don’t hold much back, I’ll make racist, rape and sexist jokes within a few minutes, and if I offend you I’ll tell you to take the sand out of your vagina and chill.

I say these things partly for amusement and partly as a test, if you get upset or offended then I know we cannot be friends because you’ve yet to join the dark side and are still fooling yourself.

People who meet me for the first time who have come to accept their own darkness usually get on with me very well from the first interaction, and often we end up being good friends.

But there’s also a large group of people who think I’m too intense and almost instantly stop talking to me or don’t go near me for the rest of the event or meetup (who can blame them?).

These people think I’m fucked (which I am) and portray that they are normal but they aren’t hiding it from me, I know deep down they are just as messed as me if not more.

Honestly, these are the people who usually have the biggest skeletons in their closet, they turn out love ladyboys, BDSM, golden showers and more.

Your Thoughts?

What am I trying to say? That anyone who makes the move to a new country is not normal by society standards.

Instead of hiding your darkness, embrace it and use it for good, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin and life.


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