How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

Hi Garry,

You want to know what I did when I first came to Thailand?

I ran a fucking 4-year gauntlet that brought me pain, suffering, fear, happiness and finally my dream.

It also shaped me to become the person I am today.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

You can live your dream life in Thailand, Gary.

You just need to brave enough to run your own gauntlet and collect as many points along the way.

Points, what the fuck are you talking about?

Points ($) motherfucker.

The more points you have, the closer you become to reaching your dream.

The fewer points you have, the further you’re from reaching your dream and the closer you’re to entering the Matrix.

Everyone in the world is playing the points game whether they know it or not.

In this game there are 3 maps:

Map 1: The Matrix

Better known as the real world.

Where you work for a an average salary, have no interest in your job and live for the weekend.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

Everyone starts the game on this map. Most people never leave this map.

The Matrix is a lie, it tells you that if you work hard enough, you can acquire enough points to live out your dream life.

Don’t listen to them.

Map 2 – The War Zone

When you finally have enough white stuff in your ball sack to break out of the Matrix, unless you win the points or inheritance lottery, your only option in this game is to enter The War Zone.

The War Zone is the hardest of the 3 maps to navigate because it’s so unpredictable and unforgiving.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

The War Zone is where you find like-minded people who want to start their own businesses and have dreams they are actually trying to achieve.

The War Zone is where some people find out they have a ladyboy fetish.

The War Zone is a place to start a new life where nobody knows you.

The War Zone is where you make some of your best and worst memories.

You can only pass or fail in the War Zone.

If you fail, you respawn back in The Matrix.

If you pass, you get temporary access to the final map in the game.

Map 3: Dream

Well done, you made it.

You managed to collect enough points during your time in the Matrix and War Zone and you now have temporary access to your Dream.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

I managed to leave The Matrix, successfully run The War Zone gauntlet and now have temporary access to the Dream Map.

This is how I did it.

Leaving the Matrix

The Matrix is a cold place.

After working a job for 12 months I realized I’m nothing like the people on this map. They had no dreams. They were all scared.

I was not acquiring points faster enough here, I had to get out.

I knew the Matrix was a safe place, but if I wanted to grab my dream, I knew I had to risk it all and enter the War Zone.

So I saved up all my points and bought myself a one-way ticket to the front-line.

Life on the front line (War Zone)

I was broke when I first entered the War Zone in 2012, I started this map with 8,000($) points and no friends.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

I was a low-level player on this map with my only weapon being a university degree, I quickly learned that meant nothing here.

8,000 points would only give me 8 months of time on this map if I was able to ration it carefully.

My plan was simple: Acquire points as fast as possible.

While I was learning how to gather points through skill gathering (blogging, marketing, building websites), I also learned how to spend as few points as possible maximizing my overall net points per week.

That was my life for the next 4 years in the War Zone.

Welcome to the grind.

I would stay in the poorer areas of Bangkok because rent was cheaper. The size of my first room was about 24 sq meters.

Views? Not even once.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)
Drake started from the bottom too.

I would try not to catch a taxi and only get the BTS or bus.

I cooked food at home and eating out meant visiting the Tesco food-court.

I would get extra rice with everything because it was cheaper than adding more meat.

All my shopping was done at the Big C or local street market.

Paying 150 points for a meal was considered a luxury back then.

While living like a Jew, I also worked like a Jew.

Where it once took me 1 hour to earn 10 points, now it took me 1 hour to earn 50 points.

I made many friends in the War Zone, some of them are still here there today fighting the good fight.

Some lost all their points and were forced to go back to the Matrix.

There’s also also a bunch who made it to the other side.

As time went on, I kept finding ways to gather points faster while spending a few points as possible.

I would pick the cheapest airline and a horrible flight time if I could save on points.

I would pre-drink at home so I didn’t have to spend too much money on beers in bars, fuck was I paying 220 points for a beer anywhere.

I would stay in the cheapest room I could find for a visa run.

Japan and South Korea were not even in my peripheral, too expensive for a low-level player like me.

15,000 points for a Thai Elite Visa? I wished they would make a visa so low level players could stay here longer long-term.

I would focus on going to Laos or the Cambodian border, I know where I belonged.

During my time at The War Zone, I realized it’s not a place to spend your points like there’s no tomorrow.

The War Zone is a time in your life where you suck black dicks and eat shit in exchange for points.

You do not drop 200 points on shoes or 1,200 points on a mobile phone, then a year later wonder why you’re back in The Matrix.

You do not spend 4 nights a week drinking at clubs, partying and ordering food delivery.

The War Zone does not reward weak people.

The War Zone only rewards hard work and discipline.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I sucked dozens of black dicks, and I ate everyone’s shit until finally, I had accumulated enough points.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

As I ran my gauntlet, I had fears of whether I’d make it, what if I’m doing the wrong thing and wasting my life? Maybe I should go back to the safe haven of the Matrix.

But even with the fears, I kept pushing forward.

Dream World

I love the dream world.

It’s heaven.

I can do anything I want and I no longer need to worry about anything.

Honestly, my biggest fear today is not having enough New Zealand avocados in my fridge or running out of pasture-fed ghee (I’m on keto if you could not tell).

In the Dream World, when I pick a flight I always pick the priority checking and better cabins.

I don’t fly if the flight time is too early or too late because I like my sleep, so I’ll often pay an extra 100-300 points to pick a time that suits me.

Oh and Japan is so fucking cool, have you been?

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

I always book the best rooms on Airbnb because I leveled up so much in the War Zone that I learned how to earn points from people reading my website.

I managed to get my room size up to whole 65sq meters now in the Dream World, it’s really nice.

, How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)
I’m with Drake now.

I could have gotten bigger but I’m all content and shit, points does that to you.

I dine out at all the restaurants without even glancing at the price.

I have a cool visa now too, no more leaving every 90 days.

I now even have this thing called an investment portfolio where I store my points for a set period of time, and when I take them back I have more points than I started with., How to Live the Dream in Asia (or Anywhere Else)

I always thought this was stupid but when I met others in the Dream World, they all told me to stay here as long as possible you need to make your points work for you.

The best thing about the Dream world is not all the fancy things I can now have, the best thing is that there is no more worry or fear.

Points just make my life more convenient, but the feeling of whether I’m on the right track, will I make it or where will I be in 10 years time has all but gone from my mind.

It’s bliss.

Your Turn

Before you can enter your Dream, you need to leave the Matrix and enter the War Zone to see if you’re worthy.

If you have a simple Dream, you won’t need many points to reach it.

If you have a complex dream, you can end up spending decades in the War Zone.

Just remember that when you get to your Dream World, to enjoy it. I know many people who are in the Dream World right now but cannot enjoy it because they still focus on getting more points.

It’s like they have some kind of disease, and the points have become the most important thing to them.

Points are no longer important to me, I have enough to do whatever I want on this map…for now.

They are no longer a priority in my life.

I’m still trying to to get more points to stay on this map, but I’m sucking fewer black dicks and eating less shit than I did 4 years ago, while enjoying more of life’s pleasures along the way.

What does your Dream World look like? Are you going to run the gauntlet, or are you scared?

If you read this blog till the end, please leave a comment. I’m trying to use your comments to build a community and I’ll be able to get ideas from what you say. Even if you think what I wrote was complete shit, leave a comment and let me know why. 


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