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The whole of Thailand has hot girls, after traveling around quite a bit I do believe that Bangkok girls are by far the sexiest Thai girls in the country. This could just be due to the numbers game, Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand with well over 12 million people, so naturally you’re going to have a high number of sexy girls in Bangkok. From visiting the mall, to walking into a coffee shop, or stepping on the BTS, sexy girls in Bangkok are everywhere.

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Your typical Bangkok girls compared to young Thai girls from other parts of the country are that they generally tend to talk much better English. This is usually due to them coming into contact with tourists and expats a lot more often. Many will have western friends and maybe even dated a few (or several) guys, the girls in Bangkok are pretty laid back compared to other regions of Thailand.

Out of all the cities in Thailand, Bangkok on average pays out a higher salary, although still relatively low for western standards, it’s enough for the girls in Bangkok to be able to go out once or twice a month and get drunk. A good portion love western music and all the materialism that goes with it, anywhere you go in Bangkok you will always see a Thai girl on her iPhone or Samsung

Bar girls and hookers in Bangkok

Generally speaking most bar girls in Bangkok or freelance hookers in Bangkok are not actually born in Bangkok. Most come from the Northern Thailand (Isan) where jobs are scarce for women. Jobs in the north usually consist of farm work or running your own business, but to run your own business you first need money.

As a general rule of thumb you will know if a bar girl or hooker in Bangkok is from Isan or not usually by their skin colour. Due to working on the farm and being exposed to sunlight from outside they tend to have a darker skin colour, and there bodies are usually larger built. This is not always the case with working girls in Bangkok, but it’s good to use as a rule of thumb to use.

Where to meet Bangkok girls

Umm, in Bangkok silly! Okay ill shorten it down a bit, the number one place to find a girl has to be the malls. The weekends are usually your best shot, most girls in Bangkok will have the weekend off from work or study, and will spend there time in the air-conned malls taking selfies, and eating at some overpriced Japanese or Korean restaurant.

korean food

Other places to find Thai girls are on Thai dating websites, most girls can speak pretty good English and you can set yourself 5-10 dates in a matter of hours with a paid membership. Almost everyone I know who has used sites such as Thai Friendly have always sealed the deal with Bangkok girls after taking them out on the first date. The site has a mixture of girls, from students, hard working Bangkok girls, gold diggers, and the ones who just want to be friends and learn English. Whatever you want, you’re bound to find it online!

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If you’re a night owl, places such as RCA will be packed to the gills with sexy Thai girls, or check out other places like Thong Lo which also attracts some of the hottest girls in Bangkok.

meet girls in Bangkok at RCA

Bad girls in Bangkok

Bad Bangkok girls are harder to find and sometimes what you think was a good Bangkok girl, turns into a bad nightmare. By bad girls I mean any girl that is going to cause your life hassle, they don’t have to be bar girls to do this, they can be your everyday run of the mill office girl that just has a screw lose. My advise is that as soon as the milk starts to taste sour, GTFO!

Ladyboys in Bangkok

Bangkok gets a very bad stigma for ladyboys, sure it’s the number one place in the world for ladyboys, but the total population of Bangkok has less than 0.01% of ladyboys. Most of them hang around in places like Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong. These are the biggest red light district areas in Thailand where you will find the highest concentration of ladyboys, in malls, regular clubs, and almost about anywhere in Bangkok you will be lucky to see them.

I hope this brief overview of Bangkok girls give you an idea of what to expect when you make your way over here. Most Girls in Bangkok are a friendly bunch and are always looking to make more western friends to improve their English. For other posts of mine, see how to find a girlfriend in Bangkok, or how to find a girlfriend in Bangkok night clubs.

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