Where To Meet Bangkok Shemales in Thailand

One of the most famous or infamous things about Bangkok is shemales,  otherwise known as the ladyboy. Sometimes referred to as a shemale or katoey.

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bangkok shemales, Where To Meet Bangkok Shemales in Thailand

I will try to break down the myths and false conceptions that surround Bangkok shemales and open up more of the truths and facts.

Firstly a shemale in Bangkokjust another person; who laughs, cries, sleeps, eats and functions just like everybody else. They are not aliens from planet Ladyboy they are human beings and should be treated as so.

Now my rant is over I will get back to the blog.

Thailand in many ways is a very tolerant country, possibly because of the Buddhist religion but mainly due to it’s culture. Sexual orientation is treated in the same accepting way as race, color and creed. It is there, so instead of ignoring it or running away from the issue it is accepted into society.

Many Bangkok shemales have regular jobs and can be seen living in Thai society as a part of it.

Admittedly some of the elite frown upon shemales in Thailand but for the general majority it is just something the same as being straight or gay. It is simply a choice an individual has made.

Should you date a Bangkok shemale? That is something that is strictly personal and up to the individual. It is like saying should you date a redhead, brunette or a guy. Every shemale in Bangkok different, each as individual as you or I. Should I date a Bangkok shemale for sex is an entirely different question.

The biggest stigma of dating a shemale in Bangkok is what society thinks about you.

Will you be accepted and can you freely go into cinemas, restaurants, bars and cafés. Well the answer in Thailand and particularly Bangkok is a resounding YES. Another Thai would not give a second glance if a Bangkok shemale walked by, life is too hard putting food on the table to bother about trivial matters like that.

So how and where and should you date a Bangkok ladyboy?

Dating bangkok shemales

One of the best ways to find a shemale is like anybody else through a dating agency, Thai Friendly is one of the more popular ones. You will find under the listings that shemales are quite open about their sexuality so there should be no problem finding a date.

There are also plenty of ladyboy bars is Bangkok where you can meet, most of these you will be expected to pay for company. King’s Castle in Patong and Obsession and Temptations in Nana Plaza are among the best. Perhaps visit and just get to know and talk to the ladyboy’s form a friendship and take it from there.

Another, but expensive way of meeting a Bangkok shemale is through an escort agency. There are plenty of sites on the net so just surf away and find your dream date. Be prepared to pay though as getting a shemale in Bangkok through an agency will cost about 6000 Baht for two hours.

bangkok shemales, Where To Meet Bangkok Shemales in Thailand
girl or dudes?

Nightclubs are also a good idea. In Bangkok there are plenty of hangouts where Bangkok shemales like to party like everybody else. Sometimes the gay clubs are the best choice as many ladyboys have gay friends. Places like App Arena would be a good place to start.

Also check out Route 66, Levels and Funky Villa.

You can also find shales in Bangkok at the following:


Problems with dating shemales in Thailand

Apart from the issue of acceptance by society there are a few difficulties that you may encounter dating a shemale.

Firstly is how much of a shemale is your shemale? There are many stages of becoming a ladyboy and some Bangkok shemales prefer not to go to the full extent. What I mean by this is that some go down the route of surgery and become a full transsexual. Having their penis removed and a vagina formed in their body.

Others prefer to keep their penis and just take hormones and grow breasts. Some are simply transvestites and wear full make up and women’s clothing. So you can see things are not quite as simple perhaps as you first thought. There are degrees to the formation of becoming a shemale and you need to understand this.

One of the biggest problems with this is that during your relationship your partner may decide to change, and it may not be something that you are happy with.

But apart from the obvious physical difficulties that may arise perhaps a bigger problem is that of the mind.

bangkok shemales, Where To Meet Bangkok Shemales in Thailand

Sometimes a Bangkok shemale is mentally tormented by the decisions she is confronted with. This can be very difficult to live with as these decisions are life changing, costly and possibly dangerous as a lot are irreversible. A shemale is often not the most rational person you could hope to meet.

Pros of dating a shemale

Well without stating the obvious, Bangkok shemales can offer a fantastic sexual reward for your love often something you could only have dreamed of. But sex, all be it an integral part of a relationship is not the only factor.

To become what she has become takes a whole lot of courage and sometimes being a shemale is a very lonely life. So if you show genuine love and affection you will get twice as much back, accepting her for what she really is will endear her to you greatly.

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bangkok shemales, Where To Meet Bangkok Shemales in Thailand

Throughout all this I have not been talking about shemale hookers that is another topic entirely. Should you date a shemale Thai hooker? Completely up to you and I could possibly not advise one way or another, it is your personal choice.

I have many shemale friends, they are dancers, teachers, nurses and just about from every walk of life. They are simply one part of my group of friends who live life like the rest of us. Go out to work, get money and exist. They are as full of fun as the rest of us and possibly more so. Have a question about Bangkok shemales? Leave a comment below.

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