7 Best massages in Manila

Manila is a top tourist attraction. Planning to be one this year? Well, there are lots of amazing places to visit. However, if you spend the entire day touring the city, you need to relax for a better night. Fortunately, there is Manila massage, which I will tell about you in this article.

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Filipino girls

Spas in Manila have a common theme of quiet, peaceful ambiance. You will also notice t2hey offer similar services.

It is not uncommon to walk in these massage parlors and find them offering massage from a different country of origin e.g. Thai massage, Shiatsu and Swedish massage.

All these massage are purposed to help people who live in the noisy, cluttered Manila.  If you are stressed or feel too tired, these massages can rejuvenate your energy.

Aromatherapy massage

This Manila massage utilized scented plant oil to help in relaxation, energizing, stress reduction and balancing.

One of the common oil used in aromatherapy massage is Lavender.

With the bustling life if manila you will find this Manila massage helpful in reducing stress and other emotional related health conditions.

Where to get aromatherapy massage in Manila

M-Bay Health spa

Location: 778 Quirino Avenue.

Hours open: 1 pm -12 am daily

Cost: 1,500 per hour / 3 hours maximum

The Spa offer couples massage at a discounted rate. Check regularly to see if they have other offers.

Zenyu Eco spa

Address: Hotel H20, Luneta Manila

It’s the only massage that offers antioxidant hot bed therapy rooms. These rooms offer a high concentration of negative ions to their clients reducing excrete waste and active oxidation within one’s body.

Swedish massage

This is a common Manila massage. The masseuse uses long smooth strokes, kneading and circular hand movements on muscles with oil or lotion as the lubricator.

A lot of people say the massage is gentle and relaxing. If this is your first time to a massage parlor, it’s recommended you start with a Swedish massage.

Where to get Swedish massage in Manila

Zenyu Eco spa

Address: Hotel H20, Luneta Manila

Holiday spa

Address: 2nd Floor Padre Faura Wing Robinsons Place, Manila.

Mont Albo Massage Hut

Address: United Nation, Manila

Hot stone massage

With this Manila massage, hot stones are placed on particular points on the body with the aim of warming and loosening tensed muscles.

Depending on the technique, some therapist holds stones and apply gentle pressure. I got to say the warmth is very comforting.

This massage is recommended if you had a long day having tensed muscles as a result.

Where to get a hot stone massage in Manila

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage aim at the connective tissue and deeper layers of muscles.

During deep tissue massage, the therapist used slow strokes to grain the muscles. If you developed an injury when touring Manila or muscle pain from too much walking, deep tissue massage will do you good.

Where to get deep tissue massage in Manila


Address: Juna Luna St, Binondo

This spa is recommended for a deep tissue massage. They also offer facial and back massage at just 300 pesos.

Robinsons Place Manila

Address: Pedro Gil St, Manila

Their range of massage includes the massage chair offered in the 3rd F of the mall. A blind massage cost 350 pesos, 1 hour.

Thai massage

Thai is another popular Manila massage. It involves compression, stretches and using gentle pressure on your body.

Unlike most other Manila massage, Thai massage moves and stretches you into different postures.

It could be the reason why the massage is more energizing than other types. Besides being re-energizing, Thai massage improves flexibly, like in yoga.

Where to get a Thai massage in Manila

Thewi Thai massage

Address: Narra St, Manilla

Their Thai massage is a must try when you visit Manila. Besides, Thai massage Thewi Spa offers a range of other Manila massage including foot reflex, body massage, deep tissue massage etc.

Shiatsu /Japanese massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage where they do all types of stuff I don’t know about.

Each acupuncture is held for eight seconds to improve energy and blood flows. Most people say the massage effect can be felt immediately and usually no soreness as a result.

Where to get Shiatsu in Manila

Japan Spa Yamachu

Address: 1766 A Mabini, Malate, Manila City

Besides their delicious Japanese food, this Manila massage spa amazing Shiatsu. The spa ambiance is good, a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Parking is free with VIP rooms as low as 500 pesos.


In most cases, reflexology is called foot massage. However, this Manila massage is more than a simple foot massage.

In reflexology, the masseuse applied pressure at certain points on the foot that correspond with body organs and circulatory systems.

By the end of the massage you will feel a wave of relaxation especially if you had spent a lot of time on your feet.

Where to get reflexology in Manila

Holiday spa

Address: 2nd Floor Padre Faura Wing Robinsons Place, Manila.

Manila Hotel

Address: One Rizai Park, Manila

You get to enjoy pool, spa, and gym within the 1k pesos foot massage package. You get a discount if you use their prestige card.

So besides the above massages, are there other types of Manila massage available? Yes. We categorize the above massage as non-sexual / family friendly/couple friendly massage.

The second category is sex massage and there are a handful of places to get them in Manila. If you want some memorable times with girls in Manila, try out any of these sex massage venues.

Flight 168

Location: Air Force One entertainment complex near Manila International Airport.

You can choose any of the 20-30 girls available.

HJ @ 700 pesos + 700 pesos tip.

Sex massage, pay the room price + 2500 pesos tip to the girl.

Room price: Business class 2500 pesos

First class 3000 pesos

Girl quality: 9/10


Location: Inside Pegasus gent club on Quezon Avenue.

Cost: 1,100- 1,500 pesos per hour not inclusive of drinks.

Room prices 950 pesos for deluxe room and 1500 pesos for deluxe presidential rooms.

Girls expect a tip of between 1,300 and 2,000 pesos.

Shogun spa

Has three location in Manila: in Malete, Pasig and Quezon City.

Best place for Nuru massage.

Cost: 2k pesos + 1k pesos tip to the girl for 1.5-hour service.

Girl quality: 7/10


Location: next to Classmate KTV in Quezon City.

Categorized into three class: Gulag class, Politburo class, and Bolshevik class.

Bolshevik has the prettiest girls hence the most expensive.

Cost: 1,600 pesos before 7 pm, 2,200 pesos after

Girls expect 2,000 pesos tip for shower, massage and sex service.

Girl quality: 9/10

Executive health club

Location: Quezon Avenue, half a km from Kremlin.

Has 3 different room type: chairman costing 1,200 pesos before 7 pm and 1,600 pesos after, CEO costing 1,000 pesos before 7 pm and 1,400 pesos after, presidential 800 pesos before 7 pm and 1,200 pesos after.

Girls expect 1,500 -2k pesos tip depending on her looks and quality of service.

Girl quality: 7/10

 Tips on getting Manila massage

In Manila, you don’t have to go to a spa to get a massage. Ask your concierge about the best massage in town. He/she will call the spa and a therapist will be sent to your room.

While this eliminates you having to go to the parlor, the price will be inflated with the hotel wanting to cash in a commission. The service might not be the best too.

Option number two is to look at the parlors we recommended above. If not you can take a walk, exploring the shops, services, and prices.

In most cases, you will end up in a cheap place. As per the quality of service, we are not sure unless you share with us.

If you choose to go with the second option you need to narrow your search depending on the massage you want.

If its adult massage, red light district have a higher concentration of related massage.

You will notice that some parlors run sex massage in disguise. Whichever the case ensure the therapist is genuine. Check for ID.

Always know and agree on the price prior to the Manila massage.

Note some areas in Manila are not safe, particularly after dark.

General Manila massage prices

If you take a walk you will find spas charging 500 to 800 pesos for “normal” massage.

Erotic massage range between 1500 and 3000 pesos depending with the spa, your bargaining skills, type of massage and length of the Manila massage.

My thought on Manila massage

It’s with no doubt that Manila has dozens of massage parlors. You can get any type of massage at multiple locations in the city.

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Filipino girls

Our hope is that this guide helps you get the best Manila massage at the best value. Ever had a massage in the city before? Share with us your experience.

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