Caesars Entertainment Bangkok

Caesars Entertainment Bangkok is just a couple of meters away from Nataree Bangkok. You can be able to find it easily if you take the MRT, get off at Huay Kwang station and take exit number 2. It is not too hard to miss since the massage parlor is also within Caesars Entertainment Plaza. You can see the map here:

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Caesars Entertainment Bangkok, Caesars Entertainment BangkokCaesars also offer membership with perks for their most loyal customers (similar to a gentleman’s club where you get discounts, etc). It is also open for non-members but with a different and higher price. Unlike go go bars, most of these massage parlors have papasans. They are the ones who will welcome you and escort you towards the main lounge.

Caesars price list:

As you enter Caesars Entertainment Bangkok, you will notice that there is a large fishbowl. You can be able to choose from a couple of girls as they are categorized according to their price.

  • Category A – 2100 Baht for 2 hours
  • Category B – 2200 Baht for 2 hours
  • Sideline A – 3000 Baht for 1.45 hours
  • Sideline L – 3600 Baht for 1.45 hours
  • Models M – 4300 Baht for 1.45 hours

The rate difference actually depends on how young and good looking girls are. Sideliners are expensive compared to regular girls since they are younger. Models are the most expensive since well, they are absolutely stunning.

The place looks great unlike Nataree which seems to be outdated.

It is clean and looks well-maintained. On the main lounge, you will be asked to sit on large comfortable sofas where you can also order a drink before you choose your girl. If you are feeling hungry, they also have a small restaurant where you can order food. The establishment mostly caters to Asian clienteles and one of the good thing about it is that there are no farang surcharge. However, they are slightly expensive compared to other soapy massage parlors within the vicinity.

For entertainment purposes, they also have karaoke and also play live music. There are

Girls in Caesars Entertainment Bangkok

You are probably expecting that most girls are stunning, but generally girls here are tall, light-skinned and have big tits. So they are not your typical Thai girl. Just like any other soapy spas, you can be able to choose girls from a large fishbowl and they have a number for easy reference. When it comes to service, they are as friendly but not as chatty because of the limited English that they know. The experience actually varies from time to time, some would give you the best time for your first visit. Other times, don’t expect the best sexcapade. You must remember that these girls are in for the money and business is business and the sooner that you get on with it, the better.

Caesars Entertainment Bangkok, Caesars Entertainment Bangkok

As you enter the room, you will see a big room with a Jacuzzi. There you need to get on your birthday suit and the girl will give you a good wash. You can ask her to give your dick a good wash and that’s where the foreplay starts. She will either give you a hand job or a blow job until you get a hard on. Once the wash is done, you can continue your deed in the bed.

You can either opt for a lusty massage or get on straight with having sex. You will be offered a condom before you get on with getting down and dirty and after one shot, that’s it. If she likes you, you can have another go without extra pay. If you have a high libido and you want another go, discuss it with the girl to see if she agrees with extra charges (which is about 1500 baht or so). Tipping is honored especially if you like the service, if you are wondering how much you can tip – you can give as little as 200 Baht which is good enough for them.

Overall rating of Caesars Entertainment Bangkok

The best thing about Caesars Entertainment Bangkok is that the venue is updated and clean. The rooms are big and so is the tub or Jacuzzi which is good enough for 2 people. If you are looking for full-on sex going to soapy massage parlors is your best bet.

If you want to meet Thai girls for free in Thailand, check out this article.Caesars Entertainment Bangkok, Caesars Entertainment Bangkok

Comparing Caesars Entertainment Bangkok to other soapy massage parlors, they are a little bit expensive with the room rate as well as the girls. The quality of service does not keep up with their price. I could say that the girls are just merely for business and if you are a newbie it could make or break your experience visiting the establishment for the first time. If you are not too picky, then Caesars would be okay for you. Patrons however still continue to visit this place because you have got everything all in one place – a soapy massage, karaoke bar, live music venue and a restaurant. Plus the rooms are updated and clean so you don’t have to worry about molds or dirt.

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