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Am I a sex tourist?

I got put forward this question the other day of “am I a sex tourist”? To which I replied, “aren’t all guys sex tourists?” Let me explain. Why do guys go to places like Cancun in Mexico or Ibiza and Magaluf in Europe? It’s certainly not for the shit food, overpriced hotels, and lack of

Where to stay in Bangkok

Are you thinking of moving to Bangkok but not sure where the best location is to stay? Well not to sorry I will try and help you out. I will continually add to this list as I have time. I will start with the area I know best, Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit Bangkok Nana Nana is a

What is a Hi So Thai??

A few typical examples from people who have meet “Hi So Thai” people, thinking that anybody with a bit of money or being able to act even slightly western classes them as a “Hi so Thai. “She had her own car and a job, she is a hi so!” “She had an iPhone 5 and

Farangland Vs Thailand

BEEP! BEEP! 7:30am, Monday morning in Farangland. I need to get out of bed and get ready for work. I pull the covers in even closer. It’s too cold yet to leave my bed.I dont want to accept the reality of my day just yet. I check my Facebook on my phone, my cretin friends

Q&A with a Poker Player in Thailand

This interview was done with a online poker player in Thailand, who wishes to remain anonymous. I hope you all enjoy it and get a idea for what life for a poker player in Thailand is like. Anything written in red is by me. Want to get laid in Thailand for free, then read this