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My Trip to Sydney

I drove from Brisbane to Sydney which took me and my friend about 15 hours. Just after the car passed the Sydney harbour bridge it decided to overheat and turns it self off. Great start to my holiday, been in Sydney less than 1 hour and the car breaks down. I manage to get it

A quick update

I have been posting so much free quality content on this blog that I haven’t given an update on what I am doing at the moment, silly me. So I have bought a car (which ill leave for another blog post) and have been living in the Gold Coast for the past few weeks. I

An Australian Bogan described!

A bogan is interesting individual, it was unknown to me that many of them reside in rural Queensland. When I interacted with my first bogan, I just thought the person was a retard, as you do, obviously. However the longer I lived in Gatton, the more I realized its a wide spread problem. Think Malaria.

Dirty Backpackers

I have traveled to villages in India and Cambodia where people have no money and they still live in cleaner places than the last house share I stayed in with these dirty backpackers. We are currently in some rural town in Australia, so hotels, motels and apartments are few and far between. I had two