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A Farang Abroad Private Member’s Club

After getting dozens of message every day on a range of subject, I’ve decided to create a Private Member’s Club for my website, where you can ask me and others questions about your holiday or long-term stay in Bangkok. Who is this Club For? This club is for anyone planning a holiday to Thailand or

Why I Moved To Thailand

It was 2011, I had just finished university in April and was handed a piece of paper I paid £12,000 for and struggled for 3 years to attain. I had finally made it! I didn’t feel any different though. Maybe I just needed a job and commitments. My First (and last) job Fast-forward to November,

England has him now

I have been in England for a few weeks now and I must say England is depressing. I haven’t shaved once, I often forget to take showers until my moms yells at me, saying I stink of shit. I eat porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if the sun is out I will go out