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A Farang Abroad Private Member’s Club

After getting dozens of message every day on a range of subject, I’ve decided to create a Private Member’s Club for my website, where you can ask me and others questions about your holiday or long-term stay in Bangkok. Who is this Club For? This club is for anyone planning a holiday to Thailand or

Canada or Thailand?

This is a guest post by Achilles.Travel blogs tend to discuss quite a bit about the logistics of living in Thailand and spend a lot of time offering tips about heading there as a tourist or expatriate. Any Google search or travel site will discuss the scams, the standards of living, the sex tourism, general

One Night in Bangkok (RS)

This is a reader submission by “Wilco”. The sun was going down but the neon was out to play by the time I stepped out onto Soi 4. I had showered, shaved and dressed like a civilized man but with a pocket full of magic paper and ready to throw caution to warm night wind

Q&A with Peggy T from Taking to the Open Road

A Malaysian who studied in Australia, Peggy has lived abroad in both London and New York before turning full circle and returning to Sydney. Her blog, Taking to the Open Road, chronicles her international moves and travels throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. My blog only really talks about Bangkok, but what was your favorite destination in

My first night in Bangkok (RS)

I have started to accept reader submissions now. The only thing I have added are in red italics. This submission is from “George”, someone who I have met previously. Hello I’m George and I feel the need to post interesting events of my journey! I have just relocated to gods country aka Thailand. My plan