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A Farang Abroad Private Member’s Club

After getting dozens of message every day on a range of subject, I’ve decided to create a Private Member’s Club for my website, where you can ask me and others questions about your holiday or long-term stay in Bangkok. Who is this Club For? This club is for anyone planning a holiday to Thailand or

Arete BJJ gym

So about a month ago I headed down to Arete BJJ gym, located in Thong Lo. I come from a fairly strong MMA background and have done Muay Thai for several years and dabbled in wrestling and BJJ. One of my biggest annoyances with Bangkok is the lack of MMA gyms that are fairly priced.

Bangkok Float Center

Bangkok Float Center website: Since unplugging from the matrix in 2012 when I quit my job and moved to Thailand, I have been reading a lot of literature on meditation, thinking, and how to live a more meaningful and happy life (hipster alert). I heard about the sensory deprivation tank/ float tank from a

Comedy Club Bangkok – Review

I went to check out the Comedy Club Bangkok that had recently opened its doors in Sukhumvit 33/1 above the Royal Oak pub. I’m a fan of comedy and who isn’t? As I was trolling through my Facebook looking for holiday pictures of girls in bikinis, I came across an event listed by the Comedy

Leicester City Vs Everton in Thailand

Unfortunately I support Leicester City (who?), they are owned by King Power and last night played a friendly match against Everton. My friends and family asked if I was going to the game as I live in Bangkok. I personally think watching paint dry is much more fun than watching Leicester City play live, but