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A Farang Abroad Private Member’s Club

After getting dozens of message every day on a range of subject, I’ve decided to create a Private Member’s Club for my website, where you can ask me and others questions about your holiday or long-term stay in Bangkok. Who is this Club For? This club is for anyone planning a holiday to Thailand or

Farm jobs I did on my WHV

If you plan to come to Australia and want a second working holiday visa (WHV) you will have to do 88 days of work in a regional area. I’m not going to bother telling you what qualifies as regional work, thats what Google is for, but I will mention some jobs you should expect to

$1,000 Farm car

When coming to Australia on a working holiday visa (WHV), one of the first things you may decide is to buy yourself a camper van or a  “farm car”. I never even thought about getting a camper van, because aint nobody got time to use public showers and restrooms everyday, aint nobody! I not so

WWOOFing Australia, is it worth it?

WWOOFing Australia stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms or Willing Workers on Organic Farms. In essence WWOOFing Australia means that you volunteer on a farm, around 4-6 hours a day and in return for food and board. You will not be paid. Uwotm8? My thoughts exactly. The reason people are doing this is because it