Ultimate Chiang Mai Nightlife and Club Guide

When in Thailand, you would think that Bangkok and Pattaya are the only places that have nightlife. Chiang Mai also boasts of a great nightlife to offer many tourists and locals alike.

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Chiang Mai nightlife, Ultimate Chiang Mai Nightlife and Club Guide

Most of Chiang Mai nightlife revolves around nightclubs and pubs. Here is a list of the popular and best nightclubs in Chiang Mai.

Warm Up Café

This is the hottest and hip night club in Chiang Mai. Crowds are typically young adults.

This is not just a night club but this is also a place where you can eat. If you are looking for Chiang Mai nightlife, this is the best place to go.

The vibe is young and funky because it caters to young crowd. They also play live and hip covers. Since it is considered the best club in Chiang Mai, expect it to be crowded during the weekends. You are better off going there on a weekday. Regardless of how trendy it is, the prices are okay.


Another great place to explore the Chiang Mai nightlife is Infinity.  Just like Warm Up Café, it also caters to young and hip crowd. The only downside is that it does not cater to foreigners because they usually play local music which could make your ears bleed. Even though the place looks expensive, prices are quite fair.

Sonic Playground

This is a fairly new nightclub. It actually houses 4 music venues – Sonic Club, which is the night club; Echo, which is a restaurant that plays live music; a concert hall called CNX Live and the best part of it is the Sound Wave – which is a day club and a Swim Up bar. You can be able to enjoy partying in an ankle deep pool while a DJ plays music.

Wiz Club

Another addition to Chiang Mai nightlife is called Wiz Club. This is located at the basement of Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel. Scene are mostly for toms with dees, although there are some katoeys. Otherwise, if you are a man it would be difficult to hook up with a girl since they won’t be interested with you.


If you are into techno music, just go through the lobby of the President Hotel and you will find Fabrique. There are two sections: one is where it plays hip hop music and the other one plays techno/ trance music. So far, just by lounging on either two, I seem to like to techno scene because the music is quite good. Drinks are considerably cheap but there is limited parking.

Chiang Mai nightlife, Ultimate Chiang Mai Nightlife and Club Guide

This club may be pretty dead now, I last went 6 months ago and there was hardly anybody in there at midnight.

Monkey Club

Monkey Club is located in the Nimmanheiman area which is one the best Chiang Mai nightlife experience you’ll get. It’s full of locals girls who aren’t Thai hookers, but students from the nearby university.

This is also quite good for a night life in Chiang Mai but it is quite expensive compared to the others. If you are into stylish type of clubs, then this is definitely your best bet.


If you are in the mood for dancing, Mandalay should be the place to go to. It has a huge and massive dance floor. Entrance fee of 300 baht but with that you also get a free drink. Crowd is mostly for younger people.

Discovery Nightclub

Another expensive club so if you have the budget, this will be your venue for Chiang Mai nightlife. It is quite boring during the weekdays. Since the place is expensive, there are people during the weekends but not as jam packed as with the other clubs.

Hot Shot Night Club

Hot shot is quite different from the previously mentioned clubs. They have a dancing show and also have coyote girls. With this type of entertainment, the club is pulling in much mature crowd. Drinks are cheap so you are good to go.

Spicy Night Club

Farang on a visit to Chiang Mai would definitely consider this a good place to go to. They close really late so when you are still in a mood for a night life in Chiang Mai, this is where you can still have a drink or two. The only downside is that since most of the clients are already drunk, fights are inevitable. You may or may not witness a fight or two while you are there. This is also a place for you to hook up with girls.

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If you’re looking to spend your money to get a girl, Spicy is the best Chiang Mai club to find a girl who will happily part with your cash. You can check their Facebook page here.

Zanta Night Club

This is a different club because they cater to younger crowds since it is near Ratchapak University. Perhaps you can find a crowd of local young men but this is not really a bar for farangs to hook up with girls or if you are just another sex tourist.

Lucky Club

You can consider yourself lucky when you are in this club especially if you want to experience the real Chiang Mai nightlife. Just like Spicy, Lucky club is also a place where you can hook up with girls. This is popular for freelance, go go girls or sleazy bar girls (Loi Kroh). If you get hungry, you can order food and have it on the rooftop. They also close later than the others.

Yellow Bar

This club is a place for young farangs which are usually backpackers. There is no dress code for this place and they get to be crowded at around 12 midnight. If you are just looking for plain old Chiang Mai nightlife but want to socialize with other farangs, then this is the place you should be going.

Roots Rock Reggae

This is the place when you want to enjoy ska or reggae music. If you are a backpacker and your usual hairstyle is dreadlocks then you can fit right into the crowd of this lively bar. This is located in Kad Boonyoo in Old Town.

Rasta Café

This place is a mix when it comes to music – it plays reggae, ska, jazz and rock. This is quite popular if you want the rasta scene. Rasta café is not too hard to find, it is located in the Night Bazaar along the Charoen Prathet road.

UN Irish Pub

If you just want to hang out with expat crowd and want to chill out by watching big sports events, this will be your typical pub. It serves typical pub grub and has live music during special sports events.

Chiang Mai nightlife, Ultimate Chiang Mai Nightlife and Club Guide

The more I read about the Chiang Mai nightlife the quieter it gets. Don’t expect a huge party atmosphere, but there should be enough going on in the streets to keep you busy for at least a few nights.

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