Tips on Dating in Manila

Manila is a wonderful city. However, this article is not about the city beauty rather of its attractive girls who drive us crazy. Like a majority of other global fields, dating scene in Manila is changing. This article intends to give you tips on how to date in Manila.

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Filipino girls

Allow me to start by describing what to expect in Manila girls. If I could use one word to describe them I would say, cute.

While the Philippine lies in the heart of Asia, I wouldn’t say Manila girls look particularly Asian. Yes, they have Asian eyes, but they are relatively taller, like Latin Americans.

Manila babes are slim, with feminine curves. If you take a walk in Manila, you will notice they range in bust and butt size to cover every man’s desire.

 So, do manila girls make a good girlfriend?

Not all Manila girls are sweet angels as portrayed by their physiques. While most make exceptional girlfriends, for a range of motives, there never lack bad fruits in the basket.

In this article, we strive not only to give you tips on how to date in Manila but also tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of Manila “scammers”.

Understanding Manila girls

If you want success, always start by understanding your subject. In these case, it’s paramount that you understand how Manila girls think, who they are, their role in society and how they relate with men.

dating in manila

You mean a lot to your girl

While the western society women are getting “gender equality” all confused, Manila girls are humble and nurturing to their family.

She will treat you like her life depends on you, with most able to balance their professional and wifely duties.

  Family means everything to your girl

There is a strong family connection in the Philippines. These means she will have to introduce you to her family and expect you to take it as your own.

Since Gaijins are perceived as better off financially, expect to shoulder some financial responsibility of her family too.

Filipina girls are obsessed with romance

Hollywood may have blockbuster movies, but Philippine Telemundo romance TV shows give Spanish romance shows a run for its money.

What does this mean? One is that you have to quench their thirst for romance. Two, if you are not in for these shows, you still have to endure sitting and watching the shows daily.

Manila is not the cheapest city. My thought is that these girls need the shows as a mental escape from the harsh reality. If you are to date in Manila, you need to be ready to fulfill this image.

What to expect when dating in Manila

Manila girls are a big cookie in a cookie jar. In fact, it might what your heart and sexual petite have been longing since you lost your virginity.

Compared to other Asian countries, Manila girls are easy to seduce or win hearts. This does not mean they are cheap. Most men cherish women who take sex as something they want and desire.

One noticeable thing is that Philippine culture ensures that foreigners have a higher chance of success in seducing local girls…

Girls in Manila are head over heels for foreigners

There are a lot of reasons why dating in Manila is easy for westerns.

One of the reason is your money. Local girls believe that foreign men, particularly from western countries are loaded and ready to spend on them. Does this make her a gold digger? Yes and no.

No, because she is a girl who would take such an opportunity to shrug off poverty.

Two is that local men are not romantic. This is not meant as an insult but sources confirm that a good percentage of local men mistreat their wives.

On the other hand, foreign men are seen as modern, romantic and respect women thanks to the Hollywood effect. So if you approach a girl and she becomes an aggressive dater, it means she is not ready to lose you to another woman.

The girls to avoid when dating in Manila

Like we had previously stated, girls in Manila can make moments to cherish or dread. Their beauty, behaviors, and skills in men are most men’s dreams.

However, among these girls lie predators ready to scam you to the last dollar. With that in mind, not everything in Manila is unicorns and rainbows.

I plan to expose these black sheep ensuring that bros experience in Manila is all time great.

The Manila babes with multiple sick members

Most will agree that a man with a boner is ripe to be scammed by a female. While that might be true, naivety can also dig deep into your pocket.

Like I said, despite the presence of independent women in Manila, most of the girls are after Gaijins money.

Here is how things happen. You will meet a girl. She is hot with all those commodities that drive you crazy.

The Filipina will give you a good one in bed. Next time you set a date, she will cancel it at the last minute saying she is tending to a sick family member.

Since you are soft or emotional or want to help so that she can get to your hotel for a romp, you will send money.

This will keep happening until one day you realize you are minus unbudgeted hundred or thousand dollars.

You will hate and curse Filipina girls on the internet.

The Filipina dudes offering to sell their cousins

I can tell you with confidence, not every sweet person you meet in Manila is honest and genuine. And yes, Filipina men can also scam you when you look for a date in Manila.

If you meet a guy offering to “help you with anything”, put your guards up. After a small chat, these men will show you a picture of their beautiful “cousin” who is in need of money.

If you are looking forward to screwing some poor desperate girl go ahead. Otherwise, shrug off these amateur pimps who apparently do not give a dime to their girls as agreed.

Underage Manila girls

The underage girl scam is rampant in Asian countries. With most girls having babyfaces, they will wait until you are drunk and horny they get it rolling.

A police will come to you an accuse you of having 18+ affair with an 18- girl. Since you are in a foreign land and want no trouble you will use the money to wade out of the mess.

Let’s just say it’s a quick, easy and nasty scam to earn extra bucks. You can avoid being a victim by dating girls in malls and parks.

If you are a sleazy sex tourist who hunt for whores in dubious bars and street corners, good luck!

Girls to expect when dating in Manila

The Scammers

How to avoid them. Ensure you are reasoning with your brain and not your dick.

The outgoers

They are fun- if your bank balance allows so.

The spendthrift

They don’t care about your financial future. Shoes, fancy clothes, and cars make them wet.

The religious girls with closed legs

If you can wait for sex after marriage, they are highly advisable.

The overly dependent Manila girls

When you date in Manila there is a good chance you will meet them. Breakfast on you, lunch on you, super on you. If you go out prepare to clear all the bills!

Finding Filipino girls in Manila dating sites

If dating girls in Manila parks, malls and clubs don’t bring out your A game, Filipino Cupid is a great way to meet girls in Manila. It’s also a good way to meet Filipino girls before you jet into Manila.

Note that there all types of girls in Filipino Cupid from whores, scammers, good girls, BDSM etc.

However, with some skills, you can meet genuine girls with a passion to start a long-lasting relationship.

Once you sign up, you will see more than 1000 who live in Manila online. Here are the reasons why Filipino Cupid is the best online dating site to find a girl in Manila.

Filipino Cupid has more than 2.5 million members with ¾ of the total from Manila.

The response rate is above 90%. This indicates that the admin has done a good job rooting out fake profiles.

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Want to date in Manila easily?

  • Follow our guide
  • Have some confidence, never arrogance.
  • Have some style
  • Don’t walk around as if you are the best customer in Manila red light district.
  • Be nice to the girls
  • When dating in Manila don’t give promises you can keep

My view on dating in Manila

Manila girls value their men. Most speak good English and are totally into foreign men. Apparently, they are not laid back in bed as they appear in public.

If you have some cash to splash around and a gentleman, you will find a date in Manila quite easy.

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Filipino girls

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