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Ever since the ban on outdoor alcohol in April 2015, the nightlife scene in Singapore has had a bit of shift in gears – outdoor venues such as Club St, St James Power Station, the Bridge, and Pekin St are pretty much dead or dying. Without any motivation to go out predrinking knowing that it all has to cut off at 10:30pm, it has had the unwanted side effect of girls getting desperate for other options to get drunk without blowing the bank.

Here are some ways to get laid in Singapore

The best way to find single (or Singapore women with boyfriends ) is through online dating. The most visited site by lower, middle and higher class girls is Singapore Love Links.

Singapore dating
Here you can find plenty of hot girls who are looking to meet western men. It’s best to join up about 7-10 days before you fly over to setup dates for when you land.

Events in Singapore

Thankfully, Singapore girls have by now figured out a way around the rules, and beyond house parties and private BBQs, event hosts have also explored their options for increasing their drinking zones for legal outdoor boozing.

These monthly events pretty much coax the crowd with free entry in exchange for a laid-back venue to drink at before hitting the clubs. And, since Singaporeans pretty much live their lives on the Internet and on their smartphones, you can easily find all of these events via Facebook, eventbrite, IS magazine, or any other popular guest list. The barrier to entry being awareness of the event, you get automatic social proof, with the chances of receiving a cold shoulder (like you would in a club) much reduced.

Finally, the best reason for going this route while in Singapore is because you can easily drag in potential wingmen or acquaintances whether you are staying at a hotel, or here permanently. Rarely do the people you want to go out with anyway turn down the opportunity to hit up events like these, and you may very well be their key to a fun night out themselves if you stay in touch with “pop-up” events.

Internations + Couch-surfing Events

Unlike in other countries (based on forum posts and blog reports), Internations is one of the surest fire ways to get laid in Singapore with upper-class women from Japan, Thailand, and even locals. Some events are large and monthly, some are related to business networking, some are based on the holiday and some based specifically on singles hooking up. *Regardless* of the situations, women here are incredibly horny and receptive, and with simple Albatross membership your social proof automatically qualifies you for several numbers and a good bang down the road.

As for Couchsurfing, you are definitely dipping into a different crowd, not only in terms of social and economic standing but also in terms of the number of socially awkward cocks surrounding the few viable females. As such, direct bangs are rare.

However, if you are a wealthier man or so much as wear a proper button-up shirt, the women will be swarming you (seen it happen many times), although if you are an average joe with good laid-back game, a couple numbers and dipping out quick is the best way to optimize your CS experience. Just bring them to monthly events such as…

Training Shed (Sundays At)

While its best known for the Sunday-based events, which are probably better for 2nd-dates than getting numbers, they have other random parties that keep things fresh for the crowd. Not the hottest girls to be found in Singapore, but their theme-based attitude in a park by the seaside are not to be missed, and almost always an afterparty after 10pm. I made the mistake of coming a bit too late to build rapport with the girls – never underestimate how much better you can know each other by a couple hours. Dress nice enough for the afterparties; some guys wouldn’t make it into venues due to showing up in that same outerwear…


The biggest wannabe underground party in Singapore, that appears mostly at a warehouse structure along the river. Expect 70% white girls, but the 30% Asian that are there are definitely the most fun you’ll have when compared to average venues in Clark Quay. SOKO essentially weeds out the Asians that would only stick to local men, but in response, quite a few expats have caught on to this, so if you’re a white guy with a button-up shirt this just might be your spot and worth drilling through the competition.

Pop Tart

Despite the questionable name, this monthly event (which used to be held at clubs that kept shutting down) has possibly the best music of this entire list. Indie-dance and a pretty high-end crowd; at the moment being held at Tanjong Beach Club most of the time. Despite the free entry, be fashionable; you’ll meet tons of girls from Korea, Middle East, and Japan (in my experience, plus your usual dose of white chicks) that are here on business and open to pickup – keep it light.

Under the Bridge

A more exclusive list of guests due to their illegal activities (drinking outside), this clever bunch don’t reveal the location of the party until the day of to a select few. Despite its exclusivity it draws a mostly hipster crowd with zero dress code, but a phenomenal place to start good conversation. Crowd is very loose with few sets and many girls wandering from place to place alone for much of the night, easy to get makeouts here if willing to tough it out after the crowd disperses.


KiloWatt Soundsystem

KiloWatt is one of the less popular gatherings, and also one of the most random according to friends. I have never been, but they apparently do collaborations with other event groups which is a good way to get a taste of everything. Their DJs are from all over the world and likewise attract an international crowd, and throw in art and markets into the mix.

Comedy Masala

I just had to throw this one in there – I have used it primarily for 2nd dates (literally dragged different 10 girls here over a year) but in fact the crowd is one of my favorites in Singapore. A weekly event but international headliners usually only come along once a month, have never personally picked up here but should be easy to bounce jokes off in the first half, push the conversation further during the intermission, and arrange for a second get-together on the way out.

Sadly the quality of headliner varies but if you strike gold one night make sure to push it all the way through – held is Boat Quay, one of my favorite districts.

This is but a small dose of many monthly events happening in Singapore that have taken the city by storm as of 2015, and there will be many more in the works.

Just remember that SP chicks are horniest at the newest events, so stay on the event lists and keep your options expanding.. it’s as easy as networking on Facebook and checking which events your crowd of girls are headed when they otherwise wouldn’t be drinking outside!

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