Filipina Bar Girls

If you have never been to Asia then you really won’t know what to expect on your first night out – when meeting Filipina bar girls. You will likely get more attention from girls than you have ever got before and will feel like a super star.

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filipina bar girl, Filipina Bar Girls

The question you will need to ask yourself is: is this girl a hooker? Many Filipina bar girls will be far to shy to ask for money even though they are “working” so it can be a bit tricky.

Should you Just Ask Her?

That certainly is the easiest way to find out but its also a very dangerous question to ask. What if she isn’t?

What if she is just some hot girl who happens to actually like you and wants to go have some fun? Now you have offended her and her mood has changed.

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No matter what you do you aren’t going to get her back at that point. Also some girls will say no even though the answer is yes! Why? Who knows! But I’ve been with multiple girls who say they don’t go with guys for money and then the second we are in my room they treat it like a normal encounter with a working girl and you know.

filipina bar girl, Filipina Bar Girls

One girl I met on a dating site who I had already asked if she went with guys for money and she replied no came over in micro shorts and a sports bra. She is sitting on my couch talking about how she was at the disco that is hooker central the night before and starts showing me pictures on her phone in a thong.

filipina bar girl, Filipina Bar Girls

I ask if she always wears thongs and she says “ya wanna see?” and then the shorts came off. She hadn’t been in my room for 10 minutes and I just met her. It was so obvious she was a Filipina bar girl that I gave her a few pesos when she left despite not wanting to be with a hooker.

Ways to Spot Filipina Bar Girls

If a girl is just to into you then it’s highly likely that she is trying to make a sale. If you walk by and she stares at you the whole time, or says the first words then she almost certainly is a Filipina bar girl.

Filipinas are very shy so unless she has been around a lot of guys already she won’t be comfortable starting a conversation. If she is getting touchy feely after you just met thats another big sign. Touching your arm, cuddling up against you, touching your chest, any sort of physical contact initiated by her should put off warning signs.

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If she is dressed really slutty or has lots of tattoos that is another big tip off.

Look at her group of friends, do they look like they are out for a special occasion to enjoy the night? Or do they look like they are sitting in the same spot as they were last night just waiting for a customer? Did she ask you to buy her a drink? This is something that a normal Filipina wouldn’t do but a Filipina bar girl with lots of experience will have no problems asking you to buy her one or more drinks.


This is probably the easiest way, or at least will give you a good base line for the average girl at the particular establishment you are at. Certain bars and discos are going to be full of filipina bar girls.

Others will have a mix of some bar girls and some regular girls out for a night of dancing and drinking with friends. If you go somewhere like High Society in Angeles City or J-Ave in Cebu you should pretty much assume that every girl inside is a Filipina bar girl.

On a weekend night you might find some regular party goers at J-Ave, but on a Tuesday at 3am any girl still out will be a pro. Do some quick research online about the bar you will be going to and you should be able to find what the girls will be like inside. Or just look around, if you see hot girls with ugly guys that should let you know what the deal is there.

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Hope you enjoyed my article on Filipina bar girls.

filipina bar girl, Filipina Bar Girls

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