Filipino Women – 5 Ways To Meet Them

In this guide learn where to meet Filipino women.

If someone were to ask me where should I go to meet Filipino girls, the simplest answer would have to be: anywhere.

They are so kind and open by nature that they are extremely easy to start a conversation with. Some of them may be very shy and seem like they aren’t interested, but most of the time they would love to talk to you.

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Filipino women, Filipino Women – 5 Ways To Meet ThemSometimes they may be nervous, shy to be seen talking to a foreigner, or worried that they won’t speak English well enough and don’t want to embarrass themselves. In general though they are as easy to approach as any woman you will find anywhere.

If you see one you really like just go for it, walk up an say hi. Be sure to give her a big smile and keep the conversation light and playful.

You can ask her questions about herself but don’t expect to in depth of answers. Since a lot of them are shy to be seen in public with a foreigner I find it best to try and get her number as quick as possible and tell her you will text her later and to have a nice day. This way she won’t be put on the spot with all eyes on her for to long, and you can’t say anything stupid to mess it up.

Filipino women, Filipino Women – 5 Ways To Meet Them

While you can meet them anywhere there are definitely some places that are easier than others. A picture of one cute Filipino girls above.

5 Ways to meet Filipino Women

Online Dating

Go into any internet cafe in the Philippines and I’ll bet you will find at least one girl either checking her online dating accounts or on Skype with a guy she met online. Filipino women have flocked to all of the major dating sites, some looking for a husband, some looking for financial support, some just scamming, and others looking for a hook up. The best two sites I have talked about in my online dating in Philippians article.

Don’t pay any attention to what you read in their profiles, they pretty much all say the same thing. “I’m not here for play,” “only want man that serious to me,” I’m here to find my future husband” are all common things you will read. Whether it really is a good girl, a hooker, a scammer, a girl who is bored and horny you will likely read one of those in her profile.Filipino women, Filipino Women – 5 Ways To Meet Them

It’s not easy getting a feel for what type of girl you are talking to so the easiest thing to do is ask. Two questions I ALWAYS ask before meeting are do you go with man for money? Are you a ladyboy?

Ladyboy in Manila can be tricky and the last thing you want is to have that awkward moment where you meet a girl at a mall, or even worse at your place, and realize you made a big mistake. There are so many apps to change your appearance in pictures you may think you are meeting a nine when in reality its some ugly dude.

A small percentage are also Filipino hookers, so when you ask if they go with man for money they will say “sometimes” or “maybe” and that means yes. If you are looking for a hooker well great you found one, but if you were just looking for a non pro then time to move on.

Problems can still arise when they say no they aren’t going with man for money, yet they come over and treat it exactly like a hooker would. I’m not gonna go into details on this but sometimes you just know it was to easy.

In those cases its best to give them a little something for their time even though you did your best to avoid it. Five hundred pesos won’t hurt you to much and will help her out quite a bit. Who knows why they say no they don’t want money when they do, but whatever you had your fun for free.

Overall online dating is a very quick and easy way to talk to a lot of Filipino women, and a lot of them are pretty darn attractive. Sure they are not all amazing looking, but there’s enough to go round.

The Malls

Filipino women love the malls. Therefore I love the malls. If you have never been to the Philippines you may not understand, but you can be in the middle of one of the seediest areas of the city and find a mall nicer than many in the western world. They are a great place to cool off in the air-con, get a safer meal, and be surrounded by Filipino women.

At first I was very hesitant to approach girls in the malls here. In USA the odds of me seeing a girl I liked in a crowded mall and walking up to her were slim to none. Being here and standing out as a foreigner I thought it wasn’t a good idea, but once you have some success at it and your confidence gets up you will lose all shame.

I have approached as many as twelve girls in a two hour period. In general it’s best to look for good approach spots. Those would be when there aren’t many people around, when she is alone, when she looks bored. But if the girl is hot enough I really don’t care what the situation is I’m probably going to find a way.

As mentioned previously some of these girls are very shy. They probably will be happy to be your text mate and eventual friend, but walking up to them in a crowded mall will shock them and will make them seem unwelcoming. I’ve found that the easiest way is to just walk up to a girl say hi tell her you think she is really cute and hope you can be friends. Then you slip her your number on a piece of paper and hope that she texts. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, either way all you’ve lost is a little piece of scrap paper.

Some of the easiest girls to approach at the malls are the ones working. They stand around all day waiting for customers and if their shop is empty they have nothing to do. I’ve met quite a few filipina women working there just by going in and saying I noticed them as I walked by and wanted to say hello. Just remember to be kind, smile, and get her number or give her yours as quick as possible. You don’t want to embarrass her in front of her co-workers any longer than you have to.

Depending on what mall you go to and what time of day or night it is there might be some other “working girls” there, hookers. Certain malls like Ayala in Cebu are known for them and its very easy to spot. If you are on the third or fourth floor terraces at night and the same filipina women keep walking past you then you can guess they are looking for a customer.

Or maybe they are sitting in front of Bo’s Coffee and stare at you when you walk by. If that’s what you are looking for then you just found it.

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Girly Bars

Any bigger city you go to in PI will have “girly bars” or “bikini bars” where you go in and buy an overpriced drink to watch Filipina women dance on stage. For the most part they don’t really dance, it’s not a strip show like you may expect, but they are basically brothels where you can take the girl out when you leave.

I love Filipina bar girls.

The process generally starts by getting a girls attention and signaling that you would like her to come join her. Then you buy her an even more overpriced drink called a “ladies drink” to get the privilege of talking to her for a bit.

Depending on the girl she may sit on your lap and your hands may be able to roam a little bit, but in general its pretty PG or PG-13 inside the bars. If you like the girl you ask her if she would like to leave with you and if she says yes then you pay her “bar fine” or “work release” and go off to do whatever it is you plan to do.

Some guys may want to continue barhopping and bring her along, others may just want to head straight to the hotel room. It’s always best to have a short talk with the girl before you bar fine her so that you will both know what is to be expected for the rest of the evening.

Particularly if you want anything weird or kinky then ask her if she is interested in that, if not find another girl. Some guys even have a check list that they go through to make sure they will get exactly what they want out of the night.

Overall these bars are pretty boring to be in and usually there aren’t many customers. When you walk in you will be the center of attention and they will do everything to get as much money out of you as they can. It’s an easy place to find many willing Filipina women but they are overpriced and the girls aren’t generally the best looking. Of course there are certain bars with absolute stunners but you will pay a premium for them.


Filipina women love music. When they drink there are two things they want to do more than any other: sing and dance. If they aren’t at a karaoke bar then they will likely be going somewhere to dance and that means a disco. If you have good disco “game” in other countries then you will have no problems at all here and will likely thrive.

Hookers flock to the discos as well making it hard to know if the girl you are dancing with is just out to enjoy the night or if she is there working. Sometimes this can be easy to tell, other times you won’t have a clue.

A good general rule is if you are at a hooker disco like “High Society” in Angeles City or “J-Ave” in Cebu City you should assume any girl you meet there will want money.

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They may be to shy to ask, but they still probably want it. On weekend nights some non pro’s may go there, but they are vastly out numbered by hookers so the odds say you are going to be expected to pay.

Where Else?


Filipina women are very friendly and always looking for new friends, text mates, and for many hook ups as well. If you see one try and find an appropriate spot to approach her in a friendly manner and set up a way to get a hold of her again.

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Then just be kind to her and ask her if you can treat her to dinner or a movie or the disco and good things will likely come your way. Just always remember to be kind, smile, and keep the mood light.

Filipino women, Filipino Women – 5 Ways To Meet Them

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