Gay Thai men, and Thai gays in Bangkok

There are more varieties of Thai gay men in Bangkok than you will find in other cultures, ranging from the very effeminate (including ladyboys) to the totally butch types (he-men). The latter will also vary from real gay Thai men to muscle men who have found an easy way to earn big money.  As a gay ‘farang’ let me take you on a tour of these exciting gay Thai men.

This is a guest post written by : I am Tweed, an Englishman by birth, an Australian by Citizenship, a Thai by choice.


Ladyboys are a breed on their own and deserve a write-up devoted to them so let’s go to the effeminate gay Thais who are not ladyboys. These are the Thai gays who would be described in Western society as bottoms. In other words they like to be the female partner when it comes to sex. Of course, there are many bottoms who are far from effeminate – I will mention these later. For the most part you will find these Thai gay bottoms happily partnered with a Thai gay top (the one whose role is to be the man in bed). Some of the girly types will be found working in gay bars etc, hoping to be well treated (and sometimes well paid) by the tourists.


Commonly known as ‘Tops’ = those playing the man’s role in this world of men-on-men. Thais seem to have a desire to label themselves and cast themselves in certain roles, being either top or bottom. The tops often describe themselves as top only, as opposed to others who will happily play either role in bed. These Thai gay tops will either have a Thai partner or will be cruising gay areas looking for Western men, who seem to have a magnetic attraction to Thai dick (many of which are quite large). Likewise, the Thai top is very attracted to Western gentlemen’s white arse.

Gay thai men in Boys Town


These can be found working as masseurs, tour guides, Go-Go Boys or in Boys Town clubs wearing a number and waiting to be ‘hired’. Whether you go for a ‘massage’ or select a boy from the gay bars, you will still be looking at 1500 – 2000 Baht ($50=$65) for a short time. Beware of massages advertised at 500 Baht, the fine print will tell you the masseur has to be tipped an equal amount and oils are an extra too. One thing you can be sure of – ALL these working Gay Thais practice safe sex.


Yes, there is such a thing. They are not bisexual in the Western sense of the word, they are simply straight men, with exceptionally good looks, great physiques (and usually a beguiling smile) who have learned they can make more money from sex in one hour than they could earn in a week of hard labour. I have met guys who work in this area of the Thai Gay sex industry because they want money to spend on their girlfriends. These men are usually tops only and, though they may not be the greatest lovers on earth (many of them reluctant to kiss men), they give value for money with great sex and, usually, bigger than average dicks.


Primarily a drinking place where many gay Thais are employed and very many gay Thais frequent. They cater mainly for tourists so you need to be wary of the guys that want you for sex and the guys that want you for money. There is no shame in guys working for money so conversation is easy on the subject and you need not be afraid to ask if money is involved and, if so, how much. No one finds hustling offensive here and no one shies away from discussing it. In Boys Town you will see many a tourist sitting with his beer or wine and just waiting to be approached by one of the many, many handsome gay Thais that pass by. You will see many an elderly farang accompanied by a much younger gay Thai boy and you can be almost certain this is a financial arrangement but who cares as long as both parties are happy.


Be absolutely certain that these guys work for money. Pretty boys, handsome boys (even the mature man in gay Thailand is referred to as a boy), muscle men, men with huge bulges under their skimpy underwear and, just occasionally, a hairy gay Thai.

The evening begins with all the guys working there, parading on stage and waiting to be chosen. If you fancy a guy you just call the manager and tell him you want to chat with number 21 (I use that number because he was one I fancied but never got). Then it is up to you. You buy the guy a drink and then talk business. How long do you want him for, how much will it cost and, most important, what will he do for that money? I have had the personal experience of selecting a guy I assumed, because of his slightly effeminate look, would be a bottom, only to find out, too late, that he wanted to be top and, incidentally, had a big dick to prove it. You have to pay anyway, whether you give in or not. I paid and got value for my money.


Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Thailand. Big dicks, cute bums, muscular men, pretty smooth skinned boys, girly boys, manly men (some who love to be bottom in bed), great lovers, good sex (with or without romance) and, if you are lucky, as I was, you may find your perfect partner. The one night stand I planned has now been going on for almost 18 months. I moved from Australia to be with the man I love. Yes, I still visit Boys Town, look at all those lovely Thai Gays, sometimes spoil myself with a massage by a handsome gay Thai (always the same one) but in the end I come home to the one gay Thai man that makes me complete.

As with anywhere else in the gay communities, you can always find sex, finding love needs a lot of work and a little luck. For other ways to meet Gay Thai men, check out these Gay friendly Thai dating sites.


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