Jakarta Red Light District and Kalijodo

When it comes to Asia’s culture and tradition, Indonesia is truly one of the best countries in the continent that can surely offer you a lot of it. If you are in Indonesia, you would surely be amazed at how they value their culture which is the reason why tourists and expats love to visit the country.

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Aside from the culture and tradition Indonesia has, you can also have a great time in the country whenever you’ll give their nightlife scenes a try. Yes, Indonesia has their own nightlife scenes as well which makes the country a perfect place for those expats who wanted to have fun.

Well, if you’ve been looking for a particular place in Indonesia where you can surely find fun and excitement then you should priorities Kalijodo Jakarta. Kalijodo is actually a red light district that can be found in Jakarta where nightclubs, bars, lounges and other nightlife activities can be found.

Clubs in Kalijodo Jakarta

There are definitely a lot of clubs in Kalijodo Jakarta hence this Jakarta Red Light District is the best one in the city and here are three of Kalijodo Jakarta’s top clubs so far:

Colosseum Jakarta

If you’ve been looking for a club in Jakarta that could offer you the best lighting in the city then Colosseum Jakarta is the perfect place for you. The place is located at Kota Jakarta Barat and what made the place a very known one is their lighting which added up to the lively and wild feeling from the crowd.

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Colosseum Jakarta also has their own DJs which are all very expert in bringing the best music inside the club. The club closes very late as well thus you can surely have a lot of time to party and dance your arse out when you are in Colosseum Jakarta.

Sun City Luxury Club

Do you want to try the very known karaokes in Asia? Well, if you wanted to try this nice experience then you must visit Sun City Luxury Club which is located at Kota Jakarta Barat too where you can find a number of private rooms for those who wishes to try their karaoke.

They also have their restaurant where you can have a delicious dim sum in Jakarta which is absolutely one of the best dim sums I have ever had and if you wanted to have a relaxing time in Jakarta, you can also have a good time at their Spa.

DP Club and Lounge

You can find DP Club and Lounge at Grand Asia Hotel and what made this place a known one in Jakarta is that it has a nice interior design which made the ambiance in DP Club and Lounge a nicer one. The club’s restaurant is also a nice place where you find different kinds of cuisines in Jakarta.

Aside from these, DP Club and Lounge do also have their own KTV rooms where you may try their karaoke and experience how it feels to sing your favorite song at Jakarta while having your beers or cocktails.


Kalijodo Jakarta is now a very known place for gangsters and thief thus you really have to make sure you are able to secure your things whenever you go past by this Jakarta Red Light District. You also have to be vigilant for you might be one of those victims for these gangsters in Kalijodo who loves to harm expats and foreigners whenever they wanted to.

Jakarta red light district

Hence if you wanted to visit Kalijodo Jakarta, always stay at those crowded places such as the bars and lounges in the place so you can make sure that there are a lot of people who are at your back anytime and anywhere in Kalijodo Jakarta.

Other Jakarta Red Light Districts

But if don’t want to risk anything in Kalijodo Jakarta, you can also try other Jakarta Red Light District which is also available in the city. Two of these Jakarta Red Light Districts are Blok M and Cipinang.

Blok M

Among the two Jakarta Red Light Districts mentioned above, Blok M is the more popular one next to Kalijodo where price range for fun and sex are very cheap thus making the place the perfect choice for those who are on a budget.

If you wanted to go straight to where working girls in Blok M usually stays, you can tell your taxi driver to go straight to Jalan Falatehan or the Falatehan Street where you can find a number of working girls staying at the nightclubs and bars in the area.

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This Jakarta Red Light District is also a good choice for those who wanted to try Jakarta girls. Prostitution in Cipinang is actually one of the oldest in Jakarta which started during the 1990s where you can already have a nice sex in this Jakarta Red Light District with just Rp 50,000 at your wallet and if you just wanted to go for a short time, they only charge Rp 25,000 excluding the lodge’s fee.

Cipinang may not be that big but the area can surely give you a lot of choices when it comes to their girls especially if you are going to visit the park near Jatinegara Station which is the favorite place working girls from Cipinang loves to stay at.

Escort Services

Well, Jakarta does also have their Escort Services which is the best choice for those who wanted to have a prettier and sexier girl from Jakarta. Through Escort Services, you can absolutely choose among all those pretty girls posted from their website.

What’s also good with escort services is that you just have to give them a call and you can already book a girl for you rather than going through Jakarta Red Light Districts just to find hookers in Jakarta. Girls from escort services are also a more trusted ones compared to prostitutes in the streets and clubs in the city which makes it even safer for you.

You can also avail different services from them such as a massage; you just have to let the agency know ahead of time that you wanted to have a massage so the girl can bring massage oil and lotions for you. Aside from the massage, you can also request for some costume and with this, things would surely be more exciting and fun.

Erotic Massage Parlors

I guess it is now very usual to find erotic massage parlors everywhere especially if you are in Asia hence it is inevitable to find many of these in Jakarta. Erotic massage parlors are actually a good choice for those expats and foreigners who wanted to relax in Jakarta while experiencing a great time with a Jakarta girl as well.

If you are going to stroll around the streets of Jakarta Red Light District, you can surely find a lot of erotic massage parlors in the area and here are two of erotic massage parlors that you should definitely give a heads up with in Jakarta:

Bathhouse Gentlemen Spa

You can find this massage parlor at Alexis Hotel and what made this one on top of my list is their pool where you can have a hot, warm and even cold bath which would surely make your time in Bathhouse Gentlemen Spa a very relaxing one.

Bathhouse Gentlemen Spa also offers reflexology for those clients who wanted to loosen those stiff and inflexible nerves they’ve got thus making this spa a one-stop place for every foreigner in Jakarta.

X Masseuse

This one is actually considered as escort services agency for they don’t have their own massage parlor and they only receive clients that will be having the massage at their place or hotel but still, X Masseuse specializes at giving massages thus making it part of erotic massage parlors as well.

What people love with X Masseuse are their girls who are all very trained when it comes to giving massages to their clients and not to mention that they’ve got pretty and sexy ladies as well. By the way, X Masseuse is a bit expensive compared to some other massage parlors in Jakarta Red Light District so be prepared to pay extra cash when availing for their services.

Online Dating Sites

Where you able to try online dating sites already? These online dating sites are absolutely one of the famous ways nowadays to meet girls from other countries so if you are an expat or foreigner who’s eager to meet one from Kalijodo Jakarta, these online dating sites are highly recommended for you.

Indonesian Cupid

This one is actually one of the best for expats and foreigners to search for single ladies not just from Kalijodo Jakarta but also ladies from all over Indonesia. Indonesian Cupid is an online dating site that can be used and navigate easily thus you won’t surely have a hard time using the site.

Indonesian cupid

Meeting ladies from Kalijodo Jakarta is indeed a pleasure where you won’t just find a sexy and hot lady from Kalijodo Jakarta but also a lady with strong values and culture that you would definitely appreciate as you spend your time with her.

I’m sure this idea gets you excited to finally meet ladies from Kalijodo Jakarta so if you wanted to know how to use Indonesian Cupid, here are some easy steps you can follow:

  • ?Sign up – signing up in Indonesian Cupid is actually pretty easy and you also have to take note that you can join this online dating site for free thus you don’t have to worry about the member fee ones you use Indonesian Cupid.
  • ?Make your profile – after you had signed up and made your own account in Indonesian Cupid, you can now make your own profile where you will choose the best photo of yours and make it your profile picture.

Through your profile picture, single ladies from Jakarta who are also looking for single guys around the world can now view and see how you look like. By the way, finding ladies from Jakarta is not that hard especially if you are a foreigner for most of them loves foreigners.

  • ?Hook up with ladies from Jakarta – I guess this one is the best part when joining an online dating site where you would be able to hook up and have fun with your new girl from Jakarta. Jakarta girls are truly nice and kind hence I am pretty sure you won’t have any problem knowing them even more.

But one and last simple tip when using this online dating site, don’t hesitate to get hooked with several girls from Indonesian Cupid for this would give you the chance to choose the best girl among them. With these tips on how to use Indonesian Cupid, I am sure you won’t have a hard time using the site now.

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Jakarta is surely a city in Indonesia where you can both experience the culture and tradition of the country and also have a very nice holiday vacation with all the nightlife scenes and girls all over the city. So, have fun and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your stay at the city.

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