Koh Chang Nightlife Guide – Where to Visit

Do you wanted to have a nice time in the beach while having a great view of Koh Chang girls?

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, Koh Chang Nightlife Guide – Where to Visit

Then you should include Koh Chang in your bucket list for the cities you will give a try in Thailand. What are actually Koh Chang’s specialty are its beaches which are definitely the best and here are some happenings in the city that you should definitely specially if you are the person who’s into nightlife scenes:

Kai Bae Beach Koh Chang

If you are in a budget and wants to find some cheap drinks then you are in a right place if you are in Kai Bae Beach for they have a lot of bar and pubs that do offers cheap beers and they also have their live bands which are all over the beach.

Filou Club

The club can be found in Kai Bae beach and the place is definitely perfect for those who are looking for good live band play, great food and drinks and an affordable for all of these. A lot of tourists do give the place a visit often thus making it famous and one of the top Koh Chang nightlife destinations in Kai Bae beach.


If you want some cheap drinks on the beach then Casamarina is the best place for you. The bar is next to 7 Eleven and aside from their cheap beers, they also have their cocktails and some pool tables which makes the place one of the favorites for the tourists. They also have their balcony just upstairs where guests can have a relaxing Koh Chang nightlife while looking at the beautiful view of Kai Bae Beach.

Lek Bar and Diner

Also a bar that is located in Kai Beach that could offer its customers a good food menu particularly when it comes to their western food menu which every tourists loves to have when in the place. They also have their Thai food which are also the best and what I really love in their Thai food menu are the shrimps which are cook nicely and if you want to have some live music while having an eye to some Koh Chang girls then you don’t have to worry for you can also have it in Lek Bar and Diner.

A Lee Bar

A good bar in the beach for both Thai and international cuisine and I also love their seafood snacks and if you are a sporty kind of person then you can definitely have a good time in the watching some live football game from their big flat screen TV. They also have their cocktails and local beers which are both offered in an affordable price.

Klong Prao Beach Koh Chang

This beach in the city of Koh Chang do actually do their Koh Chang nightlife through live football games and other sport games and they also have their café and pool tables for a more relaxing atmosphere.

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Cheap Thrills Restaurant

What’s good with Cheap Thrills Restaurant is that it doesn’t just serves food but they also have their rooms, bungalows, drinks and live band which makes the place all in one. You can find Cheap Thrills at Klong Prao Beach and you would absolutely love the services they offers.

You could also arrange some activities you’d like to do in Koh Chang from the staffs Cheap Thrills Restaurant has and you can choose from doing some snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle trekking and many more for the activities. And when it comes to their live band, you can also find some foreigners having a good time playing in the stage.

River Island Cafe

One of the cafe in the beach where you can experience a very soothing Koh Chang nightlife with your friends with just sitting down in one side, having some small talk with a bit of laughter. River Island Cafe is visited by many for its nice and friendly stuffs and they also have their great menu where both locals and tourists can surely enjoy.

Lonely Beach

The beach are the best for those independent and young tourists who wanted to explore Koh Chang nightlife. They also have some live bands and DJs which makes the beach perfect for party goers.

Lemon Bar

In this bar in Lonely Beach, you can find both local and international dishes and you would surely like the food they serves which is actually why a lot of locals and tourists visit the bar. You would also appreciate the bar’s lively atmosphere and that’s a credit for the DJs of the bar which are all great.

Tree House

This one is definitely popular in Lonely Beach and what makes people go back in this bar is its overlooking view to the shore which is very soothing and relaxing specially for those who just had a tough day and just wants to have some relief. You can enjoy this overlooking view through their wooden platform and aside from these beautiful view, you can also have some dishes in the place for they serves both local and international dishes.

BB Driver’s Pool and Lounge

If you are looking for a place in Koh Chang nightlife where you won’t just enjoy swimming on the beach but also in a pool then you’ve come to the right place. BB Driver’s Pool and Lounge do have their swimming pool and when it comes to their food, their specialty are their pizzas. They also have their western food thus making the place more complete for both locals and tourists which gives you a bigger chance to meet some Koh Chang girls in the place.

White Sand Beach nightlife in Koh Chiang

This beach in Koh Chang where you can experience and see the happenings in a Koh Chiang nightlife maybe the last on my list but White Stand is actually the most popular beach in the city. The beach is absolutely very crowded and full during the weekends which makes those foreigners looking for some Koh Chang girls have a successful mission on this beach.

Oodie’s Place

This one’s the top most popular bar in White Sand Beach and aside from their Thai cuisine, they can also offer their guests there French menu. What’s make Oodie’s Place a unique one compared to other bars in the beach is their owner who is in charge to the bar’s live music. You can also enjoy some movie screening in the bar which they are doing everyday and of course their pool tables for those who wanted to shed their extra energy inside the bar.

Sabay Bar

Also a very popular destinantion in White Sand Beach where you can find a great Koh Chang nightlife and find a lot of Koh Chang girls as well. This is one of the places in the beach where you can do clubbing on an air-conditioned area. They also have their live music play which is being played by a Filipino band.

Aside from this, you can also witness some live shows in the club but let me tell you, the plays very busy even during the weekdays and they are more crowded and full packed during the weekends.

The Milky Bar

The people who often enjoys visiting this place are those who loves to sing for The Milky Bar is a karaoke bar where you can find big TV screen which you can do on their private rooms and if you are a bit shy when it comes to your singing skills then you can also make use of their pool tables.

15 Palms

Do you love watching on some fire shows? 15 Palms do actually have these kind of a show and they also have their cheap local beers. They have a nice view for their beach which makes the place a good choice for those who wanted to hang out with some friends and for those who wanted to have a good view of Koh Chang girls.

Paddy’s Palms

This one is actually the first Irish pub in White Sand Beach and as well in Koh Chang nightlife but what you would like as you visit this place are their Guinness and Kilkenny which were definitely the reason why people tends to try this place in Koh Chang nightlife.

, Koh Chang Nightlife Guide – Where to Visit

Also, you can watch some live sports on their big TV screen while having a little sip on your wine, cider or even in their wide range of beer. Paddy’s Palms is definitely a must try for those who wanted a new atmosphere in Koh Chang nightlife.

You can also found this area in White Sand Beach that they named as ‘little Pattaya’ towards the end of the road where you can find some stools, a number of pool tables, and some pretty Koh Chang girls.

Koh Chang may not be that extravagant compared to other high end cities in Thailand such as Pattaya and Bangkok but if you’ll just look into the beauty of the city instead of its negative side then you will surely value everything that the city can offer you.

, Koh Chang Nightlife Guide – Where to Visit

You should also see every Koh Chang girls worth for they may not be that exquisite but as you know them more, you can definitely see how beautiful they are inside and out.

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