Beginner’s Ladyboy Guide to Bangkok

You probably might have heard about a thing or two about ladyboys in Bangkok but how well do you really know them? Iam not sure whether this will be your ultimate ladyboy guide but my aim into writing this article is to at least provide you with more information about ladyboys.

If you want to meet ladyboys in Thailand discreetly, then Thai Friendly is the best ladyboy friendly site to do so.ladyboy guide, Beginner’s Ladyboy Guide to Bangkok

In local terms, ladyboys are called katoey (translate: transvestite in Thai). Men like dating ladyboys because they say that they are adventurous in bed and can actually be able to understand them or accept them for who they are because of their past.

Ladyboys are popular in Thailand and some parts of Southeast Asia.

They are widely accepted in the country and they even have a prestigious beauty pageant (Miss Tiffany Universe) to recognize their beauty. Most of them are working in the entertainment and “leisure” industry and some usually eye foreigners who are on the hunt for ladyboys.

So those who are looking for ladyboys to date or hang out with a ladyboy, I will be writing the ultimate ladyboy guide Bangkok for informational purposes.

7-step guide to spotting a ladyboy:

As the name claims it, ladyboys actually look like girls and sometimes even better!

You might actually get fooled with their looks and charm but there are certain things where you can be able to identify which one is which. So how would you know if she is a ladyboy or a real girl?

  1. Too Feminine – another tip in my simple ultimate ladyboy guide is that if you meet a girl in a more non-partying environment.  Let us say at the mall or a coffee shop – and acts too feminine such as picking up that cup while flicking their little finger or flips their hair as they talk, and they walk as if the road is a modeling ramp then there is a greater chance that she is a ladyboy. You might also get a feeling that they are beauty contenders in training under a watchful eye of the judges ALL of the time so they tend to overreact but I am not saying that it is a bad thing or it annoys me, it is just merely how they are.
  2. Height – average women in Thailand are quite small so if you meet a girl who is taller than the average women in Thailand, then you better think again as she might be a katoey!
  3. Big Breasts – real women just have average sized breasts. Ladyboys who have the money to undergo operation are most likely to have huge breasts (porn-size quality). Nuff said.
  4. Outfit and Makeup – Would you actually see a real girl walking down the streets of Bangkok wearing very skimpy outfits? Thai girls are very conservative, but ladyboys are not afraid to flaunt their long legs and huge breasts. I guess this one actually is a takeaway for myladyboy guide – makeup! They put on much too detailed makeup.
  5. Broad Shoulders – no real girl has broad shoulders, even if ladyboys look so feminine and too girly they will still have manly features such as this even after undergoing op.
  6. Voice – If you have active listening skills this ladyboy guide tip is quite easy. Ladyboys will try to speak in a higher tone like a real girl. It takes a lot of practice but I believe you can put this down as another take away for our ladyboy guide .
  7. Hands – ladyboys have bigger hands because well they are naturally male. Girls do not have huge hands otherwise that would be rather odd.

Where to Find Ladyboys?

Hooking up with a ladyboy in Bangkok is quite easy – it is just a matter of knowing where and what to look for.

Ladyboy Bar Girls – go go bars are not unusual in Bangkok and so are ladyboy clubs or bars! These types of establishments house a lot of ladyboys who works there and you can be able to take home for a couple of hours with corresponding bar fines.

I have written an article for the top 5 best ladyboy go-go bars in Bangkok which I think you might find useful.

ladyboy guide, Beginner’s Ladyboy Guide to Bangkok

Patpong, though is considered as not a good place to look for ladyboys due to its high crime rate (scams and rip-offs) which is certainly that won’t give you such a good time, isn’t it?

But just in case you are in Patpong area there is one lady boy bar that you can visit which is called King’s Castle 3. Other locations are in Nana Plaza where ladyboy go go bars are sprawled such as Obsession, Casanova, and Charades. If you want more information you can check out my ladyboy guide to go go bars here.

Beers cost around 120 to 150 baht depending on the quality/ brand and is also the same with ladies drinks. Bar fine costs about 600 baht but if you feel that you would like to hang out with one of the ladyboy for a short time, then that would cost around 1,500 to 2,000 baht. Rooms are even offered at the top floor of Nana Plaza for about 350 baht so you wouldn’t have to go any further.

Ladyboy Street Hookers

Street hookers flock around Sukhumvit Soi 3 which is a mixed of girls and ladyboys anytime past 7 in the evening. There are also some gathered around at the front entrance of Sofitel Bangkok trying to hopefully find a client for the night. But if you walk along Sukhumvit Soi 4, this place is like a haven for ladyboys.

If you are into ladyboys, then this street is like a candy shop to a kid for you. Rates are going at 1,000 to 1,500 baht and can also offer a hotel room for about 350 baht for your own convenience.

Ladyboy guide Bangkok tip number 2 – quite a good option because she can return to the street quicker so she can continue working and look for another client for the night.

Escort Service

Another option is to book a ladyboy escort service which you can do so online.

They will come to your place and rate depends on the length of the time she will be with you.

The service costs about 6,000 baht or 8,000 baht for 4 hours or 15,000 baht for full day. You can also have to option to choose from these ladyboys if you prefer post-op or pre-op. Ladyboy guide tip – only do this of course, if you have the money to spare.

Ladyboy Online Dating

Of course, you can also try online dating sites such as ThaiCupid or ThaiFriendly where you can be able to meet ladyboys as well as Thai girls who would be willing to hook up with you.

How much does it cost? The price of dinner usually (or you can ask them to visit you at your hotel!)

It actually depends on your negotiation, if you and she have discussed this in advance prior to meeting up then that is fine.

Tip– perhaps, if you are on a tight budget this could be a good option. Just a friendly advice, be wary as you might not know who you will meet online.

My own verdict:

If you want to meet ladyboys in Thailand discreetly, then Thai Friendly is the best ladyboy friendly site to do so.

ladyboy guide, Beginner’s Ladyboy Guide to Bangkok

I think that this information can be somewhat useful for you if you would like to date or get laid with a ladyboy in Bangkok. There should still be some measures that you have to take. Hooking up with a ladyboy could not be that too difficult, it just all really depends on your budget. Either way, I wish you luck and hope that you have a great time.

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