Manila Nightlife Guide – Bars and Clubs

In this guide you’ll learn the best nightlife areas in Manila

If you are torn on what place or country to visit this coming holiday, you can surely include in your list of prospective countries the beautiful country of the Philippines.

, Manila Nightlife Guide – Bars and Clubs

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As you visit the Philippines, you can surely see and witness how vast the country’s attractions are.

They have a lot of various tourist attractions that are indeed very pleasing not just to a person’s eyes but also to our soul and you would surely treasure the moment as you go home.

All the venues below are normal clubs, if you want to see the seedy nightlife of Manila I suggest you read my articles below:

As you tour the country, you can find a lot of nice beaches, they also have their much known underground river, and if nightlife is what you have been looking for in a country, then a visit in Manila nightclubs is the best choice for you.

If you can go over the city of Manila which is actually the capital city of the country, you can find a lot of Manila nightlife happenings in the place.

Here is a list for the top 7 nightclubs in the city that you should definitely pay a visit when in the country:

Club Royal

This Manila nightclub is a new one and it can be found just along General Luna Street in Makati. As you check the club, you can see how luxurious it is from it great light and sound system and of course their nice interiors all over the place.

If you wanted to have some personal place for you and your colleagues, you can surely ask for their VIP area in Mezzanine floor where you can see the overlooking dance floor or you may also have one of their VIP couch sections that can be found in the club’s dance floor.

XX XX (twenty twenty)

This is actually one of my favorite Manila nightclubs where you can definitely make use of you night. You can find XX XX in Makati, Metro Manila and it is actually an underground club in the city.

The club is open from Wednesday until Saturday and it usually focuses on techno and electronic house music. If you wanted to have fun with the best DJs in town, rest assured you can find one here in XX XX.

The Palace Pool Club

If you are familiar with The Palace in Uptown Bonifacio, The Fort then you should also include The Palace Pool Club for the places you should visit when in the place for it is indeed one of the best nightclubs in The Palace.

Perhaps partying all night long is what you’ve been searching for in Manila nightlife then you can surely enjoy yourself with the best DJs in the world that also performs here such as Qulinez, Alesso, Knife Party and many more.

You’ll see many girls here that are also on Pina Love.

If food is what you’ve been looking for then you may also try their restaurant which is the Cafe Naya which serves great dishes and cocktails that you can absolutely find luscious and delectable. They also have their different promotions such as their happy hour and free flow that everybody would surely love.

The best nights in this Manila nightclub is every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday which do has the best crowds for the nightclub and if you’ve been looking for the place where you can spend your birthday with some colleagues then you can surely book one of their Cabanas for the big day. They have different packages for you to choose from depending on your needs such as the number of guests you’ll be having and more.


It is also found in The Palace and has been running since November 2014. If you have been looking for the biggest Manila nightclub then let me bring you to Valkyrie for it is indeed the biggest one in the city for a home to 2000 people. Valkyrie is also the very first nightclub to operate in The Palace thus rest assured you can have the best and experienced nightclub in the area.

Valkyrie is open from Wednesday up to Saturday and as you go over the place, you can surely find international DJs running the great nightlife experience in the nightclub and some of these DJs are DJ Snake, Adventure Club, and Andrew Rayel. They also have their VIP tables which you can book from their website.


Formerly named Haze and a club that can be found in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and is open only every Wednesday to Saturday but you can surely have fun when in this club for they also have their international DJs every Friday and Saturday that would make the party in Hideout more alive and wild. DJs in Hideout usually plays electronic dance music from trance, house, and club.

Just like with Valkyrie, Hideout can also accommodate 2000 party people thus you can surely have your own space when in the place or you might as well book one of their VIP tables where you and your friends can have a more private area.

Prive Luxury Club

You can also find this club in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and you may visit Prive Luxury Club from Tuesday up to Saturday and may also be operational on other night if there are any special events. The club was able to open since 2011 and for the past years, it was absolutely able to bring a good reputation.

, Manila Nightlife Guide – Bars and Clubs

They also have their own ‘gimmicks’ to catch attention to Manila nightclub seekers such as their ladies night every Wednesday where ladies wearing their Stilettos can have a free entrance if they arrives before 12midnight. They also have their free entrance fee every Tuesday; just make sure you’ve got your ID with you since they are strict with underage costumers.


Also a club that can be found in The Palace and the club is being run by the former team who runs Prive thus you can expect a more luxurious Manila nightlife experience when in the club. You can see a very high-class level service and the same goes with the crowd Revel has. You can visit the place and book their VIP tables from Monday to Saturday.

Aside from these Manila nightclubs, the city do also have their various Manila nightlife scenes such as their bars and pubs where there are mellow music for those who are tired of partying all night long and just wanted to savor the moment while having a sip from their drink.

Other Manila nightlife scenes:

You may be tired of these nightclubs and you find the place very common then you can surely try other Manila nightlife scenes aside from these nightclubs such as:


Manila does also have their Casinos where you can try some table games, live entertainment and slot machines. Going to casinos may sound unpractical but you can absolutely have fun ones you are already in the place and take note that you are not really obliged to join table games or what, you can surely just have a drink in the place while watching others having fun playing.

You can find these casinos in some hotels in Manila such as in Hyatt Hotel where you can see a few casinos lining in the hotel. Manila Pavilion and Heritage Hotel is also a good place for a casino experience and if you are looking for a casino that is near the airport and where you are staying with, you can also visit Resorts World.

Divisoria Night Market

I guess Asians do really love night markets thus you can see a few in the Philippines and one of these is the Divisoria Night Market. The place is actually one of the oldest night markets in the city and as you go over the place, you can see a lot of great items from clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and of course the food thus you can definitely have a good shopping spree when in Divisoria Night Market.

You can find the said night market just between North Port and Chinatown and as of the moment, it is already one of the biggest night markets in Asia. If you are going to visit the place during the Christmas season, make sure you get your stuffs safe since a big crowd goes to the night market to shop.

Comedy bars

You may also want to have fun then a visit to one of the comedy bars in Manila is a good idea. Manila does actually have a number of comedy bars that are usually being hosted by gays. Punchline Comedy Bar in Quezon City for example is a good start for you where you can surely undergo a laugh out loud Manila nightlife experience.

Marikina Riverpark

If you wanted to just seat in one side with your friends while listening to good music and enjoying the view of a river then Marikina Riverpark is a good place for you. The place is being surrounded with bars and restaurants where you can dine and have a good drink with your friends. As being the biggest park in the Philippines with a natural setting, you can surely love and get fascinated with the view Marikina Riverpark is giving you.

Cities and places in Manila:

If you wanted to have a list of the places in Manila for a great nightlife and where you can experience a nice bar hoping instead of those specific Manila nightclubs then you should check these three places in Manila where a lot of nightclubs and bars can be found:

Makati City

You may have read Makati from the top of this article and I would like to emphasize this city again. Makati has been developing very well these past years and you can see that with their buildings and of course, their nightlife as well.

Greenbelt or Glorieta for example is a great mall for you to stroll around when you are in Makati City and it doesn’t mean that because it is a mall then you can’t experience a good Manila nightlife in here for they also have their bars and a wide selection of restaurant from Asian, local and international cuisines for you to choose from.

Malate, Metro Manila

Nightclubs and bars in Malate are indeed the best in Manila nightlife and you can actually find a number of them in Remedios Circle and you can’t only find bars in the area but also a number of restaurants that serves one of the best dishes in the country.

, Manila Nightlife Guide – Bars and Clubs

Aside from the restaurants here in Malate, you may also be tempted to try their cheap yet delicious food that is definitely a must try in the Philippines which you can find in Malate street foods; just make sure what you are eating is safe and clean. And by the way, you can already have a good meal in Malate with only a dollar.

Quezon City

You can find a great Manila nightlife scene in Quezon City particularly at Tandang Sora District. Getting along Quezon City is actually not that easy without any colleague with you that really knows that place thus, you definitely have to bring someone with you that truly knows every street of the district or else, you’ll get lost.

As you go along Quezon City, you’ll be able to find a lot of teenagers in the place for it is a home for large universities and aside from these universities, you can also find a number of restaurants and interesting bars residing in the said city giving you a great Manila nightlife experience.

With this Manila nightclub and nightlife guide, you can now surely stroll around the city with all the confidence. You may also like to visit other bars, nightclubs, and places in Manila then feel free to explore the beautiful city and even the beautiful country of the Philippines.

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, Manila Nightlife Guide – Bars and Clubs

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