Moving to Bangkok?

This post about helpful tips on moving to Bangkok should be considered more of a “check list” or things to do in the process of moving to Bangkok, than an actual “follow me guide”. This post will continuously be updated and not everything I have posted below might be correct. If you disagree or think something needs to be added or changed, please submit a comment at the bottom.

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How much money do I need to move to Bangkok?

First things first, you need to decide on how many months you plan to live in Thailand. I suggest a formula of the following:

Months* $900 = money required

$900 is the lowest baseline to use for this formula, and depending on your needs this can increase by as much as $3000+ per month, or decrease to about $600. I have created a spreadsheet of how much I spend, so perhaps this can give you an idea on your costs. If you don’t know how long you intend to stay, I would suggest having at least 3months worth of living costs before coming over.

Moving to Bangkok, Moving to Bangkok?

The reason for me using $900 is because this was the minimum I was spending on average. Can it be done for cheaper, most likely, would you want to? Hell naw!

Do I need a visa to enter Thailand?


Depending on the length of your stay, will depend on what sort of you visa you need or want, to find out more information about Visa types for Thailand see here and here.

Do I require an onward ticket if coming to Thailand?

You are only required an onward ticket from Thailand if you don’t already have a visa granted before you board the plane. It is not always enforced however. When I was moving to Bangkok, I had my visa already stamped on my password, so I didn’t need an onward ticket.

Do I require any vacations for Thailand?

Most likely, consult your GP for more information on the matter before moving to Bangkok. You may also be advised to take malaria tablets depending on were you intend to stay.

Should I get travel insurance for Thailand?

Be sensible, yes. Also this article in the Telegraph should lead you in the right direction.

Is Thailand safe?

If you use common sense and read up on there laws and culture, I don’t see anyone having any problem in Thailand what so ever. In the 1 year I have been in Thailand, I never even came close to getting into trouble.

Moving to Bangkok, Moving to Bangkok?

 What airline should I use to travel to Thailand?

No one website is the best to find you the cheapest flights, but I suggest visiting skyscanner and Agoda for hotels as they always seem to be the cheapest for me.

If you plan on moving to Bangkok for 3-6 months, be sure to look into open returns as they will work out cheaper. When I moved to Bangkok, I flew Eva Air, they were good.

What area of Bangkok should I stay in?

Bangkok has several areas within it were one could stay, I would recommend to live near the BTS or MRT lines, as to avoid traffic jams and I find these areas have the most things going on. I would doing research on the areas of Sukhumvit and Ratchada, both areas have great transportation links and close to many malls, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Lower Sukhumvit Asoke/Nana has a lot of tourists and a big red light distract going on night, so if that kind of stuff is not your thing, id start my search from Thong Lo upwards to bearing when checking out Sukhumvit.

I am a 25 year old guy, so my ideals on what a good area may differ to yours.

How do I get an apartment?

I already have a post on tips for apartment rentals in Bangkok, so I hope this can give you some indication of what you will need to do. Once you have decided what area in Bangkok you would like to stay in, the first new nights book a hotel or stay in a hostel within that area so you can get a feel for how it would be.

When you are moving to Bangkok, dont spend too much time before hand searching for apartments online, it will most likely be a waste of your time, you would be better off walking the streets, as a lot of apartment blocks dont have websites.

How do I set up a bank account?

According to Thai law you require a work permit to open a bank account, however in practice this is not always the case. Numerous stories online show people on regular tourist visa setting up accounts. However this is very much hit and miss and you may have to go to several different bank branches before getting accepted. After moving to Bangkok, this was the hardest thing for me to do.

You will be required to show your passport and a utility bill of your current residence.

Best way to withdraw money if I don’t have a Thai bank account?

My suggestion would be to use a credit card, as they offer fraud protection and usually give way better rates than debit cards. To the date of posting only AEON bank offer free withdrawals from there ATMs in Bangkok, so be sure to use them to avoid a 150 baht fee. They have one AEON ATM located on the bottom floor of Terminal 21 in Asoke, and another in the Max value right outside Phra Khanong BTS.

When out with a group of friends its also useful to collect the money and pay on your credit card, this also can count as using a ATM without all the fees.

How do I make friends in Bangkok?

There are various forums on the internet you could use such as Expat Forum and several face book Bangkok groups.  I also have made a most discussing how to meet people when travelling alone in Bangkok. Don’t worry you wont be the only person moving to Bangkok whenever you decide to come, thousands of people do it each and every year.

How do I get Girl friends in Bangkok?

Thai Dating sites obviously, if your good enough you may even get your self a girlfriend before even moving to Bangkok if you read this!

Where can I go and work out or play sports in Bangkok?

I have listed some Bangkok gyms, some offer tennis, badminton, squash and many other sports within the complex. There are also synthetic football pitches in Thong lo Soi 10 and Pridi Bhanomyong 21 (Phar khanong). Many other places to play football too, just do a Google or network to find out more.

Are clothes cheaper in Bangkok?

Yes and no.

Branded items such as Nike, H&M, Prada are almost always marked up by about 10-40%, you can pick up plan printed t-shirts for as low as 100 baht in Bangkok, but the quality and fit will be something to desire. If you are a UK foot size 11 (12 US) I suggest bringing a spare set of shoes and trainers, as they are hard to find in these sizes.

What Hotel should I stay in Bangkok?

I have listed hotels for Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

I hope you find this post informative and if you have any more questions that involve moving to Bangkok, or feel some information is incorrect, please let me know.


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