How To Create Your Itinerary To Meet Myanmar girls

Myanmar girls for some reason don’t get enough attention as Thai women, Laos girls or Khemer girls.

The country made great strides in this direction over the past five years since the doors to this beautiful country have been partially opened. No longer are there curfews on the streets and a strong military presence, the place feels more relaxed.

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Burmese  hottiesHaving said all that Myanmar is still a very rural country and only in Yangon and to a small extent Mandalay is there really a possibility for a westerner to get laid.

myanmar girls

So how do you go about finding sexy Myanmar girls?

1. Asian Dating to meet Myanmar girls

Possibly the best way to start is by a dating site. Asian Dating is the most widely used by normal Myanmar girls.

It is probably best to enroll and contact the girls before you arrive, that way you can set up as many dates as you want and take your pick of Burmese girls.

2. The clubbing space

This is the second easiest way to pull. There has been a rapid expansion of nightlife venues especially in Yangon, less so in Mandalay.

The Beer Stations are a good place to start, cheap and most have a catwalk so local sexy girls parade their wears walking up and down. For the cost of a bunch of flowers, which are sold in the venue, a girl will come and have a drink with you. A sort of Burmese speed dating.

When in Yangon visit the Chinatown area near Theongizay there are a cluster of Bars and Clubs to meet sexy Myanmar girls. The Palace and Emperor Disco are just two. There’s tons of great food to eat as well.

Also Ahlone Road close to Mangalar Market is a good area you can find the popular JJ’S here.

Both areas have many sexy girls for you to choose from, some are working girls so prepare to pay if you are so inclined.

Mandalay is another matter, there are fewer bars and most close early, even as early as 11:30pm. Possibly the best place to pick up chicks is the Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel, Gem Club and Kipling’s lounge are there.

3. Music bars

Nearly all Asians love Karaoke bars and Myanmar is no different. Normally a lot of alcohol is consumed so it is fairly easy to strike up a conversation. Don’t be shy even if your voice sounds like a duck farting, I assure you there will be worse ones.

4. Myanmar hookers

There are many prostitutes in Yangon and all waiting to part you from your money and give you a good time.

Most of the hookers in Myanmar are freelance, so costs vary and it is up to you to strike the best deal you can. As a guide the sexy girls of Myanmar are a little cheaper than in Thailand but there are no bar fines to pay.

If you want to meet Myanmar girls for free, check out this article.

Burmese  hottiesMost of the hookers frequent the clubs, beauty parlors and massage salons but they can also be found on the streets, the road adjacent to Park Royal Hotel is a notorious red light area.

Myanmar has no shortage of sexy girls, they are friendly and open up to conversation all you have to do is look.


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