Tourist Guide to Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Entertainment Plaza is the biggest red light district in Bangkok. If you are a first timer, it would not be difficult to hook up with any of these famous bar girls in Bangkok.

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Nana Plaza Bangkok is located by the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 4. You can get there through BTS Stations Ploen Chit and Nana.

Most of the establishments located in Nana Bangkok are open by 6pm and closes around 1 to 2 am. Nana Plaza is not hard to miss because you can be able to see a large well-lit sign with the name “Nana Plaza” by its entrance on Soi 4.

Nana Bangkok is a three story establishment full of beer bars, go go bars and short time hotels that is built to cater to locals and foreign tourists alike. Male patrons are rampant in these are and they usually visit the place to hang out and hook up with either a go go bar girl or a Bangkok ladyboy.

Beers are relatively cheap in Nana Bangkok. They are usually between 110 to 150 baht depending on the brand.

Now the important part is how much do you usually have to budget when taking a bar girl or a hooker from Nana Bangkok? If you are planning to go for the short time, these girls would ask for between 1,500 to 2,500 baht.

Their asking rate depends on how they look and how much money they have already made for the night and how they are feeling as well. If a girl is very attractive then she might ask for more than this price. There are short term rooms that you can rent and costs about 300 baht per hour.

Bangkok Shemales

If you do not mind taking her back to your hotel room, it would be best if you stayed in a hotel near Nana Plaza to save you a couple of baht.

For long time rates, it is expensive compared to the short time one because you will be taking her out of the bar overnight. It will be a missed opportunity for them to earn more doing a couple of short time with different clients. So the going rate for long term is between 2,500 to 5,000 baht. Again, this is depending on how the girl looks like and all of the factors mentioned above.

Where to Find Bar Girls in Nana Bangkok?

On the first level of Nana Plaza, there are already several bars namely:

Voodoo – you can be able to find ladyboys in this establishment. This is one of the newest and fast becoming popular go go bars among men who are into ladyboys.

Pretty Lady – if you are not into the ladyboy scene, you can be able to find good looking bar girls in Pretty Lady. The drinks are also reasonable so this is one place that is definitely a must-visit.

Lollipop – this establishment houses attractive looking bar girls. However, they can be quite a bit aggressive with the customers on the drinks and bar fine.

Obsessions – a favorite place for those who prefer to hook up with pretty and attractive ladyboys. Compared to Lollipop, they are not aggressive on their customers. Overall, it is a good and decent place to go to.

Angel Witch 2 – if you are into coyote girls, this is the place that you should go to.

Rainbow 1 – most patrons consist of Japanese men but this is also a good place to check out bar girls. Their drinks are also reasonably priced.

nana bangkok

Monster Ink – this may be a bit out of the bar and beer garden path, but Monster Ink is a tattoo parlor. So if you have decided to commemorate your first Nana Bangkok adventure through ink, this is the place to go.

On the 2nd level of Nana Plaza Bangkok, you can also see a couple of bars such as:

Casanova – this bar houses pre-op ladyboys. The downside to this place is that they can be pretty aggressive and would even grab you by the arm especially if you look like a farang.

Spanky’s – if you feel that you are up for a show, consider visiting Spanky’s because they have different shows each night

Candy Land – it is very sweet indeed! This place has attracted lots of pretty and good looking women so it is a definite place to go to.

Rainbow 4 – one of the biggest and most popular bars in Nana Bangkok. It houses many bar girls and has a huge dance floor to get your groove on.

Temptations – I don’t know why but this is also one famous bar among ladyboy patrons.

On the 3rd level of Nana Plaza still has few bars but mostly are occupied by short time rooms. But it does not mean that since they are located on the upper level, they are no good. Wild Thing is a go go bar that is becoming popular because of how wild their girls can get. There is also Bill Board Go Go where you can enjoy a show in a Jacuzzi, and Cascade which is a popular spot for those who are looking for post-op ladyboys.

Nana Plaza Bangkok is also one of the hottest red light districts in Bangkok. Its competitors include Patpong and Soi Cowboy. One of the reasons why this is flocked by foreigners is because the women working in these bars.

Finding a bar girl in Nana Bangkok is like walking into a mall with a shop full of goodies that you can grab instantly at the right price. If you are planning to go there, it is easier through the BTS Sky Train and get off at Nana BTS Station as this is the nearest. There is also Nana Hotel where you can stay and if you are planning to bring a girl back to your room, there is no need to pay for the joiner fee. In other words, Nana Hotel is a girl friendly hotel.

If you want to get laid for free in Bangkok, then read this article.

Other hotels would ask you to pay a joiner fee which could cost 1,000 baht. Make sure that you ask the front office for these details. Did I miss anything out about Nana Bangkok? Leave a comment below.


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