Nataree Massage Bangkok

Soapy massage parlors are sprawled all over Bangkok.

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Nataree Massage, Nataree Massage BangkokWhile there’s too many option to choose from, you would want to know where to look for the best. One of the best I have come across with is Nataree Massage. This is located at Ratchadaphisek Road. Here are a couple of reasons why this has become one of my favorite place when I want to have a relaxing and naughty time.

Nataree location

Nataree is not too hard to find. It is situated near Huay Kwang Station if you are taking the MRT. Take exit number 3 and walk for about 3 minutes, and opposite Caesars soapy.

Nataree Massage, Nataree Massage Bangkok

If you come during the night time, you will see a huge their sign flashing in bright colors. As you enter the establishment, there are 2 entrances.

The left one has a small fishbowl area while the right entrance has a larger fishbowl. The soapy massage parlor houses at least 100 girls. On a weekend, it gets pretty crowded. You won’t get disappointed, but don’t put too much of your hopes up. Girls are okay looking if not pretty. You can have so many choices, from light skinned to dark skinned Thai girl and from small to big tits – it depends. Nataree Massage Bangkok can give you different flavors to choose from.

How to Pick Girls at Nataree

All you have to do is to pick from one of these girls and costs are usually between 1800 Baht to 2000 Baht for about 90 minutes of “massage.” Apart from the fishbowl girls, there are also sideliners but they are quite expensive (usually ranging between 2300 Baht to 2,800 baht).

Once you have made your pick, she will escort you to your room. By the way, Nataree Massage Bangkok is quite huge and is made up of 3 floors. Nataree Massage has been opened for the past 30 years and has never been renovated so don’t expect too much from the place itself. Business has been quite lucrative since this is a place where Farangs have been raving about. If you are looking for a soapy massage parlor with a great service, then you should not miss out Nataree.

Now the most exciting part is – the massage itself. The room is big and so is the bed. You will also see a huge tub where you can be able to do your deed. Wondering about what usually goes in there? If you are a newbie, expect to get wet when inside soapy massage parlors.

Girls would start by giving you a wash inside the tub and they can give you a blowjob or a hand job or whatever foreplay. She will give you a good wash, most definitely, from head to toe. Once the wash is done, you will be asked to lie on the bed where the girl will give you a massage. Again, don’t expect a “legit massage,” the place is merely for happy ending. You will also be given other complimentary items such as condom or lubricant – just to be on the safe side. These masseuses will give you a good rub concentrating on your inner thighs.

You can also have small talk, but don’t expect that they know how to converse in English well. Then you can go on straight to full on sex. If you are still up for it, you can be able to have another go for a certain price. You would have to talk to girl how much she will charge you for another shot. Normally, their rate is at 1500 baht, or if you are young and good looking, she might allow you to have another round for free. It actually depends; if she didn’t agree don’t be too hard on yourself. These girls are just there for money and not looking for relationships of some sort.

Best time to visit Nataree is around 7 pm. This is where most girls come in so that means you will have plenty of options. If you come in at around 12 noon (by the time they open), you will only have limited options. You might probably see around 10 to 15 girls which could not be a good idea.

It might be a little bit expensive but if you hire a sideliner at Nataree, it is definitely worth your money. She is not just a looker but she also provides you with great service but again, just like with any other massage parlors, nightclubs or go go bars, that still depends on the girl’s mood. She can either give you a good time or just an okay one.

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Nataree Massage, Nataree Massage BangkokOverall, the experience in the Nataree Massage Bangkok is definitely a good one. The place might be a little too worn out but would you really care about it? There is no reason why it should stop you from visiting when you know that Nataree Massage Bangkok is a great place to easily hook up with a Thai girl.

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