Lumphini Park

Hey, I was at Lumphini Park Today and these were just some pictures I took. A Sign to Enter Lumphini Park Guy Working out on the free machines Genji Girls fall off her bike crying, I started to laugh and take a picture (yes I know im going to hell) Grass Shot of the Park

Bangkok in Pictures V

Hello, just some pictures of thai boxing in Thailand. Also follow me on twitter by clicking  here Right Roundhouse Left Roundhouse Ouch!   Getting stitched up after a fight Posing for the camera Images courtesy of Michael White To leave a comment Click here

My Christmas in bangkok

Merry Christmas everyone,I must say spending my first Christmas outside a western country it really doesn’t feel like Christmas in Bangkok, being 30 degrees doesn’t help much either (but I’m not complaining). In Bangkok it seems they have done the absolute minimum they can get away with to appease the white people of Thailand. Popping

Hua Hin, Thailand

Hello             I have been to lazy to write another blog post the last few days, I had a friend staying over as his contract ran out and needed to crash here. The Bangkok lifestyle was getting a little too much for me with the hectic traffic and noise, so I decided to go and visit

9 hours In Pattaya

Hello!I spent most of last month just staying indoors working online during the night and playing alot of football, tennis and swimming during the day. It was my lowest spending month of 27,000 baht. My friends suggested to me too visit Pattaya for the night, Pattaya is being the sex capital of Thailand. They said