Sexy Thai Girls – Where to Meet them?

A question everyone wants to know, where can I  meet sexy Thai girls? I want high-end Thai girls, where do I go? Well not Insomnia that’s for sure. Here’s my pick of the bunch on where to find yourself some cute Thai girls in Bangkok.

Nueng Len Nightclub

I remember the first time I ever walked into Nueng Len, so many sexy Thai girls it was unreal.  Cute Thai girls to left, hot Thai girls to the right, the place was like a catwalk of sexy Asian girls. It’s located in Ekkamai soi 12, and is open most days. The club gets very busy and quite packed inside to the point where it’s hard to move. Music varies from western music to live Thai bands.

Although this place has a ton of sexy Thai girls, they are hard to approach and although friendly, don’t really want to be seen with westerners too much. As far as I know, it’s free entry all nights, well weekdays are that’s for sure.

Funky Villa

Similar to Nueng Len, Funky Villa is a night club located on Thong Lo Soi 10. This place is great for staring at sexy Thai girls. Me and my friends often start our nights here because of the cheap bottle prices, free entry (weekdays) and the amount of cute Thai girls all around us. The clubs plays a mix of live Thai music and western music, sometimes mixing between the two. Once again, although there are tons of sexy Thai girls, it’s pretty hard to approach and do anything, this is another place where girls don’t really want to talk to westerns too much.

funky villa to meet sexy thai girls


This place is a mix of a restaurant, bar and club and is located within the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. So that should already tell you something about this place,  it’s full of more girls who don’t really want to talk to westerns. But anyway, this is another awesome place to find some cute Thai girls, drinks are pretty expensive though, so bring baht!

Ahhh, so where can I meet sexy Thai girls that I can talk too?

Good question sir, so as you’re starting to find out, to find yourself really really hot girls, they are at places where they don’t really want to talk to western guys…too much. However, There’s a few places you can go and talk to cute Thai chicks, these include:

Shopping malls: Go to malls such as Central Lad Prao or the big malls in Siam, there’s plenty of cute Thai girls working there who are happy to talk to a westerner. Open 7 days a week.

Dating sites: The most popular two Thai dating sites are Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid, casually sit on your computer while you search through thousands of profile. I much rather prefer Thai Friendly myself.

RCA : I really like Route 66, plenty of Cute and sexy Thai girls, they are very friendly and approachable . Another option would be Slim which is next door to Route 66. Both open 7 days a week, busiest on weekends.

Go go bars: Just to remind you first, that you will have to pay for the Thai bar girls working at the go go bars. Places such as Soi Cowboy and Nana Soi 4 will have girls off all kinds, big, small, curvy, you name it. You will no doubt find some young sexy Thai girls here, I would advise getting there early (around 9-10pm) before they get bar fined if that’s your thing.

Bangkok is loaded with cute Thai girls almost everywhere you go, the places I listed above are where they are in the highest concentration. The first three clubs are probably some of the best place to go and check out the eye candy, sure it’s hard to get the girls to talk to you, but it’s not impossible. If it’s your first time in Bangkok, you need to visit at least one of the three clubs I’ve mentioned and no doubt you will leave here with yellow fever.

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