Where to stay in Bangkok

Are you thinking of moving to Bangkok but not sure where the best location is to stay? Well not to sorry I will try and help you out. I will continually add to this list as I have time. I will start with the area I know best, Sukhumvit.

Sukhumvit Bangkok


Nana is a big red light district area, in the day its full of tourists, tuk tuk drivers and market stores selling you all kinds of stuff. At night it turns into a huge red light district, with ladyboys, Thai bar girls, normal Thai girls, and farang wanting to get some action. For me Nana is a bit too much to live here constantly, too much sleaze. It will be hard to get a taxi at night, the traffic is pretty bad and everything is a little bit more expensive in this area as it’s full of tourists. Nana Soi 4 is also located in Nana, which if you didn’t already know is a big red light district.

taxi in bangkok

I would not recommend living in Nana long term, unless you like that kind of stuff in your face. For me its too full on, and it would grow trying after a bit. There are not too many apartments in Nana, its more loaded with hotels for holiday makers.


  • Many restaurants in the local area
  • Kind of close to everything
  • Plenty of hot Thai girls walking about


  • To many tourists
  • To many touts
  • Hard to get a taxi
  • You will become a jaded expat if you live here long enough


Asoke in Sukhumvit is slightly better than Nana, it has the BTS and the MRT connection making it a bit easier to get around Bangkok. You have Soi Cowboy there which is another big red right district, you have a few cool roof top bars, and Terminal 21 which is a 5 story shopping mall. Once again this area is full of tourists, a complete cluster fuck of traffic. I would not want to live here long term, too busy, everything a little too expensive, it will be hard to get a taxi at night without getting ripped off.

Asoke is a lot better than Nana but still not that great. At times it can get really busy and it’s hard to get anywhere, it’s usually full of tourists throughout the day. The local crowd is mostly filled with expats as Thais can’t afford to live there.


  • Good base to see the rest of Bangkok
  • Many top restaurants and clubs nearby
  • Terminal 21 shopping mall
  • 500 baht hand-jobs nearby
  • Cinema


  • Too many touts
  • Too many tourists
  • A lot of traffic at night

Phrom Phong

Phrom Phong in Sukhumvit is where stuff starts to get normal, not totally normal, but close enough. There are many pubs and beer bars about, a lot of legit and not so legit massage parlous scattered throughout the area. There is a small park there which is cool to relax in and Emporium Mall. I like Phrom Phong as it’s a halfway house between Nana/Asoke and Thong Lo/Ekkamai. Traffic here is not as bad, and you have plenty of food options.

Phrom Phong is when you start seeing some Thais, as its packed to the gills with dodgy massage shops, you do see a lot of Thai girls living here, with a mixture of expats. It’s a cool place to live, central to many things, I’d give it a thumbs up.


  • Not as many bar girls/beer bars as Nana/Asoke
  • Many restaurants
  • Has a mall
  • Has a park


  • Can’t think of any currently

Thong Lo

Thong Lo is considered the “hi-so” area of Sukhumvit, you hundreds of food options, several nice bars and a few nice clubs. Many expensive apartments to pick from usually starting fro around 14,000 baht and upwards, you can find apartments near Thong Lo BTS for 8,000 – 9,000 baht, but they ain’t the greatest. Food stalls are scattered throughout the area, it has an astro turf football pitch, 4 decent sized clubs, a few G clubs and everything else you’d need. Thong lo also has Soi 38 Thai street food next door!

You don’t ever get hassled for a taxi or scammed, this area is a lot classier as being a white person, and you can just get on with your everyday life without issues. As I write this, the Thong Lo area is probably considered the number 1 area to live in Sukhumvit,


  • Lots of food options
  • Good clubs and bars nearby
  • Great restaurants
  • Very close to RCA
  • Has everything you need
  • Soi 38, great for Thai street food


  • Expensive


Ekkamai you could say is Thong Lo’s smaller brother, it kind of has everything Thong Lo has, but it’s just not as big or good. It has a bus station and a cinema and bowling complex, Ekkamai Gateway which is a 3 story mall, and a busted up gym and huge swimming pool complex outside. Walking up the Soi you will see a few hipster style bars and restaurants, a couple of Bangkok nightclubs in Ekkamai mostly full of Thais and nice apartments.

The type of people who generally stay here are wealthy expats, and in the smaller Sois you will see Thais living in their homes. I’ve stayed here before, had a great time, good location, tons of street food options, central to most things. Ekkamai gets a thumbs up from me


  • cinema and bowling alley
  • mall
  • nice bars and restaurants
  • close to most things


  • The roads are annoying , quite small and the inner sois are quite deep.

Phra Khanong

I’ve hardly ever go town here, it’s a super long Soi, mostly full of Thai style businesses, plenty of choices for local food and apartments. The deeper you go in the Soi, the cheaper apartments.


  • cheap
  • lots of local food options


  • nothing here to see or do


I’ve stayed here for a few months, its a pretty nice place, you have lots of food options, local and western. They have a huge Tesco Locus nearby, Best Beef, and a ton of apartments ranging from 4,000 baht upwards. I like this place, full of locals, not expensive, close enough to a lot of things.


  • cheap
  • plenty of food options
  • two big supermarkets



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