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Thai Direction

One of my biggest annoyances in Bangkok other than the traffic, the pollution, the noise, the humidity and the congestion is what I call “Thai Direction” or lack of. I first thought the problem was a commutation issue, me with my lack of Thai skills, and their lack of English. This turned out not to

SD BBQ Buffet (Review)

People tell me variety is the spice of life so I decided to visit the SD BBQ instead of the trusty Best Beef, which was a fucking horrible idea. I only had myself to blame, if you live in Sukhumvit long enough, you soon realize that there is nothing good in soi Pridi Banomyong (71).

Tororo Sushi, Bangkok

Before when I ever ate sushi, I used to visit the buffets as in my mind they offer better value for money. That was until I came to Tororo sushi, I still regret coming here because now when I get my sushi cravings I know its going too hurt my spreadsheet come the end of

Bangkoks Dr BJ Bar

Video for Dr BJ bar below and a more updated write up with a trip report can be found here for Bangkok Dr BJ. I have also wrote a blog post on how to find a Thai girl friend in Bangkok if you want to find more of a sweeter girl in Bangkok. Before the