Where to meet beautiful Thai girls in Bangkok

Thailand has several cities to meet sexy girls with Thai girls in Bangkok coming at the top.

If you want to meet Thai girls in Bangkok, then read this article.

Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city with a huge population of women who are ready to meet and mingle with local and foreign and expat men. So, exactly which girls are you after? Escort? A good Thai girl to date? Well, Thai girls in Bangkok comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are shy, but badass in the bed while other are just broad and might hit on you, especially if you are a foreigner.


To get the kind of girl you want, you need to know how to navigate the process of finding beautiful Thai girls. Knowing Thai cultures might go a long way. For example, if you need a hot Thai girl in Bangkok to bang for a night or two, bars and clubs increase your chances. For a good, beautiful Thai girl, dating sites and malls is the way to go. Need to know more about where to meet your beautiful girls in Bangkok? This article is exactly what you needed. You can thank me later.

Bar Thai girls In Bangkok

Well, first things first. We got to admit that majority of you are here to know where to get laid easily.

Totally acceptable, more so if you are from a country where girls like to keep it to themselves. If you are a tourist who loves nightlife, the Bangkok bar girl will defiantly cross your path.

She will win your attention by her provocative dance and all you need it give her attention. She might come right at your table talk to you. Offer to buy a drink and keep her busy. If you like what she is offering, you will have to pay something to the bar before escorting her back to your hotel. Negotiate the price in prior before she gets into your head. Otherwise, you will pay double, or triple!

Ease of pickup: 9.5/10

Best Bangkok bars to pick beautiful Thai girls:


It’s probably the most popular go-go bar in Bangkok. The girls here are hot and sexy. The dancers are even better, and their strip dance will get you into the mood. You will find beautiful bar Thai girls dressed in school skirts, weird for some, but most Japanese and Korean men can’t help it.

Address: Soi Cowboy, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Price: Men beer cost 180 baht.

            Ladies beer cost 200 Baht

            A bar fine of 600 Baht for the girl.

Website: Baccara

Cowboy 2

The club doesn’t have a lot of Thai girls in Bangkok but they are young and sexy as they can get. You will find go-go girls and Coyotes here.

Address: Soi Cowboy, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khlong Toei Nuae, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Prices: 150 Baht for men beer

             200 /230 Baht for lady drinks

            Bar fine 800 Baht for go-go girls and 3,000 for Coyote girls

Crazy House

The girls here are above average in looks: hot, skinny with a beautiful body. The second floor serves more explicit shows to guests.

Address: Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Soi 23

Prices: men beer cost 170 Baht / 200 Baht for cocktail

             Lady drinks cost 160-170 Baht

             Bar fine is 700 Baht for the girls.


It’s the biggest and most modern go-go bar with plenty of beautiful girls in Bangkok. It was used to shoot “Hangover Part 2”. The girls here are over attractive; you will find it challenging to remain ‘’composed’’.

Address: 23 Soi Cowboy

Prices: men beer cost 165 Baht

               Ladies drink cost 160 Baht

               Bar fine is between 800 and 1,000 Baht depending on the girl.

Babgkok bar gilrs Rainbow 4

When you walk into the bar, hundreds of super attractive girls will compete for your attention and company. The girl’s quality is high: young, light-skinned with big breasts.

Address: 13°44’28. 100°33’12. 1, Thailand

Prices: 155 Baht for beer and whiskey/ cocktail cost 190 Baht

             Ladies drink 140-150 Baht

            Bar fine of 600 Baht for all girls.

University/college Thai Girls in Bangkok

If you are staying in Bangkok, you will find hot girls in Bangkok dressed in sexy short black skirts and white tops. The dressing is not aimed to make men rise to the occasion, but they do regardless. Most of the girls are 18+ and friendly with foreigners. English is a core subject so communication should not be hard to penetrate.

Ease of pick up: 5/10

Where to meet beautiful Thai girls in University /college

Best places to hook up include coffees shops, noodle shops, and areas around campus. Sit in these establishments and make eye contact. You can even sign up to be a lecturer in the below collages if that is what it takes to get into their pants. To turn the odds to your favor, have a business card printed with your cell phone number. It works for those girls who are shy to be seen interacting with foreign men in public.

Chulalongkorn University. Address: 254 Phayathai Road, Bangkok.

Ramkhamhaeng University. Address: 2086 Ramkhamhaeng Rd, Bangkok

Mahidol University. Address: 999 Phuttamonthon 4 Road, Salaya, Bangkok

Silpakorn University. Address: Na Phra Lan Rd, Bangkok

Restaurants and fast food beautiful Thai girls

The trick with restaurant and fast food Thai girls in Bangkok being able to speak Thai. Majority of these hotties are very friendly and single. They are aged between 18 and 30 so you can’t miss your taste. Learning Thai takes a few months of practice. Put the effort, and you will be surprised at the opportunities which open up before you. Some of the restaurant to try out include Thara Thong, Goji Kitchen + Bar, The Sixth, Suan Bua, Savelberg Thailand, etc.

The internet and online dating platforms in Thailand

The internet is another great way to meet beautiful girls in Bangkok. Yes, I don’t see any reason not to go high-tech. There are several dating sites to hook up sexy girls in Bangkok with lonely men. These dating internet websites have pictures and profile information of the girls to browse through. Age categorizes the site with the first category being 18 years to 20, 20 to 30, and 30 and so on. You can filter the age of the girl you want and start it from there. Other typical things are blurbs of non-smokers, non-drinkers looking for a financially stable guy for marriage and passport.

Word of caution. In the recent past, enterprising Thai bar girls and other unscrupulous Bangkok cuties have been posting their profiles on dating sites to scam potential client out of money. Other sites charge a huge sum of money just to introduce you to a girl. Some of the profiles you see of an educated, high flying, hot girl might turn to be an unemployed, uneducated low life hooker trying to get a free meal and a comfy night bed.

Here is one chat program in Thai that have helped many western men find their Thai sweethearts in Bangkok.

online dating gilrs in Bangkok


According to many, ThaiFriendly is one of the best sites to pick up beautiful Thai girls. To get going create a nice profile, upload your best pic, sit back and wait for a torrent of clicks that will culminate to chats with interested Thai girls in Bangkok.

ThaiFriendly is also popular among expats and foreigners as a site to meet with sexy Bangkok girls for casual fun. A typical scenario is the two meeting for lunch or dinner at a local mall, have a chat and if the dude is lucky, take back the girl to his hotel for a no strings attached sex.

The very same site has become a gold mine for Bangkok university students, Bangkok office girls and the thriving enterprise of prostitutes who have discovered a new way to meet a plethora of customers without parading their bodies in the chilly nights.

ThaiFriendly is lenient with girls as they can write an unlimited number of messages in multiple chats. For a guy, you are limited to one message /10 minutes unless you sign up for premium membership.

Thai Cupid

With more than 1 million members, Thai Cupid has become the largest dating site in the worlds. It’s free to sing up and has an easy-to-use interface. Signing up takes a minute, and from there, you are free to start chatting with thousands of beautiful Thai girls who are online.

thai cupid


Forget club Levels, Funky Villa and Mixx Discotheque. They might be popular with parties but they aren’t the best clubs in Bangkok to meet beautiful Thai girls for a fabulous one night stand. If you are looking for exclusive male entertainment, these are the place to hunt for a super gorgeous Thai girl worth your time and money.

beautiful thai girls

Club Climax

Best for partying and meeting single Thai girls. The band covers western songs to make you feel at home.

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 11, basement of the Ambassador Hotel

Price: There is a 250 Baht entrance fee inclusive of a drink of choice.

            Ladies enjoy incentive such as buy one get one free.

Insanity Nightclub

If you want a slightly relaxed nightclub to enjoy your drinks and hook up with a Thai girl late at night, then this is your spot. Most of the girls here are working, but if you buy drinks, they are kind to take you back to your hotel.

Address: Sukhumvit 12

Price: 300 Baht admission charge

           200 Baht for ladies drinks

            99 baht for drinks between 10 pm and 1 am.

Spicy Club

If your endeavors don’t succeed in other clubs, the Spicy club is your last resort as it operates in late hours.  Best hours to hunt for a one night stand with a beautiful Thai girl is from 2 am. Come earlier, and you will find it almost empty.

Price: 300 Baht entry fee including one free drink inside.

If clubbing and bars are not your things, I would love to present one more area for a day gamers.

Beautiful Thai girls in Shopping malls

Shopping malls in Bangkok are least popular in hooking up, but they are great places to meet cute and good Thai girls in Bangkok. Upscale malls for example Siam Paragon, Terminal 21, Siam Center and MBK Center are great places to chat with local women. However, if you want to increase your chances of success, then you need to know the Thai language as their English is poor. Also, put some effort and get some interesting pickup lines.

Ever tried the above way and had success with Thai girls in Bangkok? How the experience was and which other ways do you think works better? Drop your comments below. I hear some of you pass business cards to random beautiful Thai girls during a BTS ride?

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