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After talking about handjobs and nuru massages, I thought it was time to give everyone a insight into what a normal massage is like in Thailand. You can get everything from a Thai massage, oil, foot, shoulder, Swedish and even sports massages. Depending on the location, you should not be paying more than 300 baht for a Thai, foot or shoulder massage. In the touristy places they will be around 200-300 baht, while in areas like On Nut they start from 150 baht upwards. Thai massages in hotels are very expensive and can start from 1,000 baht upwards

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A massage is only as good as the guy or girl giving it

I’ve had all types of massages ranging from poor to really amazing. One of my first ever Thai massages was with a big older women who literally torn me a new a** hole. She snapped all my shit up, digged her elbows all over my back and thighs, I was actually going to file a police report after, as I thought I had been violated. Since then, I learned how to say a few Thai words such as “jed” which means “that hurts”.


The massage you get is only as good as the girl giving it. Some are really good at their trade, others are okay, while some are poor. The idea is to find someone you like, take their name and from then on,  always book massages in advance with them. Don’t think because you’re paying more money for a massage it will be better. I have paid 600 baht for a oil massage which wasn’t all that great, but paid 150 baht for the best foot massage I’ve ever had.

Literally everywhere you go you will find massage shops in Thailand. The typical massage usually lasts an hour and after you will be given some tea. As a rule of thumb, whatever your massage cost the masseuse gets half. So if you paid 200 baht for your massage she will only keep 100 baht. The average tip seems to be around 20-50 baht although it’s not necessary to tip.

Foot massages are usually performed in a big room with recliners with customers next to each other, oil massages in private rooms and Thai massages sometimes in private rooms sometimes in a room with several people. The more you pay for your massage the most likely you will be in a private room, ask before hand if you’re unsure. With a Thai massage, you will be given special clothing to wear.

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These girls love to talk to each other while giving you a massage, so expect it and instead of getting mad, remember this is how things work in Thailand and just laugh it off.

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