7 Traits That Make A Good Thai Wife

Finding the perfect Thai wife can either be a man’s dream or a topic for general amusement and ridicule. Is it possible for a western man to fall in love and be happy with a Thai wife? The truth is definitely yes, but as always not in all cases.

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You cannot generalize and state that it works well for a 100% of people but for those it does work for it can be a fantastic experience. A note of caution though, do not always be led by an erect dick, there are many temptations in Thailand and some on offer are not for the long term and some not even legal.

Enjoy the quick passion and pay for sex in Thailand if you are so inclined, but these encounters are not relationships and definitely for the short term. A nice holiday romance and a chance for sex but not to be considered for something more permanent.

1. They should be loyal

One thing a Thai wife can bring you in a marriage is loyalty that you may never had experienced before.

The Thai people in general are a very open and loving race and once you earn their trust the reward can be exceptional love and loyalty. It is true that some Thai women use their farangs ( western other halves) purely as ATM cards, and some stupid men allow this to happen.

Thai wife, 7 Traits That Make A Good Thai Wife

I got introduced to a man in bar a few years ago and his name was Jimmy Five Houses, I heard that this had changed recently after two failed Thai wives to Jimmy One House. These types of stories are not uncommon.

2. They can embrace western culture

Part of the beauty of opting for a Thai wife is the opening of a door into another world. The eastern culture is exotic, tantalizing, fresh and above all fun. Thailand is not called the Land of Smiles for nothing.

But with the wide access of the Internet over the land in the last five years, the Thai nation have been embracing everything possible available on the net. From music, current affairs and film to sport, cuisine and leisure activities.

Your current Thai wife is not the ignorant country girl a generation ago.

3. Good at making love

What probably drives most westerners to choose a Thai wife is the loving and well known passion and eroticism Thai women bring to their lovemaking. I was in a bar one time and a guy burst through the doors and announced to everybody that he would never sleep with another western woman again.

It must have been some orgasm or fifteen but nevertheless a hell of a romp.

Obviously this man was on his first visit to Thailand and he was captivated by the experience he had undergone the previous night. Most Thai girls are extremely fit and have fantastic bodies and their appetite for sex is as high or even higher than their partners, headache excuses simply don’t exist. Your Thai wife’s sex drive might be something too hot to handle.

4. A good Thai wife puts you in front of her family

The whole Thai ethos is based firmly around the family and the acceptance of an outsider by marrying a Thai wife can be overwhelming. In one fell swoop a western man can inherit more in-laws than he can count.

Brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles are all part of the deal and for some people from small families this is one eye opener. All will offer the same love and affection his wife shows him but with the proviso the same is reciprocated. That’s the deal, take it or leave it.

However, a note of caution. Family will always come before a husband and this is often the cause for many bitter rows and breakup’s. It can drive any sane man to the bottle and often to seek his pleasures elsewhere.

5. A bit of crazy

For most people chaos would not seem a good trait or something that should be actively sought after. Thai chaos is something quite different entirely. Should you engage in the prospect of marrying a Thai wife then forget about an orderly and planned life.

Thai wife, 7 Traits That Make A Good Thai Wife

Things do not change by the day, they change by the hour if not by the minute. This is something to embrace, as life will never be boring. Never again will there be post it notes on the fridge door or lists to do to organize your life, grab the tiger’s tail and hang on for the ride.

6. Love

Perhaps the biggest reason to take a Thai wife is the good old fashioned reason, for love.

Thai ladies can throw so much love your way it can almost suffocate you.

Their love is genuine and very affectionate and straight from their heart. You will soon know if you have done something to upset this utopia as a Bangkok girl with a bee in her bonnet is something to stay the hell away from. I suppose it is like always, taking the rough with the smooth.


Happiness is what we all seek and should not be something that is rationed out meagerly. The Thai race are no different to anybody else and if anything they deserve and merit happiness more than most. The Thai’s love to be happy and any excuse whatsoever a party is arranged.

There is no race on earth that like to party as much as the Thai’s, so if you do go down the route of taking a Thai wife then expect your fair share of partying, it is obligatory, compulsory and down right good fun.

Often just a bottle of Thai whiskey plonked on the table, clothes abandoned and hey presto! You have a party in full swing. But watch out for the hangover, Thai whiskey kicks like a mule.

In summary the bold step of taking a wife can be a daunting prospect but one if thought through carefully and carried out with good common sense is no different than taking any wife whatsoever. Granted that it is a giant leap into the unknown but the benefits can definitely can outweigh the cons.

Nothing in this life is ever easy and it is often the risk takers that come out with the greatest rewards. Taking a Thai wife could be one of the biggest risks ever but think of the rewards taking such a risk could bring you. A smile on your face will definitely be one.

Do not expect to meet a Thai hooker and turn her into a good wife, this is not a good plan.

You might experience more love, passion and tenderness than in your whole life since you left your mom’s apron strings. Be bold, grab the bull by the horns and take the challenge. At the worst you will certainly have a whole lot of fun trying to find an awesome Thai wife.

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