Top Pattaya Nightclubs To Meet Thai Girls

In this article learn which nightclubs to visit in Pattaya

Pattaya is famous for many things, one of them being the girls.

The town would rake in millions of tourists per year next to Bangkok. They are also famous because of rampant prostitution.

Most likely you will see male tourists or sexpats roaming around the busy nightlife in Pattaya.

nightlife in pattaya, Top Pattaya Nightclubs To Meet Thai Girls

If you want to get laid in Pattaya, read this article.

Apart from prostitution, Pattaya offers a vibrant and lively nightlife. You can be able to check out different nightclubs as you walk along Walking Street. They are all lined up.

You can see night clubs, go go bars and any establishments that offer beer, food, music and of course, girls! Nightlife in Pattaya is alive and kicking no matter what the day of the week is. With several tourists coming in and out of the town, it is no wonder that there are several nightclubs, go go bars and beer gardens sprouting on the famous red light districts and night hotspots.

Going to nightclubs will give you a different taste of Pattaya. Pattaya nightclubs are nothing much different in other bars/ nightclubs around the world.

It is the company and the place itself that gives it a different meaning. Being in Pattaya allows you to be free and you can do whatever you want (as long as you have the money!)

You can be able to enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya if you go to any of these places.  If this is your first time visiting Pattaya, it is best to know which are the top places that you can go to, what to expect, and what you can do. Here are the list of the top Pattaya nightclubs and the reason why they are famous:

Club Insomnia

This place is the hottest nightclub and party establishment in Pattaya.

It is not too hard to miss because you can see colorful lights. Imagine Western nightclubs and discos where you will be greeted by bouncers at the façade of the club. This place caters mostly to young crowd. It is jam packed during the weekends and there are still few people who come by even during weekdays. There is never a dull crowd here at Club Insomnia.

They also hold events and can get really busy especially during midnight because of their coyote girls. You can also meet a couple of working girls here in this club. Working girls meaning they look for single male foreigners who can take them out for a night for a short time at a certain price. Coyote girls at Club Insomnia can be bar fined for 1,500 Baht (short time). Beers are priced at 90 Baht while ladies drinks are at 200 Baht.

nightlife in pattaya, Top Pattaya Nightclubs To Meet Thai Girls

The place itself is pretty good. They have pool tables and the interior is updated. They also have a terrace up on the third floor where you can be able to enjoy the scenic seaside view. If you will be going to Pattaya make sure to check out their website to check what’s coming up.

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Walking Street Club

Walking Street Club is more of a bar and grill type and not really the nightclub type. There are still girls dancing and some Pattaya freelancers who come by here to look for someone they can hook up with.

Walking Street Club does not have a huge dance floor unlike the other top nightclubs in Pattaya. If you want more quiet place to have a drink and play pool, then Walking Street Club is the place to go to. They also offer good food.

You can be able to find Walking Street Club if you come from Pattaya Beach Road, walk just about 20 meters down and you can see it on your left side. They offer local beers at around 90 Baht and ladies drinks around 150 baht. You can be able to find working girls in this area and the place is usually frequented by older and mature tourists.

The Pier

 Another famous nightclub in Pattaya, it is located on Walking Street and the reason why they are famous? They have pretty amazing laser shows compared to other night clubs in the town.

The place is huge because they have 6 stages and you can be able to find working girls gyrating their hips to dance/ house music being played live by their DJs.

If you want to hook up, you can bar fine these girls for about 4,000 Baht. Ladies drinks are pretty expensive at 200 Baht. Most of the people coming to this place are younger crowds since they are quite modern. Their interior is quite updated and fancy thus it attracts younger crowd.

It can get pretty crowded most especially during the weekends because they also hold amazing events. Make sure that you book a table first before you head on to the club during Friday and Saturday nights.

Marine Disco 

Marine Disco is one of the best club in Pattaya. They play good music with their resident DJ. If you are into EDM, then this place is the best for you to hang out and party.

There are also working girls frequenting this place eyeing for their next client. Located on Walking Street, it is not hard to miss because it is right in front of Soi Lucky Star.

Marine Disco has a huge dancefloor and it can also get pretty full during the weekends. You will also see young foreign tourists coming to this place during the weekday. Marine has got a reputation in Pattaya and it has been long running for 25 years already.

It has its days but it is still considered one of the best nightclubs in town. They have great atmosphere that you can sure enjoy with friends, etc. They also have live bands playing some nights for bit of variety.

They also have a couple of pool table that you can enjoy a game with friends or your lady friend (pay at 30 Baht per game). In this club you can also see lady boys roaming around hoping to find someone they can hook up with for the night.

Mixx Discotheque

Mixx is one of the best nightclubs in Pattaya. It is huge and is divided into two separate clubs: Rouge Club and Crystal Palace. It usually caters to the upper class because of its modern and fancy interior design. This club is usually frequented by Russians but you can also see a lot of young Thai girls.

If you have the budget Mixx is a good place to go to. It can be a little bit expensive when it comes to drinks and food compared to other night clubs within the town. They also host different events every night and also have different DJs playing good music.

When you go to Mixx in Bangkok expect to pay 350 Baht for the entrance fee and this is inclusive of 1 drink. But entrance at Mixx here in Pattaya is absolutely free.

Just make sure that you are able to pass through their security. The place gets pretty crowded every night and the action usually starts at 10 pm. Since the place has two separate night clubs, Rouge plays EDM or electronic/ house music while Crystal Palace plays hip hop music. This means that you can choose which club you go to depending on your preference with music.

This place is located on Walking Street at Bali Hai Pier. They are open from 9 pm up until 2 am. The price is quite standard when it comes to drinks. Local drinks are at 90 baht and ladies drinks are priced at 150 baht.

-5 Ice Bar

If you want something unique, you can hop on to -5 Ice Bar in Pattaya. This is good “ice breaker” or sort of pre-party place to have a few drinks or two before you head on to the main event for more hard partying.

-5 Ice bar looks just a typical ice bar, stool and bars are carved ice, etc. Drinkers are expected to pay 500 Baht where you can stay for 20 minutes under sub zero conditions. Of course, you are provided with parka coats and gloves to keep you warm. Price also includes unlimited vodka shots. See how many can you drink in a matter of 20 minutes? It is not as strong though but it is a pretty good place to hang out at.

Lucifer Disko

Another famous night club or disco in Pattaya located on Walking Street. They cater to a variety of crowd since they also play a variety of music every night. There are hip hop, live bands and DJs which takes care of their music for the night.

Their place is quite prehistoric with its cave style interior and is open from 10 pm until late. They also have pool tables where you can be able to enjoy a game of two with friends. This is another place where you can find working girls that you can hook up with.

Pattaya Soi 6 and beer bars

Close to Walking Street and off Beach Road are a series of small streets, called Soi’s. In this rabbit run of temptation are numerous Beer Bars catering more for the sex tourist.

Again there are so many bars down in this area it is impossible to name them, all are offering girls short time or a takeaway version and all crowded with punters. Soi 6 is one of the most notorious of them, you can find soapy massages and nuru massages here.


There are many gays who live in Pattaya either Thai or farang and the Pattaya nightlife caters for them the same as anybody else. Again Pattaya has to go to extremes and the gay nightlife has three huge areas to party and have fun in.

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Boyztown and Pattayaland are just off Beach Road where there are some classy bars mixed with male Go Go Bars. Sunnee Plaza is a little more on the seedier side and finally there is the Jomtien Complex which is more sedate and laid back.

Thai ladyboys

Part of the Pattaya nightlife scene are the ladyboys or Katoeys. These transgender Thai’s have both dedicated bars but also operate all over the city.

A word of caution, whenever you go out shopping make sure you ask exactly who or what you are with.

There are many old wives tales of men being fooled by beautiful women only to realize later in the room that their gorgeous femme fatale turned out sporting a cock and a pair of balls.

I am always dubious about such tales I just think it is a cover up story. If you bag is to hang out of ladyboys then just be honest and say so.

nightlife in pattaya, Top Pattaya Nightclubs To Meet Thai Girls

Normal nightlife in Pattaya

Pattaya also offers a multitude of sports bars, restaurants and spectacular nightclubs to spend your time in. As I said before there are many expats and Thai’s who have finished work who also want to go out and party. These places are spread out all over the city, and are cheap and normally have no entrance fee.

A typical nightclub is free entrance and nearly everybody has a bottle or bottles of whiskey on the table as that is the cheapest way to drink. A bottle of Johnny Walker Red is normally around 1,500 Baht including mixers, buying single beers or spirits as a far more expensive way to enjoy your drink.

Issan concerts

Issan is a region in the north east of Thailand and many of the workers in Pattaya come from Issan.

Issan bars are a big part of the Pattaya nightlife scene and there are regular outdoor concerts held throughout the city, the attraction is it is one big party.

Issan music is at the core of the party, it is like country music to Thai’s but nothing remotely like Dolly Parton or Dim Whitman.

It is a loud rhythmic affair presented by numerous guest singers and the stage adorned with scantily clad dancers. It is pure theatre where the performers seem to enjoy it as much as the punters.

There is no doubt that Pattaya nightlife is well and blooming. Every night you will see different faces checking out the crowd and you can be able to hook up with working girls or freelancers in any of these places. Pattaya is one of the best town that you can visit and have a good time!

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nightlife in pattaya, Top Pattaya Nightclubs To Meet Thai Girls

If you want to get laid in Pattaya, read this article.

What are your best nightlife spots in Pattaya?

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