Where to Meet Vietnam Women on Holiday

If you are attracted to Asian girls then Vietnam girls will certainly be to your liking.They are very sexy with pretty faces, seductive eyes, and many have great figures.

Finding the best Vietnam women is not always easy but knowing the right places to go will speed up the process. You never know where you will spot one so you always need to be prepared to make your move when you get the chance.

Dating sites

There are also many online dating sites to find Vietnam women. You should try to select the sites that have the most pictures so that you can get a good idea of who you are meeting.Personally I had the most luck using Vietnam Cupid, it’s the most well known, safest and has the hottest girls (in my opinion).Vietnam girls, Where to Meet Vietnam Women on Holiday

There are certainly are a few Vietnam escorts on their as well so you should probably always ask that before you meet. But overall that is another way to meet a lot of Vietnam women in a short period of time.

Language barrier

The toughest hurdle to overcome with Vietnam girls is the language barrier. English is not as predominantly spoken there as it is in other Asian countries like the Philippines or even Thailand so you will have to work around that.

Just remember to always look happy and smile when you make your move. Speak slowly and try to pronounce your words a little more strongly than you usually do so that she has a better chance of understanding. You don’t really need to try and game her or pull any tricks, just be a very kind and polite gentleman and that will get you in the door.

Some guys come to Asia and try to use the same moves on Vietnam girls here as they do in the western world and you don’t need to do any of that. The girls here will be naturally curious about you from the start so you have a big advantage.

They also will assume your rich even if you aren’t so that makes things easier. Many Vietnamese girls in Asia just want a man that can provide for them and not be a lazy alcoholic that beats them. Use that to your advantage and show her that you are very kind and respectful to women.

Vietnam women have likely been scarred many times over by guys from their country and are happy to see if a foreign man is better. It won’t always be easy as there will be times where neither of you know what the other is saying. In those times stay calm and patient and don’t say anything that will make her feel stupid. Let her know that you don’t expect perfect English from her because it is her 2nd language.

How to approach and where to meet Vietnam girls

Because of this language barrier the initial approach may be very awkward. Some of the best places to meet Vietnam girls in any country in the world is the malls, women be shoppin’, and Vietnam women are no different.

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However the cute girl you just spotted may have little or no experience with foreigners in the past and will be very surprised and shy if you go up and try to have a conversation with her.

She may be very interested to know you but just hate the situation so much that she wants to get out of it as quickly as possible and you have killed your chance.

I wrote a guide on how to meet girls in Da Nang and local Hanoi girls should you want to know more.

Vietnam girls, Where to Meet Vietnam Women on HolidaySo instead of initially trying to chat her up you may be best off writing your name and number on a small piece of paper, walking up with a big smile, saying hi and handing it to her. Then get out and hope that you receive a text.

Vietnam discos

Another great place to meet Vietnam girls is at discos. They love to dance and will get dressed up to the nine’s to go out and party any night of the week. You should ask around and find out the discos or clubs that are best on each night of the week so you know you are going to the right place to maximize your time. Inside the disco will be a mix of college Viet women, girls with jobs, and prostitutes.

It is not always easy to know which is which but I’ve found the prostitutes in Vietnam are a little more forward about mentioning a price before leaving with a guy. You still may want to try and politely ask if she is “working” at the disco or not, but that is a slippery slope that could offend a non pro and run her off.

There are some tips for pointing out the Vietnam women that are “working.” If she isn’t at all shy to talk to you then she probably has a lot of experience around foreigners which is generally a good indicator that she is a pro.

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If she is out by herself or just one other friend and looks like she is bored sitting at the bar surveying the crowd she might be a pro. If you go to the same disco two nights in a row and she is there both nights that is a very strong indicator that she is a pro and you should just assume so at that point.

Ho Chi Minh city is by far the biggest city in Vietnam and the best place to be surrounded by millions of Vietnam girls. The nicest malls and discos will also be located there so you will have good places to hang out with many options. Some of the biggest malls would be the Vincom Center  and the Diamond Plaza.

Both of these are very nice upper class malls and you will feel like you are walking around in the western world while you are inside them. You may totally forget about all the millions of motorbikes you passed to get to them and the overcrowded crumbling sidewalks outside on your way in.  There are plenty of sexy Vietnam girls inside too.

The best disco to go to changes from night to night. But if you want a good fall back plan to go to if you can’t find anywhere else to go out then you should hop in a taxi and tell him to take you to either Ace Nightclub or Apocalypse Now.No shortage of sexy Vietnam girls and backpackers at either venue.

These are probably the two hottest ones at the moment and you will find all of the Vietnam girls that want to go out and be seen by the in crowd inside. Things like cover charge, drinks, bottle service, and even the “working” girls will cost a little more inside, but the quality should make it worthwhile. Check out Vietnam Cupid to find the sexiest girls in town.

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