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This is a sponsored post by Kokoro Massage in Bangkok, and worth a read if you’re looking for a great nuru massage in Bangkok.

Kokoro means “heart” in Japanese, and when you visit our shop, please be prepared to explore your heart’s deepest, most erotic desires.

Fun is the name of the game at Kokoro Massage Bangkok.

Here you can can enjoy the most erotic Japanese Nuru massage with one (or more) of our Thai ladies. 

Looking for something different? Try the AV massage, where you’ll feel like the star of your own Japanese adult video!

We guarantee you will leave with your heart satisfied!

❤️ Kokoro Massage Bangkok – The most fun nuru and kinky massage shop in Bangkok ❤️

Located in the heart of Bangkok, just minutes from Sukhumvit.

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Kokoro has 2 main services: Nuru Massage and AV Massage.

Nuru Massage

Kokoro Japanese Nuru massage is the best, most relaxing erotic experience you can experience in Bangkok!

The traditional nuru massage is a famous soapland service from Japan where natural massage gel is applied to your skin and our sexy girls slide their body onto your body as you enjoy each other’s warm and wet skin.

Every session in Kokoro Massage Bangkok is carefully planned to build the right mood for an unforgettable experience. Here’s what you can expect from a nuru massage at our shop:

  • The masseuse will carefully set the mood by preparing the room, setting temperature, soft music, and lighting ideal for an erotic massage;
  • Feel your worries melt away as she begin intimately whispering and caressing you as she undresses you and dutifully folds your clothes;
  • Now naked together, she will lead you to the shower, thoroughly cleaning each other and preparing your skin for a warm and wet nuru experience;
  • Finally, she will invite you to sit on an authentic nuru air mattress, and apply the natural imported Japanese nuru gel to your bodies, where the real fun will begin!
  • The nuru massage is inexplicable – you will fall into a world of total relaxation and eroticism as the masseuse slowly uses every part of her body to pleasure you, starting slowly and building up tremendous intimacy as you explore each others bodies;
  • Finally when you at peak relaxation and arousal, the lady will lead you to a bed where you can satisfy each other’s lust;
  • Afterwards, you can relax as our lady cleans you and you can enjoy a relaxing massage, intimate pillowtalk, or go again!

Note: There are an increasing number of nuru shops popping up around sukhumvit. Kokoro strives to remain as close to an authentic, erotic experience with the highest-quality ingredients and well-trained service

AV Massage

Our AV massage is a special experience of your dreams!

Many men are fascinated by the fantastic world of Japanese AV , but never imagined they could experience it for themselves. Who hasn’t wanted to have some fun with a sexy asian secretary, schoolgirl, nurse, or mistress?

At Kokoro Massage Bangkok, your fantasy becomes reality as our ladies fufil your erotic desires with costumes, sexy lingerie, toys, and more!

Please feel free to choose from our many options right out of Japan’s famous AV fantasies, or tell us your own and we are happy to meet your desires:

Note: What’s important to note here, is Kokoro strives to have a genuine roleplay experience with the cosplay, unlike many other shops where a girl does a half-assed job of putting on a costume, and removes it as soon as you get in the room. Combined with the special themed rooms and roleplay service, the AV massage will certainly leave every customer satisfied

AV Massage Examples (see full list on website):

, Kokoro Massage Bangkok, Kokoro Massage Bangkok

, Kokoro Massage Bangkok, Kokoro Massage Bangkok


, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok


All of Kokoro Massage Bangkok’s rooms are stylish, clean, and spacious.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, be sure to try out our special VIP rooms — they pair nicely with our cosplay and roleplay experiences!

Note: The VIP rooms really are a cherry on top of the AV service, but even the standard rooms are fun, new, and cool – it reminds me of love hotels in Japan, with different themes

Standard Room Examples, Kokoro Massage Bangkok

, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok

VIP Room Examples

, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok


​You might have heard Thai girls are very delicate and sensitive, and our girls are carefully selected and trained to be the best of the best!

You’re in for a wet-and-wild treat of your life with our insatiable girls who will not stop until you’re fully satisfied! Each of our Kokoro ladies is in her 20s or 30s and is carefully selected for cleanliness, beauty, and dedication — a  unique combination of wife, girlfriend, and erotic maid who knows your heart’s deepest desires.

Note: Kokoro girls are trained by an industry veteran with significant experience and understanding of high-quality service. You might even recognize a few girls from other nuru shop with a different name, since they tend to hop around quite frequently. 

, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok


Kokoro Massage Bangkok is located in the heart of bangkok, near sukhumvit road and soi cowboy.

The nearest BTS station is Asoke and the nearest MRT is Sukhumvit, you can contact us via mobile +66 88-969-9872.

Visual view of our shop

, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok
, Kokoro Massage Bangkok

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