6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

Are you looking for a Nuru massage in Bangkok? Of course you’re you cheeky sod, well luckily for you, you have come to the right place. Here I will recommend you a couple of places where you can get this lovely massage in Bangkok.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

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First off, what is a nuru massage?

Very good question.

A Nuru massage very much like a body to body massage using a special kind of gel known as Nuru Gel. Nuru massages in Bangkok are performed usually performed by Sexy Thai girls who after lubing your body up real nice with the gel, press their body against yours and start giving you the best Nuru massage of your life. After the Nuru is over, you usually get extras that I will leave to the imagination.

Here is a short video of what normally happens in a Nuru in Bangkok:

Kokoro Massage Bangkok

If you’re looking for a 100% Japanese Nuru massage in Bangkok, look no further than Kokoro Massage.

Kokoro feels like an adult Disney Land, with authentic Japanese Nuru massage as well as fun themed rooms, cute girls, and cosplay options.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

Kokoro Massage offers two types of massages, Nuru and AV massages, you can learn more about both and see their list of girls by checking out their website at www.kokorobkk.com.


Smooci is the latest online service that allow you to meet Thai girls in a discreet manner. You select your time and date and Smooci lists all girls who are free to meet you.

At any one time there can be more than 100 girls and it allows you to track their location so you know when they will arrive at your hotel or apartment.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

One of the most useful features of Smooci is you can see where your girl is on Google Maps, so no more waiting hours in the dark without knowing whether your date will show up or not.

You can learn more about Smooci and find the right Thai girl for you by visiting their website here: www.Smooci.com

Body Bliss Massage for Nuru

Body Bliss right now only offers massage for outcall service to your apartment or hotel. Their prices are fully listed on the site and their girls are hot.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

They also have services where you can pick a male for your massage. You can view all their girls but visiting their website at BodyBlissBangkok.com

Daisy Dream Club

If you’re looking for a soapy massage in Bangkok, there’s no better place then Daisy Dream Club, you can enjoy the ultimate soapy massage experience in one of their 5-star VIP Jacuzzi rooms.

Everything from the selection of girls (over 30 at peak time) to the furnishing and feel of lounge and rooms are great. If I have a friend coming to Thailand who wants an amazing massage experience, Daisy Dream is where I tell them to visit.

Due to Thailand being on lockdown for 14 days, they are now offering an out-call massage service until the lockdown is over.

You can visit their website here: daisydream.club

Sukhumvit Nuru massages

The first Nuru massage in Bangkok I would suggest to you is Dr BJ’s Nuru, it’s located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 and is open every single day. I once went in with a friend who was here on holiday, there was a farang manager at the time and he was quite friendly.

My friend asked him which girl is the best and he pointed to her, and off they went. An hour later my friend said it was one of the best Nuru massages in Bangkok he has ever had.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

Prices for our massages at Dr. BJ’s Nuru is 2,000 baht flat. Extra if you want more girls. The VIP room was 3,000b, it might be worth upgrading if you need a nice room, as the 2,000b room was just a very large bathroom with a mat on the floor.

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In terms of quality, the girls are not that hot, I would say that the best one was a 5/10. If you want a nuru massage with really hot girls then head to the soapy area of Bangkok.

  • Update: Dr Nuru is now called Chrome Bar.

Massage in Huay Kwang

Huay Kwang is known for its soapy massage in Bangkok, but some of the places nearby also do nuru. There are several massage.

There are several massage parlours all next to each other, just walk in and ask the papasan what they offer. Some will offer only beds and baths, while a few offer you an air mattress with the Nuru gel. Prices here tend to vary from massage shop and sometimes girl to girl. Your starting price for a Nuru massage in Bangkok Huay Kwang area is around 1,700 baht upwards.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

Nyan Nyan massage

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 33, Nyan Nyan massage is another good place in Bangkok. As you enter you are given a book with pictures of girls, when I checked this place out the pictures looked okay. The price was 2,500 baht (may have increased) and for that you get a 90-minute massage.

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

If you’re ever unsure if a massage player offers a Nuru massage or not always ask. A Nuru massage is very different from an oil massage, the types of oil used are different and so is the technique. An oil massage works by the massage girl rubbing oil into your body using only her hands.

A Nuru is a special kind of gel and instead of a massage bed you are usually on a waterproof mattress. The girl will also rub the gel on her body and give you a massage with extras.

On Sukhumvit 33 you’ll find several other massage shops that offer Nuru massages and more. Some cater only to Asian guys so don’t be offended if they don’t allow you inside.

You can also find sex in Beijing that offer nuru massages, and sex in Shanghai too.


Ease 7 is located in Ekkamai and is a massage shop that does not offer full Sex in Bangkok. You receive a massage for 1.10 hours and the girl will finish you off with a hand job. Ease7 has much hotter girls than you’ll find anywhere else in Bangkok for a Nuru, but they don’t offer full sex.

Here is one of their girls:

nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

As you can see they are hot and young, most of their Nuru lineup are Uni girls aged between 20-25. If you want to have a Nuru massage and just finish with a happy ending, Ease7 is one of the better places to visit.

Tantra Massage Bangkok

Tantra Massage is also located in Soi 24/ and offers a number of different massages including the Nuru massage.  Prices there start from around 2,400 baht upwards and is a 90-minute massage.

There are quite a few more Nuru joints nearby you can check out, many of them I have listed in my happy massages in Bangkoksoapy massage Bangkok and Kapoo clubs in Bangkok articles.

Can you get a Nuru outcall?

You can but I don’t suggest it. They will need to cover your bed with a plastic mattress and there’s a good chance that your entire floor will end up in Nuru gell. If you really want an outcall massage then I suggest you stick to oil or normal massages.

Should you tip?

Tipping is optional when you have a Nuru. If you feel the girl did a great job then I think the minimum tip you should give is 300b. Anywhere around the 300-500b is fine, I would not give more than that as you may inflate the market for others.

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Always ask before you pay how many shots you have, if the Nuru is only 1 hour then you’ll only get to have one shot. In these cases it might be better to talk to your girl inside the room and give her a tip of say around 500-700b to get a second shot.

Unlike soapy and oil massages where you’ll get 2 shots usually, Nuru shops can only be one. There are no barfines for Nuru as you do not take the girl out the shop.

Can you get Nurus in normal massage shops?

No. Nuru is a body to body massage and is only offered at massage shops that offer extra services such as blowjobs or full sex.

You will not be able to find a Nuru in your average Thai massage shop. If you’re looking for a BJ, check out Bangkok Blow job bars article of mine.

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Are the girls skilled?

Some are, some aren’t. If you want a really good massage then it’s worth talking to the manager and ask their input on who within their lineup offers the best Nuru massage experience. Usually the older they are the better the massage, I think the sweet spot is anywhere between 30-35.

Can women get these massages?

Yes. Just visit any shop and ask which girls service girls. There is no dedicated Nuru shop that caters only to girls. If you want a Nuru from a guy, then you may want to contact them before you’re here and ask if they can find you guy and book a few days in advance.

The price should be the same.

Do they all end up in sex?

Not every Nuru massage in Bangkok ends up in sex. Some will just offer the naked nurse experience, while a few only give hand jobs or blow jobs. To be sure what you will be getting, always ask the mamasan to know what the deal is.

The last thing you want is blue balls.

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nuru massages in bangkok, 6 Best Nuru Massages In Bangkok

I will hope to update this page as and when I get more information about Nuru massages in Bangkok. If you have visited any other places in the Bangkok area, feel free to send me an email and I will add them to the list.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Where is your best Nuru massage spot in Bangkok?


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