Thai Girls- What Are They Like

There’s a lot that can be said for Thai girls living in Thailand, so much so that there’s a whole host of websites talking about them, mine not being much different. I’ve already discussed the best places to meet Thai girls in Bangkok clubs, what Thai dating sites are best to use to meet these girls easily and all that other jazz, but this post is to tell you what they are like.

Types of Thai girls

Typically speaking, there are three types of Thai girls (in my opinion), they are as follows:

The ones who speak no English – some girls do not speak a word of English and it’s next to impossible to communicate with them, unless you use a translator tool which some of my friends do. Being western and all it may sound a bit weird at first, but all my friends who have tried it said it was a cool experience although they don’t see anything leading from it other than a one night stand. Normally girls that don’t speak any English will not be at the places you visit nor will they be interested in you.

The ones who speak English (not hi-so) – Here we have a ton of Thai girls who speak an okay level of English and keen to meet farangs. Their English levels vary from quite poor to fair, fair meaning you can hold a basic conversation with them for hours, but no go into anything too deep. If you’re in Thailand on holiday or even an extended stay, you will most likely be communicating with these types of girls.

Thai girls, Thai Girls- What Are They Like

The ones who speak very good English (hi so) – Okay they are not always hi so, but a girl who has a very good grasp of English is either a Thai bar girl, comes from a rich Thai family who has paid for English lessons, or a girl who is smart in a good job and has taken the time to learn English (ideal girl). There are expectations to the rule, but that’s usually the case. The hi-so Thai girls will not be interested in you as you provide them no value, they already have money and most likely it’s more than you. Bar girls, well they are bar girls, see other parts of my site for the low down on that including sex in Thailand prices. The girls who are smart and have a good job are attainable although are slighter harder to find as they usually have boyfriends.Good places include Thai Friendly, look for girls who speak with good English and have a well written profile.

Thai girls, Thai Girls- What Are They Like

So what to expect from these girl?

For the most part, I will be focusing on Thai girls from the “The ones who speak English (not hi-so)” category. Your average girl in the east will be a lot different from a western girl, they will fall in ‘love’ with you a lot quicker and give you more time and affection than western girls, sometimes too much. Thai girls are quite poor generally speaking, they usually don’t have hobbies or money to go out and do stuff, so you essentially become their hobby and life. They want to do everything with you from going to the shop to watching a movie and eating every SINGLE meal together. They will get annoyed and jealous usually if you want to spend time with “the boys”.

Spending time with “the boys” or doing stuff on your own is something these girls don’t understand, you just have to live with that and let them slowly adjust. Although they can get quite possessive, they are more friendly and do all the chores that in the olden days women would usually do such as cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. They are a lot less bitchy and more considerate too.

Are they crazy?

Does a pig like to roll in shit? Most Thai girls (girls in general) are f***ing crazy if you ask me, although  people pick very bad girlfriends in Thailand, very bad. I have had friends whose girlfriends broke their laptops, ripped their clothes up and one even took one too many tablets and washed it down with beers. Where you meet a Thai girl and what her education and job background has been will give you a good gauge of what type of girl they are. If they like to drink a lot and don’t work, they probably shouldn’t be your girlfriend.

Because Thai girls put a lot of effort into these relationships, they sometimes care too much and when shit gets messy, they throw a lot of that onto the fan.

How do I pick the right girlfriend?

I’ll be f***ed if I know, you should have a vigilant eye though, the longer you stay in this country the better your eye becomes to spotting if a Thai girl is going to become problems down the line. I have gotten a pretty good eye from my time living here, I can spot within a few seconds of talking to them what type of girl they are. That’s have the fun of living in Thailand though, you never know what’s going to happen.

#1 thing you you should never do

Whatever you do, never invest in Thailand on behalf of your girlfriend, if she tells you her family water buffalo is sick in Isan, or she has a great new business idea but needs start up cash, DO NOT INVEST. It’s quite common in South East Asia for girls to get guys to put money into assets in their home country where they have no legal rights, and when they break up (usually happens) the guy is left with nothing. That includes buying a house, car, motorbike or anything else, it’s usually in the girls name and you will most likely never see that money again. You only have to do a quick Google to see the many bad stories that have come from guys investing money in Thailand.

So that’s my $0.02 on Thai girls in Bangkok, if you have any questions or would like to add your own advice, leave a comment below and ill be sure to get back to you. Everything I have mentioned about Thai girls may not be 100% accurate, but it’s close enough to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

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