Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs

Bangkok gets a bit of a bad rep for being full of hookers and ladyboys (which it is) but being a cosmopolitan city of 8 million people there are still plenty of places to meet normal chicks for the ‘girlfriend experience’ in Bangkok to get your self a Thai Girlfriend.

The following post was sent in by James Spillane, a Bangkok expat.

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Below is a subjective snapshot of the crowd you’ll tend to find at different night clubs in Bangkok.

All of the below require ID (20+) and have a smart casual dress code, i.e. trousers, closed shoes, no ripped clothing, and ideally a collar. In every spot you can return an unfinished bottle at the end of the night and use it the card for free entry in the next 30 days.

Tips on getting a Bangkok girlfriend in Thai night clubs

Early doors

Route 66 (on RCA)– a roughly 50/50 split of normal young Thai chicks with jobs, degrees, iPhones etc, Thai / western guys, thanks to the club being featured in Lonely Planet.

Thai girls gets in free. On the one hand at Route 66 you can blend in and Thai girls are not shy to talk to farang, but on the flip side there’s a fair amount of competition. Work the outside game to avoid heaving crowds on Fri / Sat night and the loud mainstream music. Nice place to find yourself a potential Bangkok girlfriend.

Pro tip – the vouchers that you get for the 300 baht entrance fee can be liquidity put towards a bottle, mixers, or ice, not your usual ‘1 free drink’ type cover.

finding a thai girlfriend in bangkok, Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs
100% woman!

Slim (on RCA)– next to Route 66, with slightly more expensive cover and bottle prices, there are a few more Thai girls and less white guys to be found here. Again, hookers don’t apply their trade here and the Thai women are mostly biological females from birth.

Body Bliss Massage Bangkok

Body Bliss Massage is a new but very good outcall massage where you can get handjobs in Bangkok. They offer services for both male and females.

finding a thai girlfriend in bangkok, Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs

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Model nights on Tuesdays bring in a lot of talent. When leaving with girls walk left and past all the taxi touts who want to take you to hooker-infested after hours spots they get commission at – on the main road flag down a taxi that’ll actually put the meter on. Another legit place to find a decent Thai girls.

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Pro tip – Flix, the dance music room on the left, stays open after hours once the main hip hop room closes.

finding a thai girlfriend in bangkok, Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs

Funky Villa (Thonglor Soi 10) a majority Thai crowd, with women way outnumbering heterosexual Asian guys. You’ll stand out, but will need to be on your game. Thai girls in these places are pretty hi so and often shy to be seen talking to farang because of the association with prostitution. Similar spots next door that people roll into after Funky closes include Demo and Safehouse. Pick up phone numbers for second dates and meeting up at after hour spots.

Pro tip– the 1k baht Smirnoff vodka bottle is one of the cheapest of any Bangkok nightclub, and admits 5 people in free.

Nung Len (Soi Ekkamai) even more hi so than Funky Villa, girls seem to come here to be seen. Like a beautiful people’s club, prepare to fall in love every five minutes. Button up shirts and chinos are recommended. Freshen up for the pooyings and try to learn a few Thai phrases. A good place to start the night and walk around with a 160 baht beer. Bourbon street and Tororo sushi are some trendy spots on this soi (Sukhumvit 63).

finding a thai girlfriend in bangkok, Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs

Pro tip – If staying longer in a concerted effort to bag a hi so, arrive early, get a bottle and set up shop at a good vantage point in Escobar, the attached building with a DJ booth and more dance type music.

After hours Spots

Scratchdog (Sukhumvit Soi 20)– In the basement of the flashy Windsor Suites hotel, Scratchdog is a cosy venue with intimately small tables and plenty of eye candy. Being a touristy area, there are a few more farang and Japanese in the mix.

It’s much easier to meet and date girls in nightclubs than using Tinder in Thailand.

Bottles admit 5 people, the cheapest being 1.5k vodka, or the 400 baht cover gets one person a free drink. Shisha is also available to smoke at your table.

Pro tip – Some Thai bar girls do come here because it’s Sukhumvit, but they’re usually easy to spot lurking by the DJ booth and edge of the dance floor.

Wip 168 (Soi Thonglor)– Following the pattern, Wip is full of hot Thai girls and the good news now is they’ll be drunker, as Wip is an after hours spot, filling up from 2 to 6am.

With blasting house and techno music, the long rectangular grid of tables is perfect for doing the rounds approaching chicks. It can take 30 minutes to do a complete rotation, and with it being so dark people won’t notice you’re bouncing from girl to girl.

Girls in Thailand are much easier to meet than hookers in Hong Kong or women in Macau.

Pro tip– use the outside corridor to enter and exit the club at different strategic points with ease, and scout out the coaches near the bathrooms and food stands for victims.

finding a thai girlfriend in bangkok, Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs
You so Fun-e

An alternative way to meet girls is to use Thai Friendly to find yourself a bangkok girlfriend.

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I would suggest signing up now to see how easy it is. The first month is vital as you will get swamped with messages and it’s a great way to setup dates for when you land in Thailand.

finding a thai girlfriend in bangkok, Finding a Thai Girlfriend in Bangkok Nightclubs

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