How to Use Tinder in Thailand

Tinder in Thailand used to be very good a few years ago when nobody knew about Tinder and the concept was still fresh and new.

I remember I used to wake up each morning and get 10-50 matches per day.

Now you get almost no matches and quite honestly Thai Cupid is a much better option due to the lack of competition, larger pool of girls and better level of English speaking and writing.

Why Tinder in Thailand isn’t that good any more

The first thing a guy does when they land in Thailand is go on Tinder.

I mean like every guy who isn’t there with his girlfriend.

It’s a safe bet to say that every single western male in Thailand under the age of 35 is on Tinder or has used Tinder in Thailand.Since many don’t bring their laptops they use Tinder instead over dating sites, even though Thai Cupid work very well on mobile.

I’ve been using Tinder in Bangkok throughout March 2017 and when I talk to Thai Women the following happens:

, How to Use Tinder in Thailand

This typically is how most girls respond, and it’s not bad I’m ugly or use bad pictures, because my profile has been more or less the same since 3 years ago.

They hardly ever provide you with any questions back, in fact the convo above is better than normal as she decided to type two words instead of one. If you’re looking for a serious girlfriend or a Thai wife, don’t use Tinder.

Thai girls on Tinder = Their English sucks

Most of the girls I’ve talked to on Tinder have very poor English skills.

Since their phone is in Thai, it’s very easy for them to download Tinder but when it comes to talking English, the conversion dies out and my time is wasted.

At least with Thai Cupid the entire site is in English, meaning if a girl can sign up to the site she has at least a decent grasp of English and a conversation can be had.

I don’t know how many hours I’ve wasted on Tinder talking to girls with bad English, at least you guys can learn from them.

Most are Issan girls (girls from North Thailand) but their English is usually a low level

Thai girls have too much choice

If you make a fake Tinder profile as a Thai girl in Bangkok, within 2 hours you’ll have amassed around 100 matches, with around 35% of the guys messaging her first.

Chances that she replies to you is low and it becomes even lower if you try to meet her.

All my friend experience the same thing, most of the hot girls don’t reply to them or are getting so many messages that they cannot keep a conversation going.

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Some girls have boyfriends but just use the app as a self-validation tool to see how many likes they can get from guys.

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Ladyboys on Tinder

If you’re into your Thai ladyboys then Tinder in Thailand is awesome. Around 20% of girls on there are ladyboys and have great English (okay maybe it’s less than 20%, but it feels like more as they always match with me as I just keep swiping right).

, How to Use Tinder in Thailand

Just be sure to read their profiles as many of them will be hookers and you’ll need to pay, but not all.

Can you find hookers on Tinder?

Yes you can but there aren’t that many.

I remember 3 years ago there were tons of Thai hookers on Tinder listing their prices, nowadays there’s very few. I’m putting that down to the fact that Tinder has stricter terms of service and delete the account of Thai girls asking money for sex on Tinder.

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I’ve matched with a few hooker who account disappointed from my matches a few days later.

For the month of March (2017) I only found a few hookers which surprised me.

White girls on Tinder

As of 2017, white girls and tourists are the easiest people to meet up with. Most are passing through Bangkok for a few days or weeks and are looking to meet other travelers to go out and drink.

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If you want to meet white girls in Bangkok then Tinder is good way to go as many of them don’t use dating sites such as Thai Cupid.

Watch out for Koh San Road girls

There are some Thai girls that use Tinder to attract customers to their bars in Koh San Road.

She will tell you that she is with her friends drinking at a certain part and you should come and say hello, when you arrive you found out she is working there and since you’re there, you buy a beer and start talking to her.

Any girl who tells you she works at Koh San Road on Tinder is most likely getting as many dudes as possible to her bar to make commission.

Should you give Tinder a try?

For sure, but don’t reply only on Tinder for getting Thai girls in Thailand.

Combine it with a dating site such as Thai Cupid, join a few weeks before you come to Thailand to setup dates with girls and then use Tinder when you’re here in your spare time.

, How to Use Tinder in Thailand

If you rely solely on Tinder you may end up spending hours per day in your hotel room trying to setup dates with Thai girls who are flakily because they have so much choice, or bad English.

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Is Tinder in Thailand dead? Kind of, I only expect it to get worse in the coming years as the app becomes more mainstream.


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