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The two most common Thai Dating sites for meeting Thai girls are Thai Friendly and Thai Love Links. These sites are targeted mainly for western men to meet Thai girls. Even if you are not in Thailand, it’s a good idea to sign up to one of these sites a few weeks before you head here, as explained in my How to get a Thai girlfriend post.

If you’re a white male, keep on reading.

Thai Friendly

This is the biggest Thai dating site in Thailand to meet Thai girls. The layout is less flashy than Thai love links, but the interface is much easier and simple too use. They have all types of ladies on here from all different backgrounds.

As a free member you are allowed to send 1 message every 20 minutes, this can sometimes be a problem since you may have a lot of girls messaging you Do note that paid members are given priority in the search, so as a free member you may only get listed on page 3 or 4.

It is recommended to sign up for the membership package as it’s fairly cheap. If you’re white skin and put up a clean shaven picture, it’s pretty much impossible not to get laid.

Thai girls, Thai Dating Sites
Being a paying member also allows you to have instant chat with other Thai girls, as well as the option of having a video call if you choose. Thai friendly also allows you to filter your profile settings, so if you choose, you can block all ladyboys from contacting you, or not, your choice.

Personally, I think Thai friendly is the best dating site for meeting Thai girls in Thailand, everything about it is simple and easy to use. They even take PayPal.

Thai Love Links / Thai Cupid

Thai Love links was the number one Thai dating sites for meeting Thai girls in the last few years. The interface is a lot more modern than using Thai Friendly and still has a huge pool of Thai girls to meet.The sign up process is very easy and you can be talking to girls within a few minutes. Membership for Thai Love Links dating site costs $25 a month, but this will allow you to chat, email and video call Thai girls while using the website. Very much worth it in my opinion. A full review of the site can be found by clicking this link to Thai Cupid.

Thai girls, Thai Dating Sites

So which Thai dating site should you use?

Both dating sites offer you the chance to meet local Bangkok girls. I would go with both Thai friendly and Thai Love links, for the the reasons that both sites have the largest database of Thai girls on their websites.

Using both would be the smart choice, as some girls will only use one over the other, instead of having both. If you only had to pick one, go with Thai Friendly purely because it’s cheaper at $25 per month compared to $50 from Thai Cupid.


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