The Guide to Barfines in Asia

Confused about barfines in Thailand or the Philipines? In this article I reveal all.
barfines, The Guide to Barfines in AsiaIf you want to meet hot girls for free in Thailand, check this article out..

As we talk about these bar girls, you might wonder with how much would it costs you to visit these bars and going out with their bar girls for either a short time or long time sex.

Barfines in Thailand

Thailand is indeed one of the best countries in Asia to spend the holiday where you will be able to see all their tourist attractions from their temples, museums, parks, and they even have their beautiful beaches which everyone loves to spend a very sunny day but aside from these, what are other reasons why tourists love to visit the exquisite country of Thailand?

The country is actually not just a place for adventure finder but also for those tourists and foreigners who have been looking for pretty and attractive Asian girls. When you go over Thailand, you can already find a lot of bars which do offers bar girls for a very reasonable price.

As Thailand has been a home for prostitution this past few years, you can already find a lot of new ways bars do just to attract many clients specially foreigners to come over their place and earn big money from selling their bar girls for money. The money you pay them after you will take one of their girls is actually called as bar fines.

Bar fines differ from one place to another just like with Bangkok being the cheapest price range for their bar fines while Phuket has the highest one and Pattaya is just fair enough with a price range not too expensive and yet not too cheap as well but speaking of these three cities, what are really their price range for their bar fines?

Barfines in Bangkok – As Bangkok being the capital city of Thailand, a number of us thought that they gives a higher price range for their bar fines but as we have checked on the Gogo bars in Bangkok, it seems that they have the cheapest prices in Thailand. For only 600 up to 1000 baht you can already have the bar girl you wanted and take her to your place.

Barfines in Pattaya – In Pattaya, they have an average price for their bar fines with 700 to 1500baht but their bar girls aren’t just average girls rather, they are also attractive and good looking which are all pretty normal when you are in Thailand.

Barfines in Phuket– tWhile Phuket has the most expensive one with 800 up to 2600baht for a short time price, there are still a lot of client going to Phuket for their girls. Phuket is definitely the highest one among the three but they also have great bar girls thus everything seems to be worth it when getting a bar girl in Phuket.

Other fees in the bar – Aside from these bar fines, you may also be able to pay some beer after you have ordered one while watching those pretty ladies dancing in front of the stage well, beers in these three cities in Thailand actually have the same price range for 500 to 600baht.

But if you wanted to find a much cheaper price for the beers, you may opt to go to some beer bars where beers are two to three times much cheaper compared to GoGo bars which offers a much more expensive beer.

Also, you must also not forget to include in your calculations as you visit a GoGo bar the ladies drink you will be buying the bar girl which they usually asks you as you sit with her in your table and before you go out with her. Ladies drink in Thailand do actually prices higher compared to the beer you’ve drunk and this is also one of the ways bar owners do to earn money.

GoGo bar owners are indeed very particular to the money they earn from the business they’ve been running thus you really have to expect to pay much when doing business with them. You can also include in your calculations the place where you’ll going to bring the bar girl.

Upon choosing the place where the both of you will be staying, you may also just choose an inn where it’ll be much cheaper compared to hotels but if were already in a hotel and you don’t mind bringing her to it then you can surely bring the bar girl there instead.

Tips for bar fines in Thailand-  You may think that bar fines in Thailand is pretty expensive and wanted to find ways on how you can save money yet having a good sex with their bar girls. I actually have three tips here on how you can find bar girls for a much cheaper price:

Negotiations first – This one is pretty important too. Before bringing the girl to your hotel, make sure that both of you were able to talk about her ‘tip’ (the payment you’ll be giving her aside from the bar fine). There are actually some instances when you weren’t able to ask for her price and just got shocked after she asked you a big amount of money the next morning.

Wait until the bar closes – If you don’t mind waiting that long, you may also wanted to wait until the bar closes where bar girls are now heading home and from there, you may ask them to come with you. One of the things that makes bar fines expensive are the bar owners who charges too much for their girls and I am sure you wanted to avoid paying those extra baht.

Although bar owners receive a lot of money from all the bar fines they are asking from their clients, bar girls do still have an average salary of only 6000 to 8000baht a month however, there are some bar owners who gives an extra tip of 100baht every time a client takes one of their girls out.

Well, aside from these three cities in Thailand, there are also some other cities in the country that has a number of Gogo bars and pretty bar girls for you to choose from such as Chiang Mai, Udon Thani and Koh Samui. Wherever you are in Thailand, you can absolutely have fun with their bar girls that are definitely very pleasing to the eyes; seductive and tempting and as you see them, you can’t surely turn them down.

Thailand is indeed a very nice country with all the nightlife scene that everybody loves thus, enjoy every moment of your stay in the country and always remember that Thailand is not only for sex holidays but they also have their own tourists attractions that you would surely like.

Barfines in the Philippines

Barfine is actually the money you’ll be paying every time you takes a bar girl from the bar for some sex. This fine is being collected by a bar owner just to compensate with the lose they had after you’ve taken one of their bar girls.

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There is actually two kinds of barfines and both do really differ from one another. The first barfine is when you will only pay the owner and the ‘tip’ or payment you will be giving the bar girl is not yet included thus you have to pay the both (the owner and bar girl). In this kind of barfine you can still haggle or negotiate with the girl after the session for a cheaper ‘tip’.

barfines, The Guide to Barfines in Asia

The other kind of barfine is when you pay the bar owner bigger money which is already inclusive for the bar girl you will be taking out. In this barfine, you’ll not be given the chance to haggle since this kind of barfine is usually fixed thus you really have to pay the exact amount the bar owner is asking you.

Barfines actually ranges from one bar to the other and it usually depends from the quality of the bar girl you have taken (her looks) and the place where the bar is located. There are actually a lot of bars in the Philippines with this kind of scheme and there are some places in the Philippines where bars are very cheap while other place’s bars are way too expensive.

I have here the ranges of barfines of four of the top destinations in the Philippines when it comes to prostitution and such:

Manila barfines

Price range for barfines here in Manila is much more higher compared to the prices in other cities and places in the Philippines that range from 4000 up to 6000pesos. You may also wanted to go bar hoping here in Manila since there are a lot of places in Manila where you can find bar and you may compare prices and qualities of bar girls and barfines from one another.

The main area is in Makati where you can find dozens of bars as shown above:

Angeles City

The city was actually considered as one of the cheapest city to find or experience sex. If you have 2000 to 2500pesos you can already get a bar girl and bring her to your hotel.

Cebu City

Although Cebu City is found in Visayas, they rather have an average rate for their barfines compared to Angeles City and other places in Luzon and Manila with only 3000 up to 5000pesos. Cebu does also have pretty and sophisticated ladies thus a visit in Cebu City, Philippines is also a good idea.

barfines, The Guide to Barfines in Asia

There are also some bars who have their own rooms for the convenience of their clients for this way you don’t have to go out anymore to find an inn or hotel for your bar girl. One of the benefits of the bars also for this is that after you use the girl, it can go back to its work and help the bar owner earn more money from the bar girl.

Do you have to give the girl a tip?

A bar girl tip which is the real tip and not the money you’ll be paying them for their services is actually not that necessary in the Philippines. Filipinas are using this kind of job not just for pleasure but also to earn money for their family thus giving tip is not that bad although not that compulsory as well. It’s really up to you.

There may be instances when you are able to love the services the girl was able to give you then you can absolutely give her what she deserves. You can also pay them more if they are able to give you ‘more’ just like after you asked for a blowjob, massages in Manila or any extra services.

You may also ask for their contact number just in case you wanted to hire them again for it could also save your from paying the barfines and just pay the girl directly.

Ladies drink

Aside from the barfines you’ll be paying from taking a bar girl, you may also pay the drink you have had and also the ladies drink you’ve given the bar before you took her out. What’s amusing with these ladies drink is that it is way more expensive than your drink and it may actually prices twice compared to the regular customer drinks.

You may think to opt giving ladies drink to the girl you have tabled but there are really those bars or even the girls itself who will force you to buy one. Letting you buy ladies drinks are also the bar’s tactics to earn money. There are also some instances where you didn’t know that you were already charged with it and just felt shocked after having your bill so, being careful and mindful with what you have purchased in the bar is must.

If you are the person who’s very tight when it comes to sex in Manila and doesn’t want to pay much then there are actually more options for you. There are actually a lot of freelancers around the Philippines and what’s good with these freelancers is that you don’t have to any barfine for it is only the girl that you’ll be paying.

You can actually find these freelancers from various clubs and bars in the Philippines. Getting a freelancer from clubs and bars are actually not that hard for some of them will be the one to approach you. As you enter the club or bar they will already pay an eye on you and after a couple of minute they will already approach you.

Freelancers might give you their prices but you can surely ask for a cheaper price and you can definitely make it work especially if the car isn’t that attractive. You can then bring them to any hotel or inn near the bar or club. As there are already a lot of cheap and affordable inns in the Philippines, you can already find one that prices 250 pesos for a few hours and I guess that is already enough for a great sex with your freelancer.

You may also find one in the malls. Yes, there are also some freelancers that can be found in the mall although this one might not be an easy option for you really have to stroll over the malls just find a freelancer but if you are a foreigner then rest assured that you can meet a girl giving you an inviting smile and that is one of the moves to send you there intentions.

Checking just outside the mall is also a good choice for you since there are also some freelancers who have made outside of the mall the meeting place for their clients. After checking out freelancers from the malls you can notice that some of them are young and there are also others who are still a student. Well, this is one of the ways of Filipino students to sustain their studies.

Having a good time with a Filipina might sounds amazing but you should might as well bear in mind that some places in the Philippines doesn’t tolerate prostitution thus you should be careful in choosing the place, specially the bars you’ll be visiting. There are already some cases where bars in the Philippines got raided thus being cautious is very advisable.

Aside from these bar girls and freelancers in the Philippines , you can also find a lot of decent women in the country and they don’t only have decent women but they also have a great culture and tradition that everyone in the Philippines values. Filipinos are also religious people. So, know every bit of the Philippines and you will surely bring a lot of memories with you as you go home.

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